London E1 - Aldgate, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Wapping

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
57 Mansell Street57 Mansell Street57 Mansell Street18th century
18 Mansell Street18 Mansell Street18 Mansell Street
Standon HouseStandon House21 Mansell Street
Guinness CourtGuinness CourtMansell Street
The White Chapel BuildingThe White Chapel Building10 Whitechapel High Street 1988
Symons HouseSymons House22 Alie Street
21 Alie Street21 Alie Street21 Alie Street
9 Prescot Street9 Prescot Street9 Prescot Street 1938
21 Prescot Street21 Prescot Street21 Prescot Street
Prescot HousePrescot House31-33 Prescot StreetSummer 2018
International HouseInternational House1 St Katharine's Way
Guoman TowerGuoman TowerSt Katharine's Way
Chapter SpitalfieldsChapter Spitalfields9 Frying Pan Alley 2010
13 Norton Folgate13 Norton Folgate13 Norton Folgate
Marcus Hearn HouseMarcus Hearn House65-66 Shoreditch High Street
67-71 Shoreditch High Street67-71 Shoreditch High Street67-71 Shoreditch High Street
125 Brick Lane125 Brick Lane125 Brick Lane
Aldgate TowerAldgate TowerWhitechapel High Street 2014
40-48 Fashion Street40-48 Fashion Street40-48 Fashion Street
The HawksmoorsThe Hawksmoors57 Crowder StreetAugust 2012
21 Wapping Lane21 Wapping Lane21 Wapping Lane 2014
Twenty Bishops SquareTwenty Bishops Square20 Bishops Square
Eden HouseEden House5-13 Spital Square
Celia Blairman HouseCelia Blairman House31 Folgate Street 1980
John Pritchard HouseJohn Pritchard HouseBuxton Street
Relay BuildingRelay Building1 Commercial Street 2014
Donegal HouseDonegal HouseCambridge Heath Road
Sovereign HouseSovereign HouseCambridge Heath Road
VIVOVIVOShandy StreetNovember 2013
AltitudeAltitude61-75 Alle Street 2014
Avant-garde TowerAvant-garde Tower64 Bethnal Green RoadAutumn 2013
75 Leman Street75 Leman Street75 Leman Street 2013
20 Calvin Street20 Calvin Street20 Calvin Street 2013
CityscapeCityscape38 Commercial Street 2014
The Steward BuildingThe Steward Building27-33 Artillery Lane 2015
53 Brushfield Street53 Brushfield Street53 Brushfield Street
99 Mansell Street99 Mansell Street99 Mansell Street
One Fifty Mile End RoadOne Fifty Mile End Road150 Mile End Road 2014
Evelyn HouseEvelyn HouseGreatorex Street
The Workhouse LoftsThe Workhouse Lofts42 Fieldgate Street 2014
Central HouseCentral House59-63 Whitechapel High Street
Maersk HouseMaersk House1 Braham Street 1973
The Ship ApartmentsThe Ship Apartments387 Cable Street 2014
43 Hanbury Street43 Hanbury Street43 Hanbury Street
49 Hanbury Street49 Hanbury Street49 Hanbury Street
84 Commercial Street84 Commercial Street84 Commercial Street
78 Commercial Street78 Commercial Street78 Commercial Street
64-68 Commercial Street64-68 Commercial Street64-68 Commercial Street
58 Commercial Street58 Commercial Street58 Commercial Street
44 Commercial Street44 Commercial Street44 Commercial Street
Whitechapel Art GalleryWhitechapel Art Gallery77-82 Whitechapel High Street
Pennine HousePennine House28 Leman Street
24 Alie Street24 Alie Street24 Alie Street
26 Alie Street26 Alie Street26 Alie Street
Old Castle StreetOld Castle Street54 Old Castle Street
So-StepneySo-StepneyBen Jonson Road 2014
Metropolitan WharfMetropolitan Wharf70 Wapping Wharf 2014
Aldgate PlaceAldgate Place7 Leman Street 2020
The JunctionThe Junction102 King David Lane 2016
Wapping RiversideWapping Riverside136-140 Wapping High Street 2015
96 Mile End Road96 Mile End Road96 Mile End Road
60 Commercial Road60 Commercial Road60 Commercial Road 2015
Gateway HouseGateway House22 Cavell StreetAutumn 2016
Damien CourtDamien CourtDamien Street
The LOOMThe LOOM14 Gower's WalkSeptember 2016
The Tea BuildingThe Tea Building56 Shoreditch High Street
Trinity Tower9 Thomas More Street
The FusionThe FusionCygnet Street 2017
Shipwright HouseShipwright House14 Boulcott Street 2016
London Square SpitalfieldsLondon Square SpitalfieldsCommercial StreetSpring 2019
Royal College of Pathologists HQRoyal College of Pathologists HQ6-8 Alie StreetAutumn 2018
London Fruit and Wool ExchangeLondon Fruit and Wool ExchangeBrushfield StreetApril 2018
Mary HouseMary House182 Mile End Road
City GateCity Gate99 Mile End Road
91 Mile End Road91 Mile End Road91 Mile End Road
178-180 Brick Lane178-180 Brick Lane178-180 Brick Lane
101 Brick Lane101 Brick Lane101 Brick Lane
Gordon HouseGordon HouseGlamis Road 1965
Tower Bridge HouseTower Bridge HouseSt Katharine's Way 1987
Admiral HouseAdmiral House66-68 East Smithfield
183 Whitechapel Road183 Whitechapel Road183 Whitechapel Road
179-181 Whitechapel Road179-181 Whitechapel Road179-181 Whitechapel Road
237-239 Whitechapel Road237-239 Whitechapel Road237-239 Whitechapel Road
331-335 Whitechapel Road331-335 Whitechapel Road331-335 Whitechapel Road
59-67 Mile End Road59-67 Mile End Road59-67 Mile End Road
69-89 Mile End Road69-89 Mile End Road69-89 Mile End Road
Queen's BuildingQueen's Building327 Mile End Road 1887
32 Elder Street32 Elder Street32 Elder Street
154 Commercial Street154 Commercial Street154 Commercial Street
10 Quaker Street10 Quaker Street10 Quaker Street
Stuttle HouseStuttle HouseBuxton Street
69 Vallance Road69 Vallance Road69 Vallance Road
Hughes MansionsHughes MansionsVallance Road
75 Commercial Street75 Commercial Street75 Commercial Street
9-11 Brick Lane9-11 Brick Lane9-11 Brick Lane
13 Brick Lane13 Brick Lane13 Brick Lane
135-157 Cable Street135-157 Cable Street135-157 Cable Street
Richard Neale HouseRichard Neale HouseCornwall Street
Maddocks HouseMaddocks HouseCornwall Street
Newton HouseNewton HouseCornwall Street