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How does Buildington help your business?

Collaborative marketing tools for architects

Evergreen Building Profiles

Upload your projects and watch them grow over time, gathering data contributed by the whole team. Come back in 30 years after the building is completed to see how it is used today.

Your Logo on Buildings

Put your name on Buildington’s evergreen building profiles to help developers find you for their next project. If your company name is already on the building, you’ll be the first to hear when design changes are needed.

Collaborative Track Record

Your company profile contains your track record, which can be updated by everyone in the building team.


Report key milestones on the building timeline. Whether you have been appointed to deliver a scheme or it has just topped out, Buildington has 42 searchable milestones to help us find you at any stage of the development. 

Benefits for Architects

Boost Sales

Promotion can start as soon as you have been appointed for a project

  • Report key milestones on your projects to help them get discovered

Grow Your Brand

Be seen next to established architects

  • Company profile with a track record and contact details
  • Compete for attention in the TOP Architects list next to SOM and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Right Audience

Marketing to the right audience at the right time

  • Capitalise your achievements and get noticed by top developers

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