70 South Audley Street
09/09/2015 by Buildington
Erdem Moralioglu fashion store has opened at 70 South Audley Street, reports Vogue.

Sarah Mower describes the store:

"The polished harlequin-patterned marble floor, huge exotic leafy plants, solid brass-edged mirrors, glowing globe light fittings, stacks of Erdem’s own collection of photography and art books on the tables, and the drawings by Cocteau and Andy Warhol he’s brought in from his own house.

A sweeping staircase leads to the basement floor, where the customer is faced with more temptation to settle in on a luxuriously comfortable, Victoriana emerald green velvet love seat while gazing onto the fern garden outside. Oh, and then there are clothes, too: all the dresses Erdem makes to populate a thousand parties. They’re posh but personal, the epitome of youthful social ease. Which just about says it all about the designer himself."

Source: Vogue www.vogue.com 8 September 2015
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