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Modernist bedroom design inspiration

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For those looking for find a new home in our nation’s capital, there’s a massive range of property opportunities to investigate. From the chic Art Deco townhouses, to the hyper-modern industrials stylings of the converted loft space, there’s truly something for everyone.

But given the sheer variety of houses that are available, it can often present a conflicting array of opinions regarding what the definitive style items are that are essential for any modern living space.

So here’s a look at a few key examples of London interiors, along with some choice examples on how anyone can quickly and easily bring them to life with some of these modernist touches.

The classic downtown loft space would be well-served by utilising the current interiors trend for metallics. On-trend materials such as copper have recently been featured in many style blogs, and the bright colour can work particularly well as a bedroom light fitting in conjunction with rich cobalt blues and that other on-trend colour of the moment, teal.

Whereas those looking to embrace the classically modernist forms of skyscraper living would benefit from increasing the overall sense of space and light in the interior through adapting features from the Scandinavian style. This frequently uses clean white walls to ensure that the space is kept airy, and the use of mid-century modern furniture along with suitably flamboyant art prints is a must for the modernist skyscraper chic.

The English classic home is something that we can all enjoy decorating with a few shabby-chic motifs that take full advantage of the homegrown aesthetic. But it’s also important to ensure that the bedroom has a few quality pieces of furniture to provide a sense of durability. In which case, home decorators would be advised to go to Bedstar where the huge range of quality beds can provide a more than adequate centre-point for any bedroom theme.

Many houses in London feature some delightful art deco touches and can present an issue for the homeowner in working out how to update the look without ruining the overall aesthetic. This is where the subtle use of soft furnishings such as throws, cushions and even tastefully designed curtains can play a huge part in complementing the bedroom, rather than obscuring the key features.

And finally for the metropolitan who’s truly lacking the time to invest in researching the latest interior trends, then it can be a good idea to investigate the increasingly fashionable brutalist home that revels in its simplicity and takes full advantage of the rough and ready urban themes that embraces all the far-ranging facets of life in the modern city.

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