Orchard Wharf by Regal London

Poplar E14
Mixed use development

Key Details

Orchard Place, London E14 0JY
Use Classes
B8, C3, E


Orchard Wharf is a proposed £500m mixed-use waterside development by Regal London in Poplar, London E14.

The plans include 826 new flats, an 88,000 sq ft last-mile logistics port consisting of a warehouse and office space, and 1,450 sq ft of flexible commercial space.

New Homes
The residential element comprises 456 build-to-rent flats, 136 private sale, 81 discount market rent and 152 affordable rented flats.

Public Realm Improvements
The scheme includes 72,650 sq ft of public realm with landscaping and a new pedestrian route connecting to the East India Dock Basin.

Orchard Wharf is situated on the north bank of the River Thames, between East India Dock Basin and Trinity Buoy Wharf and directly opposite the O2. About 6 miles east of central London.


The former industrial site has been vacant for nearly 30 years.

2020 December - Planning application submitted for phased Hybrid Planning Application Part A - Full planning application for the redevelopment of the site following demolition of all existing buildings and enabling works to provide a mixed-use development consisting of the erection of five buildings between 15 and 30 storeys (56.6 m AOD and 103.75 m AOD) above a raised safeguarded wharf box (15.5m AOD) and one standalone 20 storey building (68.9 m AOD) which would deliver: (i) a total of up to 826 dwellings (Class C3) and ancillary accommodation; (ii) up to 8,212 m2 gross internal area (GIA) of General Industrial / Storage or Distribution floorspace (Class B2/B8) including ancillary office accommodation; and (iii) 135 m2 (GIA) of flexible commercial floorspace (Class E). Associated works include hard and soft landscaping; private amenity space; vehicular access and servicing facilities; car parking and cycle parking; and other works incidental to the proposals including works to the River Wall; and Part B - Outline planning application for external waterborne freight infrastructure and all other related works (including marine works) for which all matters are reserved. Tower Hamlets ref. no. PA/20/02488/A1.

Neighbouring Buildings

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