London EC4 - Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Fetter Lane, St Paul's, Temple

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
New Fetter PlaceNew Fetter Place8-10 New Fetter Lane 2014
1 Fetter Lane1 Fetter Lane1 Fetter Lane
12 New Fetter Lane12 New Fetter Lane12-14 New Fetter Lane 2015
Rolls BuildingRolls Building110 Fetter Lane 2010
Wardrobe CourtWardrobe Court6 Wardrobe Place
Plumtree CourtPlumtree Court25 Shoe LaneAugust 2019
76 Shoe Lane76 Shoe Lane76 Shoe Lane
Field HouseField House15 Bream's Buildings
Pemberton HousePemberton House7 Pemberton Row
One St Paul's ChurchyardOne St Paul's Churchyard1 St Paul's Churchyard
4 St Paul's Churchyard4 St Paul's Churchyard4 St Paul's Churchyard
Walbrook BuildingWalbrook Building25 Walbrook 2011
New CourtNew CourtSt Swithin's Lane 2010
Five Kings HouseFive Kings House1 Queen Street Place 1911
Thames ExchangeThames Exchange72 Upper Thames Street
61 Queen Street61 Queen Street61 Queen Street 1987
Temple ChambersTemple Chambers3-7 Temple Avenue
Harmsworth HouseHarmsworth House13-15 Bouverie Street
1 Plowden Buildings1 Plowden Buildings1 Plowden Buildings
20 St Andrew Street20 St Andrew Street18-20 St Andrew Street 2017
1 & 2 New Ludgate1 & 2 New Ludgate60 Ludgate HillSummer 2015
20 Cannon Street20 Cannon Street20 Cannon StreetJune 2012
36 Queen Street36 Queen Street36 Queen Street 2013
Carmelite RiversideCarmelite Riverside50 Victoria EmbankmentMay 2014
St Dunstan's CourtSt Dunstan's Court133-137 Fetter Lane 2015
25 Furnival Street25 Furnival Street25 Furnival Street
1 New Street Square1 New Street Square1 New Street SquareJune 2016
Bloomberg PlaceBloomberg Place50 Cannon Street 2017
33 Central33 Central33 King William StreetDecember 2017
1 Fleet Place1 Fleet Place1 Fleet Place
Ludgate BroadwayLudgate Broadway7 Ludgate Broadway 2013
45 Cannon Street45 Cannon Street45 Cannon Street 2017
30 Cannon Street30 Cannon Street30 Cannon Street 1973
108 Cannon Street108 Cannon Street108 Cannon Street 2016
33 Blackfriars33 Blackfriars33 Blackfriars Lane 2014
Millennium Bridge HouseMillennium Bridge House2 Lambeth Hill
Queen's HouseQueen's House8 Queen Anne Street
Century HouseCentury House4-5 Old Bailey
The Rex BuildingThe Rex Building62 Queen Street
53 Fleet Street53 Fleet Street53 Fleet Street 2017
Old BaileyOld BaileyNewgate Street 1902
8-9 Queen Street8-9 Queen Street8-9 Queen Street
Kings HouseKings House81 King William Street
8 Salisbury Square8 Salisbury Square8 Salisbury Square 2017
24 King William Street24 King William Street24 King William StreetAutumn 2017
103 Cannon Street103 Cannon Street103 Cannon Street
4 Cannon Street4 Cannon Street2-4 Cannon Street 2019
107 Cannon Street107 Cannon Street107 Cannon Street
111 Cannon Street111 Cannon Street111 Cannon Street 2018
St Mary Abchurch HouseSt Mary Abchurch House123-127 Cannon Street
68 King William Street68 King William Street68 King William Street
Cannon GreenCannon Green27 Bush Lane 2016
1 Puddle Dock1 Puddle Dock1 Puddle Dock 2016
20 Farringdon Street20 Farringdon Street20 Farringdon StreetApril 2018
One King William StreetOne King William Street1 King William Street
90 Fetter Lane90 Fetter Lane90 Fetter Lane 2017
Equitable HouseEquitable House47 King William Street 1999
Albert BuildingsAlbert Buildings39-53 Queen Victoria Street 1871
60 Cannon Street60 Cannon Street60 Cannon Street
St Stephen WalbrookSt Stephen Walbrook39 Walbrook
37a Walbrook37a Walbrook37a Walbrook 1952
Ludgate HouseLudgate House107-111 Fleet street
The Old BellThe Old Bell95-96 Fleet Street
70 Fleet Street70 Fleet Street70 Fleet Street
Bouverie HouseBouverie House154-160 Fleet Street
58 Fleet Street58 Fleet Street58 Fleet Street
165 Fleet Street165 Fleet Street165 Fleet Street
167 Fleet Street167 Fleet Street167 Fleet Street
171 Fleet Street171 Fleet Street171 Fleet Street
49-50 Fleet Street49-50 Fleet Street49-50 Fleet Street 1911
15 Fetter Lane15 Fetter Lane15 Fetter Lane
5 New Street Square5 New Street Square5 New Street Square 2009
Twenty Old BaileyTwenty Old Bailey20 Bishop's CourtSpring 2017
Religare HouseReligare House100 Cannon Street
90 Cannon Street90 Cannon Street90 Cannon Street 1990
Cannongate HouseCannongate House62-64 Cannon Street
Sherborne HouseSherborne House119 - 121 Cannon Street
86 Cannon Street86 Cannon Street86 Cannon Street
St Martin's CourtSt Martin's Court10 Paternoster Row
Hill HouseHill House1 Little New Street
9-13 Cursitor Street9-13 Cursitor Street9-13 Cursitor Street
6 New Street Square6 New Street Square6 New Street Square
77 Queen Victoria Street77 Queen Victoria Street77 Queen Victoria Street
63 Queen Victoria Street63 Queen Victoria Street63 Queen Victoria Street
46 Cannon Street46 Cannon Street46 Cannon Street
St Mary AldermarySt Mary Aldermary14-37 Bow Lane 1681
63 Cannon Street63 Cannon Street63 Cannon Street
65 Cannon Street65 Cannon Street65 Cannon Street
113 Cannon Street113 Cannon Street113 Cannon Street
131-133 Cannon Street131-133 Cannon Street131-133 Cannon Street 1921
135-141 Cannon Street135-141 Cannon Street135-141 Cannon Street 1981
143-149 Cannon Street143-149 Cannon Street143-149 Cannon Street 1963
Candlewick HouseCandlewick House120 Cannon Street
Phoenix HousePhoenix House18 King William Street
55 King William Street55 King William Street55 King William Street
Broken Wharf HouseBroken Wharf House2 Broken Wharf
Vintry & MercerVintry & Mercer19-20 Garlick HillFebruary 2019
Thames CourtThames Court1 Queenhithe 1998
Vintners PlaceVintners Place1 Vintners Place
Adelaide HouseAdelaide HouseLondon Bridge 1925