DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The Rubens at The PalaceThe Rubens at The Palace39 Buckingham Palace Road
24-25 Britton Street24-25 Britton Street24-25 Britton Street
173 Kensington High Street173 Kensington High Street173 Kensington High Street
Leonard CourtLeonard CourtEdwardes Square
98 Kensington High Street98 Kensington High Street98 Kensington High Street
88-90 Kensington High Street88-90 Kensington High Street90-88 Kensington High Street
6 Kensington Church Street6 Kensington Church Street6 Kensington Church Street
8 Kensington Church Street8 Kensington Church Street8 Kensington Church Street
407 Goldhawk Road407 Goldhawk Road407 Goldhawk Road
401 King Street401 King Street
11-12 Bridge Street11-12 Bridge StreetBridge Street
55-65 Ebury Street55-65 Ebury Street55-65 Ebury Street
8 Eccleston Street8 Eccleston Street8 Eccleston Street
6 Eccleston Street6 Eccleston Street6 Eccleston Street
Belgrave HouseBelgrave House76 Buckingham Palace Road 2004
60 Buckingham Palace Road60 Buckingham Palace Road60 Buckingham Palace Road
10 Lower Grosvenor Place10 Lower Grosvenor Place10 Lower Grosvenor Place
40 Grosvenor Place40 Grosvenor Place40 Grosvenor Place
8 Grosvenor Place8 Grosvenor Place8 Grosvenor Place
18-19 Old Park Lane18-19 Old Park Lane18-19 Old Park Lane
25 Park Lane25 Park Lane25-35 Park Lane
The CaseworksThe Caseworks765-767 Harrow RoadJanuary 2019
55-60 Park Lane55-60 Park Lane55-60 Park Lane
4 Hamilton Place4 Hamilton Place4 Hamilton Place
International HouseInternational House106 Piccadilly 1761
31-32 St James's Street31-32 St James's Street31-32 St James's Street
19 St James's Street19 St James's Street19 St James's Street
38 Cleveland Square38 Cleveland Square38 Cleveland Square
49 Albemarle Street49 Albemarle Street49 Albemarle Street
7 Lygon Place7 Lygon Place7 Lygon Place
55-59 King's Road55-59 King's Road55-59 King's Road
105 King's Road105 King's Road105 King's Road
113-115 King's Road113-115 King's Road113-115 King's Road
23 Godfrey Street23 Godfrey Street23 Godfrey Street
20 Burnsall Street20 Burnsall Street20 Burnsall Street
2 Astell Street2 Astell Street2 Astell Street
32 Chelsea Square32 Chelsea Square32 Chelsea Square
66 Cornwall Gardens66 Cornwall Gardens66 Cornwall Gardens
34 Cornwall Gardens34 Cornwall Gardens34 Cornwall Gardens
7 Kensington Square7 Kensington Square7 Kensington Square
184-188 Oxford Street184-188 Oxford Street184-188 Oxford Street
Jubilee HouseJubilee House207-213 Oxford Street
110 Oxford Street110 Oxford Street110 Oxford Street
1 Charterhouse Street1 Charterhouse Street1 Charterhouse Street
47-53 St John Street47-53 St John Street47-53 St John Street
57 St John Street57 St John Street57 St John Street
55 St John Street55 St John Street55 St John Street
Crusader HouseCrusader House147-157 St John Street
140-142 St John Street140-142 St John Street140-142 St John Street
11 Jerusalem Passage11 Jerusalem Passage11 Jerusalem Passage
34 Clerkenwell Close34 Clerkenwell Close34 Clerkenwell Close 1901
50-54 Clerkenwell Road50-54 Clerkenwell Road50-54 Clerkenwell Road
27-31 Clerkenwell Close27-31 Clerkenwell Close27-31 Clerkenwell Close
Kingsway PlaceKingsway PlaceSans Walk 1893
31a Clerkenwell Close31a Clerkenwell Close31a Clerkenwell Close
Clerkenwell EstateClerkenwell EstateFarringdon Lane 1884
36-41 Clerkenwell Close36-41 Clerkenwell Close36-41 Clerkenwell Close
The HorseshoeThe HorseshoeClerkenwell Close
St John's GateSt John's Gate26 St John's Lane 1504
28 St John's Lane28 St John's Lane28 St John's Lane
Atlantic HouseAtlantic House46-50 Holborn Viaduct
5 St John Street5 St John Street5 St John Street 1897
38 Charterhouse Street38 Charterhouse Street38 Charterhouse Street
99 Charterhouse Street99 Charterhouse Street99 Charterhouse Street
38 Cloth Fair38 Cloth Fair38 Cloth Fair 1616
39-40 Cloth Fair39-40 Cloth Fair39-40 Cloth Fair
41-42 Cloth Fair41-42 Cloth Fair41-42 Cloth Fair 1614
61 West Smithfield61 West Smithfield61 West Smithfield
St Bartholomew HouseSt Bartholomew House58-59 West Smithfield
St Andrew HolbornSt Andrew Holborn5 St Andrew Street
Fleet Place HouseFleet Place House3 Fleet Place
40 Holborn Viaduct40 Holborn Viaduct40 Holborn Viaduct 2008
Harry's CourtHarry's Court83 Chingford Mount Road 2019
Challoner HouseChalloner HouseClerkenwell Close
52 Tollington Way52 Tollington Way52 Tollington Way 2018
One Aylesbury StreetOne Aylesbury Street1 Aylesbury Street 2016
SenatorSenator85 Queen Victoria Street 2018
50 Albemarle Street50 Albemarle Street50 Albemarle Street
14 Dover Street14 Dover Street14 Dover Street
115 Portobello Road115 Portobello Road115 Portobello Road
9 Pembridge Crescent9 Pembridge Crescent9 Pembridge Crescent
1 Pembridge Crescent1 Pembridge Crescent1 Pembridge Crescent
Harley HouseHarley HouseMarylebone Road
2 Marylebone Road2 Marylebone Road2 Marylebone Road
2 Albany Terrace2 Albany Terrace2 Albany Terrace
1 Albany Terrace1 Albany Terrace1-3 Albany Terrace
McGrath RoadMcGrath RoadMcGrath Road 2019
88 Portland Place88 Portland Place88 Portland Place
92-96 Portland Place92-96 Portland Place92-96 Portland Place
75 Portland Place75 Portland Place75 Portland Place
73 Portland Place73 Portland Place73 Portland Place
71 Portland Place71 Portland Place71 Portland Place
Duncan HouseDuncan House86 Portland Place
69 Portland Place69 Portland Place69 Portland Place
67 Portland Place67 Portland Place67 Portland Place
65 Portland Place65 Portland Place65 Portland Place
63 Portland Place63 Portland Place63 Portland Place 1780
61 Portland Place61 Portland Place61 Portland Place 1780
59 Portland Place59 Portland Place59 Portland Place 1780
55 Portland Place55 Portland Place53-57 Portland Place