Bankside Yards
26/02/2020 by Buildington
Southwark Council has approved plans for additional 109 apartments at Bankside Yards. The application was approved on Monday 24th February 2020 for: Redevelopment to create two levels of basement and the erection of five buildings ranging from seven to 34 storeys plus plant (heights ranging from 28.9m AOD 123.9m AOD) to provide: 341 dwellings (Class C3); 8,054sqm (GIA) of office space (Class B1); 1,436sqm (GIA) of retail floorspace (Class A1-A4); 904sqm (GIA) of cultural floorspace (Class D1/D2); 16,254sqm (GIA) hotel with up to 126 rooms (Class C1); new open space; reconfigured vehicular and pedestrian access; highway works; landscaping; basement car park for 107 cars (including 29 disabled car parking spaces), plus servicing and plant areas; and works associated and ancillary to the proposed development. Southwark Council application no. 18/AP/1603.
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