10 Park Drive

80% Sold

24/02/2020 by Buildington
10 Park Drive is currently 80% sold. The remaining apartments available to purchase from £880,000.

The first homeowners will be welcomed from April 2020.

Brian De’ath, Director of Residential Sales at Canary Wharf Group, commented: “2020 is the year the Canary Wharf estate welcomes its first residents, a real milestone in the development of the area. From now on, you will start to see Wood Wharf really come alive as hoardings come down, the roads open up and residents start to make it their home. We are excited to see Wood Wharf grow into a flourishing community filled with beautifully designed homes and wonderful social spaces, supported by a 1,000 strong Canary Wharf Group team working around the clock to ensure the private Estate remains one of the best maintained in London.”
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