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Few things in life are as stressful and complicated as buying or selling a house. And without the proper checks it can become an even more costly and timely procedure than it already is. So here are a few things to pay attention to if you are in the midst of buying a property.

Simple considerations

It’s important to take your time when viewing any property and focus on what it actually would be like to live there. Listen out for any potentially irritating noises from neighbours or the street, and also try and view the house without any lights on as a clue for how much light the home will be getting in the daytime.

Similarly, it’s also a good idea to check your mobile phone signal in the property as this is an increasingly important part of modern life. And obviously, make sure that the space is adequate for your furniture, family and lifestyle!

Atmospheric conditions

Damp is the one of the biggest problems in many UK homes, and this is why you should always check walls, ceilings and windows for discolouration as this could indicate a damp problem. Similarly, any ripples in wallpaper can often be a telltale sign of damp issues in the property.

Make sure to turn on the taps to see whether the home is receiving adequate hot water from the boiler, and try and investigate how old the boiler in the property is. Many homes suffer from old and expensive radiators, so be sure to check for possible locations for alternative heating options.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many homes in London have particularly decrepit central heating systems, but the limited space and old-fashioned design doesn’t mean that homeowners have to have a cold home.

Rather than suffer the expense that comes with maintaining a central heating system, many new homeowners can buy an electric radiator and start saving straight away as these new slimline appliances can simply be powered from a plug socket and, therefore, offer the benefits of ‘zonal heating’ by heating rooms on an individual basis which works out much more cost-effective in the long term.

Other environmentally sound ways to ensure your future home doesn’t get too chilly include investigating whether any old doors and window frames will potentially need to be replaced in order to avoid any future draught issues.

Structural faults

It’s also important to have a look at the building’s structural integrity to ensure that it doesn’t require any immediate maintenance. This can be as simple as checking the window and door frames for signs of rot, as well as checking for any cracks in the walls that may be developing into something more serious.

As you’ll be potentially making a sizeable investment, it’s also a good idea to check beforehand to see what possibilities there are for extending the property. You can start by checking the planning history for the property at your Local Authority website online. And also be sure to investigate out the local amenities to see how easy it could be to perform simple day-to-day tasks such as taking the kids to school or even going to the local shops.

Above all, it’s your future home, and so ensure that you take your time to making sure that any decision you make is truly your own.

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