Secret New Property Developments in London

Luxury residential developments in London’s super-prime areas are often not advertised to the public. Why are they being kept a secret?

You know it is already under construction because you walk past it every day. You’ve read about the grand plans from The Evening Standard. You checked the floorplans on the local council planning site. And yet, when you Google the address, there is no information about the sales. Frustrating!

You can probably name a few, right?

The reason is that these ‘secret’ developments just do not need any advertising. The developer has hired an agent who offers the homes to their VIP customers first. The best London agents have a very long list of potential buyers.

A development that is offered off-market seems more desirable to the buyers. You are not just buying an apartment, you are buying a ticket to an exclusive community!


One Kensington Gardens registration form at


Of course, some exclusive developments start advertising only once they are coming closer to completion. One Kensington Gardens development is a good example. For the longest time there was no sales information on the web. The website was uploaded sometime close to completion and even then only the registration form was shown to the public.

Twenty Grosvenor Square registration form at

The potential buyer can then, provided the registration is successful, log in to the website to see the information hidden from the public, such as floorplans, availability, and prices.

Buildington is doing its best to list all the exclusive new developments in the capital. Even the ones that are not advertised are listed here. Click here for the list of new property developments in London.

If there is a website and you are able to register but they won’t answer you – pick up the phone and call the sales representative. Or better yet, visit their offices. Even if you’ve missed the boat, make sure to leave your details for future offers.

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