1 Undershaft Set For Approval

CGI of the top of 1 Undershaft. Image: Eric Parry Architects

The City of London Corporation has approved plans for the 73-storey tower at 1 Undershaft.

The Mayor of London will now have to decide whether to allow the Corporation to grant planning permission as recommended, or to direct refusal.

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Quick facts

Architect: Eric Parry Architects
Developer: Aroland Holdings (Singapore)

Address: 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ
Site Area:
73 above ground + 4 basement levels
Height: 304,94m
Gross Area: 154,100m2
BREEAM Target: ‘Excellent’
Floor Height: min 2.85m floor to ceiling
Office Workers: 8,251
Car Parking: 6 disabled spaces in the basement
Cycle Parking: 1,825 spaces
Showers: 167 (117 in the basement)

Gross Area: 131,937m2
Class: B1
Levels: 61

Gross Area: 2,178m2
Class: A1-A3
Levels: lower ground and ground

Public Viewing Gallery
Levels: 71-72
Gross Area: 2,930m2
Visitors: 267 people during the AM peak hour and 1,000 in the PM peak hour
Opening Hours: 7 days a week

Level: 70
Gross Area: 1,220m2
Class: A3
Capacity: max 200 people

Level: 71

Levels: 4

The Lower Court public square
A sunken oval in the centre of the square in front of the building

Ca 193 vehicles would service the building every day

Source: City of London cityoflondon.gov.uk


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