Gas Safety Week 2016

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Gas Safety Week is here again to remind us of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Every year thousands of accidents happen – make sure you are safe!

You you should be safe if:

  1. You have all your gas appliances regularly serviced and safety checked once in every 12 months. If you rent your home your landlord should have given you a copy of the current Gas Safety Record.
  2. You use a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit, fix and service your appliances. Find and check an engineer at
  3. You have checked both sides of your engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card. Make sure they are qualified for the work; you can find this information on the back of the card.
  4. You know the six signs of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning — headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness. Unsafe gas appliances can put you at risk of CO poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions.
  5. You check gas appliances for warning signs that they are not working properly e.g. lazy yellow flames instead of crisp blue ones, black marks or stains on or around the appliance and too much condensation in the room.
  6. You have fitted an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your home. This will alert you if there is carbon monoxide in your home.

This Carbon Monoxide Detector by Lifesaver is one of the most popular alarms on Amazon at the moment. Gas Safe Register advises people to fit an alarm in every room with a gas appliance. 

Visit Gas Safe Register for more help and advice.

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