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Videos Help London Off-Plan Buyers Make a Decision

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As most of the new apartments in London are sold off-plan, the buyers need as much visual help as they can get. 

The floor-plans, maps and specification list will do the work but a video can speed up the decision making significantly.

Try to imagine your new one bedroom apartment at Spire London just by looking at the map and the floor plan. Perhaps you’ve been to Canary Wharf, so you know the surrounding area. If you’ve been on top of The Shard you can imagine the view as well. You see the floor plan but you’re still not sold.

Now watch the video of Spire London here and tell me it is still hard for you to imagine living there 🙂

If you didn’t know, Buildington has a special section for London property videos. Buildington TV has 3D walkthroughs, architects explaining the inspiration behind the design, builders talking about the complexity of the construction, and estate agents hyping the location.

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