Protect Your Property from Fraud

Sign up to Land Registry’s Property Alert service to detect fraudulent activity on your property.

Over 50,000 people have already signed up for this free service that will send you an email each time there is significant activity on the monitored property.  You can then decide whether the activity is suspicious and act quickly if so. The alert email tells you who to contact should you be concerned.

You don’t have to be the owner and you can sign up to 10 registered properties in England and Wales.

What type of property fraud are we talking about?

Property fraud is where fraudsters try to “steal” a property, most commonly by stealing the homeowner’s identity and selling or mortgaging the property without their knowledge. They then disappear with the money leaving the true owner to deal with the consequences. Since 2009, Land Registry has stopped fraud on properties worth more than £92 million.

Create a Property Alert Account

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