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 London EC3 - Billingsgate, Cornhill, Monument, Tower Hill

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
43-45 Eastcheap43-45 Eastcheap43-45 Eastcheap
37 Eastcheap37 Eastcheap37 Eastcheap
31-35 Eastcheap31-35 Eastcheap31-35 Eastcheap 1868
10-12 Eastcheap10-12 Eastcheap10-12 Eastcheap
St Magnus HouseSt Magnus House3 Lower Thames Street
Custom HouseCustom House20 Lower Thames Street
Old Billingsgate MarketOld Billingsgate Market1 Old Billingsgate Walk 1852
John Stow HouseJohn Stow House18 Bevis Marks
Cutlers CourtCutlers Court9 Cutler Street
28-30 Houndsditch28-30 Houndsditch28-30 Houndsditch
133 Houndsditch133 Houndsditch133 Houndsditch
85 Gracechurch Street85 Gracechurch Street85 Gracechurch Street
52-56 Minories52-56 Minories52-56 Minories
Ibex HouseIbex House42-47 Minories
11-13 Crosswall11-13 Crosswall11-13 Crosswall
1 America Square1 America Square1 America Square
14 Crosswall14 Crosswall14 Crosswall
58 Fenchurch Street58 Fenchurch Street58 Fenchurch Street 2002
St Olave Church HallSt Olave Church HallMark Lane
All Hallows StainingAll Hallows StainingMark Lane 1320
16 Eastcheap16 Eastcheap16 Eastcheap
Aldgate HouseAldgate House33 Aldgate High Street
Portsoken HousePortsoken HouseMinories 1928
Writers HouseWriters House13 Haydon Street
8 Lloyd's Avenue8 Lloyd's Avenue8 Lloyd's Avenue 1908
New London HouseNew London House6 London Street
21 Lombard Street21 Lombard Street21 Lombard Street
65 Leadenhall Street65 Leadenhall Street65 Leadenhall Street
1 Lombard Street1 Lombard Street1 Lombard Street
24 Cornhill24 Cornhill24 Cornhill
Banking HallBanking Hall14 Cornhill
28-31 Cornhill28-31 Cornhill28-31 Cornhill
32 Cornhill32 Cornhill32 Cornhill
33-35 Cornhill33-35 Cornhill33-35 Cornhill
36-38 Cornhill 36-38 Cornhill 36-38 Cornhill
St Mary WoolnothSt Mary WoolnothLombard Street 1727

 London EC4 - Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Fetter Lane, St Paul's, Temple

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
110 Cannon Street110 Cannon Street110 Cannon Street 2012
York HouseYork House74-82 Queen Victoria Street
Cannon PlaceCannon Place78 Cannon Street 2011
Saint Paul's CathedralSaint Paul's CathedralSt Paul's Churchyard 1711
New Bracken HouseNew Bracken House1 Friday StreetAugust 2018
25 Cannon Street25 Cannon Street25 Cannon Street
53-55 Carter Lane53-55 Carter Lane53-55 Carter Lane
2-3 Creed Lane2-3 Creed Lane2-3 Creed Lane
26 Ludgate Hill26 Ludgate Hill26 Ludgate Hill
35 Ludgate Hill35 Ludgate Hill35 Ludgate Hill
37 Ludgate Hill37 Ludgate Hill37 Ludgate Hill
47 Ludgate Hill47 Ludgate Hill47 Ludgate Hill
45 Ludgate Hill45 Ludgate Hill45 Ludgate Hill
Santander HouseSantander House100 Ludgate Hill
97 Fleet Street97 Fleet Street97 Fleet Street
St Bartholomew HouseSt Bartholomew House90-93 Fleet Street
89 Fleet Street89 Fleet Street89 Fleet Street
85 Fleet Street85 Fleet Street85 Fleet Street
St Bride's ChurchSt Bride's ChurchFleet Street17th century
Peterborough CourtPeterborough Court144 Fleet Street
67 Fleet Street67 Fleet Street67 Fleet Street
69 Fleet Street69 Fleet Street69 Fleet Street
65 Fleet Street65 Fleet Street65 Fleet Street
63 Fleet Street63 Fleet Street63 Fleet Street
61 Fleet Street61 Fleet Street61 Fleet Street
60 Fleet Street60 Fleet Street60 Fleet Street
54 Fleet Street54 Fleet Street54 Fleet Street
55 Fleet Street55 Fleet Street55 Fleet Street
56-57 Fleet Street56-57 Fleet Street56-57 Fleet Street
Mitre HouseMitre House44-46 Fleet Street
47 Fleet Street47 Fleet Street47 Fleet Street
37 Fleet Street37 Fleet Street37 Fleet Street
33 Fleet Street33 Fleet Street33 Fleet Street18th century
Falcon CourtFalcon Court30-32 Fleet Street19th century
29 Fleet Street29 Fleet Street29 Fleet Street19th century
23/28 Fleet Street23/28 Fleet Street23-28 Fleet Street
22 Fleet Street22 Fleet Street22 Fleet Street 1912
21 Fleet Street21 Fleet Street21 Fleet Street19th century
18-20 Fleet Street18-20 Fleet Street18-20 Fleet Street
Inner Temple GatehouseInner Temple Gatehouse17 Fleet Street 1611
10 Fleet Street10 Fleet Street10 Fleet Street
3 Fleet Street3 Fleet Street3 Fleet Street19th century
Elan HouseElan House5-11 Fetter Lane
Priory CourtPriory CourtPilgrim Street
Hamilton HouseHamilton House1 Temple Avenue19th century
One New ChangeOne New Change1 New Change 2010
City of London SchoolCity of London School107 Queen Victoria Street19th century
New Fetter PlaceNew Fetter Place8-10 New Fetter Lane 2014
1 Fetter Lane1 Fetter Lane1 Fetter Lane
12 New Fetter Lane12 New Fetter Lane12-14 New Fetter Lane 2015
Rolls BuildingRolls Building110 Fetter Lane 2010
Wardrobe CourtWardrobe Court6 Wardrobe Place
76 Shoe Lane76 Shoe Lane76 Shoe Lane
Field HouseField House15 Bream's Buildings
Pemberton HousePemberton House7 Pemberton Row
One St Paul's ChurchyardOne St Paul's Churchyard1 St Paul's Churchyard
4 St Paul's Churchyard4 St Paul's Churchyard4 St Paul's Churchyard
Walbrook BuildingWalbrook Building25 Walbrook 2011
New CourtNew CourtSt Swithin's Lane 2010
Five Kings HouseFive Kings House1 Queen Street Place 1911
Thames ExchangeThames Exchange72 Upper Thames Street
61 Queen Street61 Queen Street61 Queen Street 1987
Temple ChambersTemple Chambers3-7 Temple Avenue
Harmsworth HouseHarmsworth House13-15 Bouverie Street

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