Launching autumn 2023

Garratt Lane

Earlsfield SW18
Residential development

Key Details

249 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4DU
Summer 2024
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Garratt Lane is a redevelopment of a council owned former brownfield site in Earlsfield, London SW18.

The development will create 105 private sale homes, 65 Shared Ownership and 23 social rent units.

The project is divided into two phases. The first phase includes 44 apartments and 25 houses on a site previously occupied by an elderly person’s home and a nursery. The second phase contains 91 apartments and includes the replacement of the Brocklebank Health Centre with a larger medical centre that will be built on the corner of Swaffield Road and Garratt Lane, as part of an agreement with the NHS.

The new scheme has been designed by Broadway Malyan and PTE Architects as the concept Architects and Working Drawings Architects.

The was occupied by the 1960s Brocklebank building, a car park and some shops.

Expected launch autumn 2023.

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Site & Location

229 to 247 and Brocklebank Health Centre 249 Garratt Lane, Garages North of 35 Oakshaw Road 80 Wilna Road Sherwood Lodge 71 and Land North of 40 Atheldene Road and 1 and 50-54 Waverton Road.




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