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 London NW6 - Brondesbury, Kilburn, Queen's Park, West Hampstead

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
65 Chamberlayne Road65 Chamberlayne Road65 Chamberlayne Road
207 Kilburn High Road207 Kilburn High Road207 Kilburn High Road
155 Kilburn High Road155 Kilburn High Road155 Kilburn High Road
141-143 Kilburn High Road141-143 Kilburn High Road141-143 Kilburn High Road
The MalvernThe Malvern4 Malvern Road 2017
32 Salusbury Road32 Salusbury Road32 Salusbury Road
Queen's StudiosQueen's Studios121 Salusbury Road

 London NW7 - Mill Hill

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Mill Hill PlaceMill Hill PlaceHammers Lane 2014
St Joseph's GateSt Joseph's GateLawrence Street 2017
The MountThe MountMaurice Browne Avenue 2016
The LoftsThe LoftsGrenville Place 2016
53 Uphill Road53 Uphill Road53 Uphill Road 2017
Eleven TreesEleven TreesMilespit HillSpring 2017

 London NW8 - St John's Wood

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Clifton CourtClifton CourtNorthwick Terrace
18 Hall Road18 Hall Road18 Hall Road
YooYoo17 Hall Road
70 Hamilton Terrace70 Hamilton Terrace70 Hamilton Terrace
74 Hamilton Terrace74 Hamilton Terrace74 Hamilton Terrace
73 Hamilton Terrace73 Hamilton Terrace73 Hamilton Terrace
76 Hamilton Terrace76 Hamilton Terrace76 Hamilton Terrace
78 Hamilton Terrace78 Hamilton Terrace78 Hamilton Terrace
85 Hamilton Terrace85 Hamilton Terrace85 Hamilton Terrace
80 Hamilton Terrace80 Hamilton Terrace80 Hamilton Terrace
112 Hamilton Terrace112 Hamilton Terrace112 Hamilton Terrace
Warner HouseWarner HouseAbercorn Place
St Marks ChurchSt Marks Church114 Hamilton Terrace19th century
Verity HouseVerity HouseAbercorn Place
116 Hamilton Terrace116 Hamilton Terrace116 Hamilton Terrace19th century
The GablesThe Gables115 Hamilton Terrace19th century
120 Hamilton Terrace120 Hamilton Terrace120 Hamilton Terrace19th century
117 Hamilton Terrace117 Hamilton Terrace117 Hamilton Terrace
122 Hamilton Terrace122 Hamilton Terrace122 Hamilton Terrace
124 Hamilton Terrace124 Hamilton Terrace124 Hamilton Terrace19th century
Hamilton HallHamilton Hall119 Hamilton Terrace
121 Hamilton Terrace121 Hamilton Terrace121 Hamilton Terrace
123 Hamilton Terrace123 Hamilton Terrace123 Hamilton Terrace
140 Hamilton Terrace140 Hamilton Terrace140 Hamilton Terrace
135 Hamilton Terrace135 Hamilton Terrace135 Hamilton Terrace
150-152 Hamilton Terrace150-152 Hamilton Terrace150-152 Hamilton Terrace
88 Carlton Hill88 Carlton Hill88 Carlton Hill
94 Carlton Hill94 Carlton Hill94 Carlton Hill
96 Carlton Hill96 Carlton Hill96 Carlton Hill
74 Maida Vale74 Maida Vale74 Maida Vale
Poynter HousePoynter HouseAberdeen Place
Crockers FollyCrockers Folly24 Aberdeen Place
28 Aberdeen Place28 Aberdeen Place28 Aberdeen Place
Whitfield HouseWhitfield House2-10 Salisbury Street
Two Avenue RoadTwo Avenue Road2 Avenue Road 1970
30 Avenue Road30 Avenue Road30 Avenue Road
The AtriumThe Atrium127-131 Park RoadFebruary 2013
St. John's Wood ChurchSt. John's Wood ChurchLord's Roundabout19th century
North GateNorth GatePrince Albert Road 1903
36 Avenue Road36 Avenue Road36 Avenue Road
34 Avenue Road34 Avenue Road34 Avenue Road
30 Avenue Road30 Avenue Road30 Avenue Road
47 Avenue Road47 Avenue Road47 Avenue Road
24-26 Avenue Road24-26 Avenue Road24-26 Avenue Road
45 Avenue Road45 Avenue Road45 Avenue Road
22 Avenue Road22 Avenue Road22 Avenue Road
Avenue CloseAvenue CloseAvenue Road
Prince Regent CourtPrince Regent Court8 Avenue Road
Imperial CourtImperial Court55-56 Prince Albert Road
75 Prince Alber Road75 Prince Alber Road75 Prince Albert Road
Bentinck CloseBentinck Close76-82 Prince Albert Road
Park ViewPark View83-86 Prince Albert Road
Oslo CourtOslo CourtPrince Albert Road 1938
Strathmore CourtStrathmore Court148 Park Road
Beverly HouseBeverly House133 Park Road
Crown CourtCrown Court123 Park Road
125 Park Road125 Park Road125 Park Road 1970
Regents Park HouseRegents Park House105 Park Road
Park LornePark Lorne111 Park Road
Abbey LodgeAbbey LodgePark Road
Mary's CourtMary's CourtPalgrave Gardens
Hanover Gate MansionsHanover Gate MansionsPark Road
98 Park Road98 Park Road98 Park Road
Harrow LodgeHarrow LodgeSt John's Wood Road
Alfie's Antique MarketAlfie's Antique Market13-25 Church Street
50 St Edmund's Terrace50 St Edmund's Terrace50 St Edmund's TerraceApril 2015
Regents GateRegents GateSt Endmund's Terrace 2014
15 Grove End Road15 Grove End Road15 Grove End Road 2016
Benjamin HouseCecil Grove 2016
Wellington CourtWellington Court55-67 Wellington Road
Birley LodgeBirley Lodge63 Acacia Road
Northwick HouseNorthwick House1 St John's Wood Road
Hamilton DriveHamilton Drive 2017
Prince Albert CourtPrince Albert Court33 Prince Albert Road
Stockleigh HallStockleigh Hall51 Prince Albert Road
10 Charlbert Street10 Charlbert Street10 Charlbert Street
87A St John's Wood Terrace87A St John's Wood Terrace87a St John's Wood Terrace
Cameron HouseCameron HouseSt John's Wood Terrace
St Marylebone AlmshousesSt Marylebone Almshouses80 St John's Wood Terrace 1965
53 Avenue Road53 Avenue Road53 Avenue Road
39 Avenue Road39 Avenue Road39 Avenue Road
41 Avenue Road41 Avenue Road41 Avenue Road
7 Cavendish Avenue7 Cavendish Avenue
88-98 Burghley Road88-98 Burghley Road88-98 Burghley Road
20 Abbey Road20 Abbey Road20 Abbey Road
95 Avenue Road95 Avenue Road95 Avenue Road
Grove CourtGrove Court24 Grove End Road

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