Shell Centre

South Bank SE1
Commercial building

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2 York Road, London SE1 7LZ
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Shell Centre is located on Belvedere Road in Bishops Ward in the London Borough of Lambeth SE1.

The building was designed by Sir Howard Robertson.

Redevelopment of the 5.25 acre site on the South Bank in London will retain the 27-storey tower and introduce additional office, retail and residential provision on the site.

See the Southbank Place development.

Shell vacated wing buildings and temporarily relocated some staff to offices in Canary Wharf and The Strand, returning to a new office building on the redeveloped site. Shell continued to own the tower building.

Shell initially agreed to take a 210,000 sq ft prelet of one of the 2 new office buildings to be constructed on the site but subsequently agreed to increase the lease to the full 245,000 sq ft available in the building. In total the redevelopment will comprised 523,000 sq ft of office space, 79,000 sq ft of shops, restaurants, cafes and a health club, together with 835,000 sq ft of residential, creating 877 homes.

In May 2013, a resolution to grant planning permission was achieved subject to finalising a Section 106 agreement and stage 2 referral to the GLA and Secretary of State. In July the GLA issued its stage 2 report endorsing Lambeth's right to determine the application and support the development plans. Subsequently, in September 2013, the joint venture was notified that the Secretary of State had called in the planning application. The planning inquiry concluded in December 2013 and the planning inspector submitted his report to the Secretary of State in the last week of February 2014.[3]

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