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Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday extension

28/04/2021 by Buildington
Galliard Homes is launching a further extension to the Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday across select sites until 1st January 2022 to help buyers to get on the property ladder and save up to £15,000.

The extension follows a previous 6-month holiday offered by Galliard’s which saw huge buyer interest and a significant uplift in buyer enquiries.

Testament to how popular the extension is with buyers, Galliard reveals one of their schemes Church Road in Leyton has fully sold out.

Galliard is offering a full extension of the holiday across five of its sites in central and outer London until 1st January 2022, giving buyers 6 more months to complete after the Government’s extension ends 30th June 2021.

The developments benefitting are:
1. Papermill House in Romford
2. Westgate House in Ealing
3. Wimbledon Grounds in Wimbledon
4. Newham’s Yard in Southwark
5. Timber Yard in Birmingham.

The stamp duty extension applies to all properties priced up to £500,000, with Galliard paying the tax due on properties that complete before the 1st January deadline. For any properties priced above this bracket, Galliard will pay the first £15,000, with the buyers paying the remaining cost. The stamp duty extension can also be used in addition to Galliard’s other buyer incentives, with a huge range of savings available.

Before the Government announced their extension from 31st March to 30th June, Galliard had offered a six-month extension across nine sites in central and outer London, one of them being Church Road.

David Galman, Sales Director at Galliard Homes commented: “After our initial extension to the stamp duty holiday, we saw a significant increase in buyer enquiries across all key sites, with buyers keen to secure their dream homes and avoid the ‘bottleneck’ effect much of the market was experiencing. Buyers are finding homes they love but every part of the process is facing severe delays due to COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions, and in turn this means a purchase can take much longer than usual. Since the Government has extended the holiday to end of June, at Galliard we want to again offer our buyers further peace of mind. We are offering a stamp duty holiday extension with us on five key sites until 1st January 2022.”

“Our stamp duty holiday can be used in addition to any of our other buyer offerings and is helping both first-time buyers and those seeking larger family homes to secure their dream homes. Following our stamp duty extension announcement, our Church Road scheme in Leyton received a huge number of enquiries for the final collection and we are delighted that all our buyers have now moved in to enjoy their new homes. For the five sites benefitting from our further stamp duty extension, we anticipate similarly high levels of demand especially from first-time buyers or young families where the tax holiday is a massive boost.”

The starting prices for the sites benefitting from the stamp duty extension are from £199,000 for a studio suite at Papermill House in Romford, from £295,000 for a studio suite at Westgate House in Ealing, from £329,995 for a studio suite at Wimbledon Grounds in Wimbledon, from £640,000 for a one-bedroom apartment at Newham’s Yard in Southwark, and from £210,000 for a studio suite at Timber Yard in Birmingham.

For more information on Galliard’s Stamp Duty Holiday Extension and the select sites that qualify, please visit galliardhomes.com.
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