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 London NW5 - Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Kentish Town

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Princes CourtPrinces Court52 Prince Of Wales Road 2014
The Maple BuildingThe Maple Building39-51 Highgate Road 2016
168 Highgate Road168 Highgate Road168 Highgate Road
St Martin's WalkSt Martin's WalkVicar's Road 2017
Hurley ApartmentsHurley Apartments1A Highgate Road 2018
The Furlong CollectionThe Furlong CollectionWiblin MewsMay 2017
156-158 Fortess Road156-158 Fortess Road156-158 Fortess Road
La Sainte UnionLa Sainte UnionHighgate Road
Croft LodgeCroft LodgeHighgate Road
HighcroftHighcroft170 Croftdown Road
3 Hillside3 HillsideHighgate Road
32 Grove Terrace32 Grove Terrace32 Grove Terrace
31 Grove Terrace31 Grove Terrace
27 Grove Terrace27 Grove Terrace27 Grove Terrace 1780
26 Grove Terrace26 Grove Terrace26 Grove Terrace 1780
21 Grove Terrace21 Grove Terrace21 Grove Terrace 1780
12 Grove Terrace12 Grove Terrace12 Grove Terrace 1793
Lissenden MansionsLissenden MansionsLissenden Gardens
5 Grove Terrace5 Grove Terrace5 Grove Terrace
8 Grove Terrace8 Grove Terrace8 Grove Terrace 1793
Lynton VillasLynton Villas154 Highgate Road
2 Grove Terrace2 Grove Terrace2 Grove Terrace
Grove End LodgeGrove End LodgeCollege Lane
141 Highgate Road141 Highgate Road141 Highgate Road
119 Highgate Road119 Highgate Road119 Highgate Road
CalverCalverIngestre Road
Hambrook CourtHambrook CourtIngestre Road
GrangemillGrangemillIngestre Road
Fletcher CourtFletcher CourtIngestre Road
TideswellTideswellIngestre Road
WardlowWardlowIngestre Road
Newcomen HouseYork Rise
Faraday HouseFaraday HouseYork Rise
Winifrede Paul HouseWinifrede Paul HouseYork Rise 1969
Burghley CourtBurghley Court18 Ingestre Road
86 Burghley Road86 Burghley Road86 Burghley Road
44 Oakford Road44 Oakford Road44 Oakford Road
41-51 Oakford Road41-51 Oakford Road41-51 Oakford Road
Acland Burghley SchoolAcland Burghley School93 Burghley Road 1966

 London NW6 - Brondesbury, Kilburn, Queen's Park, West Hampstead

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Lyncroft MansionsLyncroft Mansions25 Lyncroft Gardens
The Mill ApartmentsThe Mill Apartments1-7 Mill Lane 2013
Queen's Park PlaceQueen's Park Place1-5 Albert Road 2016
West Hampstead SQWest Hampstead SQ187-199 West End Lane 2015
241 Kilburn High Road241 Kilburn High Road241 Kilburn High Road
The ResidenceThe Residence65 Maygrove Road 2015
Kilburn ParkKilburn ParkCambridge Avenue 2016
AtelierAtelier109 Goldhurst Terrace 2015
Canterbury LoftsCanterbury LoftsCanterbury Road 2016
Argo HouseArgo HouseKilburn Park Road 2016
The IveryThe Ivery159-161 Iverson Road 2017
Kilburn QuarterKilburn QuarterKilburn Park Road 2017
Abbey AreaAbbey AreaAbbey Road 2016
Ark Franklin Primary AcademyArk Franklin Primary AcademyHarvist Road
45 Chamberlayne Road45 Chamberlayne Road45 Chamberlayne Road
65 Chamberlayne Road65 Chamberlayne Road65 Chamberlayne Road
207 Kilburn High Road207 Kilburn High Road207 Kilburn High Road
155 Kilburn High Road155 Kilburn High Road155 Kilburn High Road
141-143 Kilburn High Road141-143 Kilburn High Road141-143 Kilburn High Road
The AvenueThe Avenue3-7 The AvenueAutumn 2018
The MalvernThe Malvern4 Malvern Road 2017
32 Salusbury Road32 Salusbury Road32 Salusbury Road
Queen's StudiosQueen's Studios121 Salusbury Road
Bourne PlaceKilburn Park Road 2013

 London NW7 - Mill Hill

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Mill Hill PlaceMill Hill PlaceHammers Lane 2014
St Joseph's GateSt Joseph's GateLawrence Street 2017
The MountThe MountMaurice Browne Avenue 2016
The LoftsThe LoftsGrenville Place 2016
53 Uphill Road53 Uphill Road53 Uphill Road 2017
Eleven TreesEleven TreesMilespit HillSpring 2017
The ProjectThe ProjectGrenville Place

 London NW8 - St John's Wood

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Clifton CourtClifton CourtNorthwick Terrace
18 Hall Road18 Hall Road18 Hall Road
YooYoo17 Hall Road
70 Hamilton Terrace70 Hamilton Terrace70 Hamilton Terrace
74 Hamilton Terrace74 Hamilton Terrace74 Hamilton Terrace
73 Hamilton Terrace73 Hamilton Terrace73 Hamilton Terrace
76 Hamilton Terrace76 Hamilton Terrace76 Hamilton Terrace
78 Hamilton Terrace78 Hamilton Terrace78 Hamilton Terrace
85 Hamilton Terrace85 Hamilton Terrace85 Hamilton Terrace
80 Hamilton Terrace80 Hamilton Terrace80 Hamilton Terrace
112 Hamilton Terrace112 Hamilton Terrace112 Hamilton Terrace
Warner HouseWarner HouseAbercorn Place
St Marks ChurchSt Marks Church114 Hamilton Terrace19th century
Verity HouseVerity HouseAbercorn Place
116 Hamilton Terrace116 Hamilton Terrace116 Hamilton Terrace19th century
The GablesThe Gables115 Hamilton Terrace19th century
120 Hamilton Terrace120 Hamilton Terrace120 Hamilton Terrace19th century
117 Hamilton Terrace117 Hamilton Terrace117 Hamilton Terrace
122 Hamilton Terrace122 Hamilton Terrace122 Hamilton Terrace
124 Hamilton Terrace124 Hamilton Terrace124 Hamilton Terrace19th century
Hamilton HallHamilton Hall119 Hamilton Terrace
121 Hamilton Terrace121 Hamilton Terrace121 Hamilton Terrace
123 Hamilton Terrace123 Hamilton Terrace123 Hamilton Terrace
140 Hamilton Terrace140 Hamilton Terrace140 Hamilton Terrace
135 Hamilton Terrace135 Hamilton Terrace135 Hamilton Terrace
150-152 Hamilton Terrace150-152 Hamilton Terrace150-152 Hamilton Terrace
88 Carlton Hill88 Carlton Hill88 Carlton Hill
94 Carlton Hill94 Carlton Hill94 Carlton Hill
96 Carlton Hill96 Carlton Hill96 Carlton Hill
74 Maida Vale74 Maida Vale74 Maida Vale

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