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We are interviewing London property companies!

Buildington is interviewing London property companies involved in the development, sales and management process.

We want to know what YOU would ask from developers, contractors, architects, estate agents, property managers, interior designers, landscape specialist, planning consultants, surveyors, etc.

Buying or renting property in London is not cheap, which is why your decision needs to be extra wise. A smart choice will require as much information as possible and one important piece of the puzzle is the companies behind each building.

Who are they? What are their goals and aspirations? How much experience do they have? How many developments have they completed so far? Which project is their favourite?

Let’s ask all these questions together and hopefully, it will help us reach the right decision.

NB! Buildington respects your privacy and will never sell or give this information to third parties.

NB! If you are a company wishing to be interviewed please email

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