QUIZ: Can you name these 15 new London property developments?

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Can you name these 15 new property developments in London? Take a quiz below to see if your obsession with new buildings in the capital has gone to far!

Feel free to use Buildington’sĀ list of new developments as a reference šŸ˜‰ (LINK). Follow the link to original development websiteĀ for the correct answers!

Let us know how you scored!


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#1. This site will be home to the English National Ballet

#2. This development has over 200 metres of river frontage

#3. The interiors in this development were designed by Conran & Partners

#4. Remains of Shakespeare’s Curtain playhouse were found at this site

#5. The art deco interiors here were inspired by The Claridges Hotel

#6. This oasis of nature was named after an English botanist

#7. The concierge in this building has been trained by Harrods Estates

#8. The Interiors in this building are designed by Versace Home

#9. Apartment designs inspired by British artists Gainsborough, Turner and Hepworth

#10. A private 11-seater cinema, which is available for private hire

#11. The namesake of a popular car brand coming soon to Hammersmith

#12. Van Gogh used to live in this area

#13. The residents of this development will live next door to a famous Palladian villa

#14. The tallest residential building in tech city

#15. Office development named after The Apprentice star

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