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World's first SmartScore ‘Platinum’ building

World's first SmartScore ‘Platinum’ building

01/07/2021 by Buildington
The Hickman is the first building in the world to achieve a prestigious SmartScore ‘Platinum’ rating.

The SmartScore certification for smart buildings was launched in April 2021, to help identify best in class that deliver an exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully future-proof.

A SmartScore Platinum building offers cutting edge innovation with the use of technology, processes and automation to deliver outcomes to all users of the building and creating the most efficient, inspirational, sustainable and future proofed building. To achieve the rating, owners have to show that the building has enhanced functionality as well as a technological foundation that makes it future proof.

At The Hickman, enhanced functionality is provided through sesame™, GPE’s award-winning smart workplace app. The smart functionality starts before staff leave home, enabling them to book desks, check the building’s air quality and access up-to-date transport data to avoid busy train times. On their journey they can use the app to read over 150 different magazines and news titles and on arrival at the building utilise hands free access to get into the building, pick up a pre-ordered coffee from the Makers café in the reception area before getting to their desk. Once at their desk they can use the app’s environmental controls over lighting and temperature, to improve their working environment and productivity. The app also features a concierge service and connects with local lifestyle offers and amenities, allowing people to use gyms, local shops or enjoy the huge variety of London’s nightlife.

The technological foundation of the building is provided by the creation of a virtual replica of the building. GPE took the digital model from construction and connected it to the building’s management system. When combined with occupancy sensors, the data from the digital twin allows GPE to work with occupiers to optimise the use of the building to help reduce operational energy and allow GPE to meet its ambitious sustainability target to be a net zero carbon business by 2030. Working with occupiers in this way helps to maintain high levels of employee satisfaction to ensure employee wellbeing and improve their working environment. In time, GPE will use machine learning to predict failures before they occur and feed this knowledge into GPE’s ongoing development pipeline.

James Pellatt Director of Workplace and Innovation, commented: "The SmartScore Platinum rating demonstrates our vision of continuous innovation to enhance the occupier workplace experience. The combination of the digital twin to optimise operational energy, together with the integration of sesame™ means that occupiers and their staff enjoy a sustainable and productive workplace."

Tom McClellan Country Director, UK & Ireland, WiredScore added: "Improving and enhancing buildings to meet the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry is a significant challenge. In achieving the first SmartScore Platinum rating globally, the highest possible rating for the SmartScore certification, Great Portland Estates has demonstrated its commitment a more sustainable, digitally sound future, with technology at its heart. As a result, tenants of The Hickman will be among the first in the world to profit from a truly smart building which will deliver an exceptional end-user experience."

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