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East Village London is a new residential complex in Stratford, London E20.

Formerly known as the Athletes Village, Olympic and Paralympic Village.

During the Olympics 17,000 athletes lived here, and it has now been transformed into 2,818 homes. About half (1,439) are privately rented by Get Living London, while 1,379 are owned and managed by Triathlon Homes, which offers a mix of social rent, shared ownership and intermediate rents. 2,000 more homes are planned.

Buildings in the East Village in 2012:
Calico House
Raywood Mansions
Seasons House
Tazetta House
Applegate House
Carina House
Frye House
Manna House
Mira House
Torero Mansions
Fortuna House

The communities that develop in the area after the Games are supported by new parks, open space, transport links, and community facilities including Chobham Academy - a world-class new education campus with 1,800 places for students aged 3-19.

Olympic Games 2012 London

The Olympic and Paralympic Village was built for London 2012 Olympic Games athletes and officials. Residential apartments for around 17,000 athletes and officials, along with shops, restaurants, medical, media and leisure facilities and large areas of open space.

The Village also includes a 'Village Plaza' where athletes could meet with friends and family. The plan retained London's tradition of building homes around communal squares and courtyards, with water features accentuating the closeness of the River Lea.

Athletes had an inspirational view over the Park. Every apartment provided comfortable accommodation and state-of-the-art communications facilities, including internet access and wireless networking. All the apartment blocks were fully accessible and equipped with modern lifts.

Athletes had an easy access to the travel and leisure facilities of the adjacent Stratford City complex, and the High Speed 1 Javelin® shuttle service links the Village to central London in just seven minutes.

During the Games, the Village included ‘back of house' operations, and services for athletes such as catering and transport. The majority of these were accommodated in temporary structures on sites that could be cleared for development immediately after the Games.

The Olympic Village was be able to house up to 16,000 thousand athletes and team officials during the Olympic Games and 6,200 thousand athletes and team officials plus 1000 referees and umpires during the Paralympic Games, all from 200 countries around the world. The fit-out and overlay work that started in January 27th 2012 included:

• Installing 16,000 beds, 64,000 bed sheets and 21,000 pillows
• 9,000 wardrobes and more than 170,000 coat hangers
• 11,000 sofas, 5,000 bins and 5,000 toilet brushes
• Equipping each apartment with a television and wi-fi services
• Constructing the temporary 24-hour main dining facility with 5,000 seats, as well the Village Plaza Café and ‘Grab-and-go' carts - the Village will provide the largest peacetime catering operation in the world with up to 60,000 meals served daily
• Sustainably sourced food from around the world will be available including 25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tonnes of potatoes, 75,000 litres of milk and more than 330 tonnes of fruit and vegetables
• Building the Olympic Village Plaza - the main ‘social hub' of the Village with essential shops and services for athletes and guests including a café, general store, bank, beauty & grooming salon, internet lounge, London 2012 shop and entertainment centre
• Constructing the Welcome Centre, the initial arrival point for athletes and officials to be officially accredited for the London 2012 Games
• Installing exercise equipment to create a state-of-the art athlete gym in Chobham Academy

The ODA started work on the Village in June 2008 and had completed the construction of 2,818 new apartments on time in January 2012. The construction of the Village has included:

• Building apartments for Games-time and legacy use in 11 residential plots, complete with spacious courtyards, gardens and balconies
• Developing and completing the construction of a world-class education campus - the Chobham Academy - with places for 1,800 students and a state-of-the-art Polyclinic with a full range of health facilities
• Landscaping work throughout the Village, which continues and will be completed in the spring
• Providing work for more than 16,500 people, part of more than 46,000 who have worked on the Olympic Park and Village during construction
• Making provision for removing temporary Games-time fittings in the apartments after September 2012 and ‘retro-fitting' them with new kitchens

Source: london2012.com May 2011

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