New interactive directory of London property companies

We have just launched our new Directory of London Property Companies to help you get to know the organisations and people working with the built environment in the capital.

All the firms involved in the development process are now listed and ranked – developers, architects, interior designers, contractors – as well as all the service providers who come along once the building is completed – property managers, cleaners, plumbers…you name it!

Rather than listing them in the typical alphabetical order, we thought it would be more interesting to rank them by the current popularity of their projects (past and present). This changes throughout the day, with firms with the most visited property on Buildington on top, and goes back to zero at 12 am. For example, if Wardian London is most viewed today, you will find Ballymore on top of the Developers’ directory. This way there is usually a good reason why a company reaches number one – perhaps someone wrote about their building or maybe the sales of one of their developments have just launched.

To find out more about a company, click on the name to see all their connected properties, link to the website and if they have a PRO account – their contact number and email address.

Check out the directory pages for:

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