Something for Centre Point design lovers

Anglepoise® has produced three new editions of the iconic Original 1227™ desk lamp with Centre Point inspired patterns by Eley Kishimoto.

Three patterns – Private Views, Urban Meadow and Central Link – are printed on the interior of each lampshade, evoking the interplay of shadow and sunlight on the distinctive geometric façade of Centre Point.

Shop online here (£200.00 RRP): Private Views, Urban Meadow, Central Link.

The collaboration represents the coming together of two modernist icons – the building that captured the creative spirit of the 1960s, and the lamp that has become a British design classic, timelessly combining form with function.

Simon Terry, innovation and brand director of Anglepoise®, says: “We were drawn to this project not least because of its association with a landmark building that demands to be heard as well as seen, but also because it allowed us to develop challenging new technical skills – for the first time applying a complex geometric pattern onto the inside of the shade –  working in association with Eley Kishimoto, the globally renowned Patron Saints of Print.”

Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto is equally delighted with the results: “When creating the prints for this project we were inspired by the aesthetic of the building. The repetitive, geometric, monochromatic patterns represent Centre Point’s iconic 1960s architecture. It’s exciting to see them perfectly reproduced onto the Anglepoise® lamps – no mean feat in itself.”

Source: Centre Point blog

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