Virtual new home viewing with Oculus Rift

clissold quarter virtual tour

clissold quarter virtual tour

Clissold Quarter development in Stoke Newington, London N4, is now allowing buyers tour the apartments before they are completed.

The virtual viewing system works using floors plans and computer-generated images to create an interactive environment using the highest quality software. Developer Higgins Homes, working with VMI Studio, has installed two Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets in its Stoke Newington sales and marketing suite. Using the headsets, customers can experience a fully immersive walk-through of the apartment, exploring it at their leisure. The software also allows you to make changes to the space, for example altering the colour of the walls or the type of floor and kitchen units, so a customer can tailor the home to their own tastes.

Jeremy Marcus, sales and marketing director, Higgins Homes, commented: “We saw this as an exciting opportunity to use the latest technology available to present potential buyers with a new and exciting experience. Using the headsets, users can walk through one of our two bedroom apartments in a fully interactive way.”

Fergus Byrne from VMI Studio said: “We took this software and imported it into an AAA games engine, and created an interactive environment. By simply putting on a virtual reality headset, consumers are now able to walk-through and feel like they are actually in the space. There is virtually no lag time, which normalises movements on visuals and makes the experience feel authentic”

Source and Interior Image: Higgins Homes


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