Lloyd's Building
21/12/2011 by Buildington
The Lloyd's building has been afforded the accolade of being listed at Grade l, it was announced on the 19th of December 2011. Combining immense architectural expressiveness, futuristic design, and technical and engineering hyper-efficiency, the building - now thirty years old - has been listed on the advice of English Heritage, by the Minister for Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose.

English Heritage's Designation Director Roger Bowdler said: "We are delighted that the Minister has endorsed our advice to list the landmark Lloyd's building at Grade l. Its listing at the highest grade is fitting recognition of the sheer splendour of Richard Rogers's heroic design. Its dramatic scale and visual dazzle, housing a hyper-efficient commercial complex, is universally recognised as one of the key buildings of the modern epoch." Construction began on the Lloyd's building in June 1981 by the Richard Rogers Partnership. The Queen Mother poured concrete for one of the main columns in a ceremony in November, and returned in May 1984 for the topping-out. The building was finally occupied in May 1986. As a commercial building, Lloyd's is remarkably innovative and fit for purpose as flexibility of use was core to its design. The materials are of high quality and its futuristic High Tech design has an extraordinary timelessness that makes it appear futuristic even 25 years after opening. Richard Ward, Chief Executive of Lloyd’s, welcoming the listing said: “Lloyd’s was ahead of its time when it approved the building of One Lime Street – it’s a world famous building that has gone on to embody the world famous Lloyd’s brand. The building remains modern, innovative and unique – it has really stood the test of time just like the market that sits within it. This listing decision will protect the building against unsuitable alteration or development whilst retaining its flexibility to adapt with the market’s needs.” Roger Bowdler added: "Flexibility of use is the very essence of the Lloyd's building, as for many commercial properties, and English Heritage fully recognises this quality. Listing celebrates the special interest of a building, and ensures that its qualities are respected while enabling appropriate change to happen. We have worked closely with the owners at every stage and a management agreement is in hand, involving the original architects, which identifies future options for change within this extraordinary successful building."

Source: english-heritage.org.uk
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