Wembley Park
15/04/2021 by Buildington
Quintain has unveiled The Olympic Steps, the latest milestone at the developer’s ambitious 85-acre Wembley Park.

The steps comprise 48 individual granite steps, are named after the 1948 Summer Olympics, held at the Empire Stadium in Wembley Park, and provide a fitting new entrance to the National Stadium.

With a width of 40m, The Olympic Steps, have liberated over 12,150 sqm of new public space at ground level – an area bigger than The SSE Arena, Wembley or the football pitch inside Wembley Stadium itself (7,245 sqm).

The new Olympic Landing at the top of the steps, with its 36 circular pavement lights, has created a 1,275 sqm elevated piazza with spectacular views overlooking the surrounding area. This is matched by a 1,275 sqm sheltered undercroft, bathed in daylight, from the 36 roof panels above.

In addition to the steps, Quintain has also built four new high-capacity lifts to enable disabled access into Wembley Stadium and has upgraded the entire Olympic Way, known to football fans as “Wembley Way” in time for the European Championships in June.

The multi-billion pound, mixed-use transformation which has already delivered new homes, new retail, new offices and significant public realm, will see 20,000 residents live in Wembley Park by 2027 in 8,500 new homes as well as 46,000 sqm of retail and leisure space.

James Saunders, Chief Executive of Quintain, said: “A fitting entrance to the National Stadium, the Olympic Steps mark a new chapter in the evolution of Wembley Park, replacing the old pedway – a concrete pedestrian ramp built in the 1970s to span a coach park that no longer exists. This elegant new public space celebrates Wembley Park’s history, embraces its future and will be a welcome new space for the residents of Wembley Park and the millions more who will visit the neighbourhood to work, shop and play. As we look to a post-pandemic future, it’s more important than ever that developers like Quintain give space back to the people who call our neighbourhoods home. The Olympic Steps, as well as the wider transformation of Wembley Park, is doing just that. I look forward to people using the steps, sitting on them and taking in the sights from the spectacular landing.”

Delivering on a long-term strategy and working in collaboration with Brent Council, who have co-funded this project, the Olympic Steps complete Quintain’s major transformation of Olympic Way, which has included repaving, a 50% widening, programmable lighting, ceremonial banners, a curated retail offering, and an award-winning tree planting strategy.

Liam Boylan, Stadium Director of Wembley Stadium, said: “We are delighted to have worked closely with Quintain and Brent Council on the transformation of the entrance to our iconic venue. The Olympic Steps and surrounding public space provide a distinctive and inviting approach to Wembley Stadium, while four new lift shafts ensure that our venue remains fully accessible. These plans are more than a decade in the making, and we’re so pleased with the outcome. We’re looking forward to being able to welcome fans back to Wembley Park to experience and enjoy the Olympic Steps themselves in the near future.”
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