Victorian terraced houses on Gloucester Terrace

Things that get on London homeowners’ nerves…

Think you don’t have a say about the problems on the street where you live? Join the club!

No, really – if you haven’t done so already, look up your local community organisation, and join them to make sure your voice is heard by the decision makers. The residents’ associations are working hard to make sure all the problems are communicated to the local council.

South East Bayswater Residents’ Association SEBRA is an exemplary organisation representing local people and protecting the special character of the area. It is recognised by Westminster City Council as an official amenities association and has great influence in the

31 London Street, one of the buildings SEBRA has been trying to save, will soon have make way for Paddington Cube.

Spring 2018 edition of the SEBRA magazine writes about problems such as idling Taxis, changes in the traffic, screeching refuse trucks, and planning decisions that make people sad.

See how many problems from “SEBRALAND” list can you relate to:

1. Idling taxis running on diesel polluting the area;
2. New cycle lanes causing traffic problems;
3. New developments causing traffic jams;
4. Screeching refuse trucks;
5. New planned buildings that completely change the character of the area;
6. Demolition of period buildings;
7. Accident Black Spot;
8. Speeding cars;
9. Too many alcohol licenses.

Join a local association and get that problem solved!

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