100 Leadenhall Street

Plans submitted

15/02/2018 by Buildington
Planning application submitted for the demolition of the existing buildings and construction of ground plus 56 storey building (263.4m AOD) for office use (Class B1) [102,043sq.m GEA], retail use (Class A1/A3/A4) [882sq.m GEA] at lower levels, a publicly accessible viewing gallery (Sui Generis) and after-hours Restaurant/Bar (Sui Generis) [1,934sq.m GEA] at levels 55 and 56, new and improved Public Realm, ancillary basement cycle parking, servicing area and plant. [Total Scheme Area: 122,091sq.m GEA]

City of London ref. no. 18/00152/FULEIA
Address: 100, 106 & 107 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 3BP.
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