DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Burghley CourtBurghley Court18 Ingestre Road
Winifrede Paul HouseWinifrede Paul HouseYork Rise 1969
Faraday HouseFaraday HouseYork Rise
Newcomen HouseYork Rise
WardlowWardlowIngestre Road
TideswellTideswellIngestre Road
Fletcher CourtFletcher CourtIngestre Road
GrangemillGrangemillIngestre Road
Hambrook CourtHambrook CourtIngestre Road
CalverCalverIngestre Road
119 Highgate Road119 Highgate Road119 Highgate Road
141 Highgate Road141 Highgate Road141 Highgate Road
Grove End LodgeGrove End LodgeCollege Lane
2 Grove Terrace2 Grove Terrace2 Grove Terrace
Lynton VillasLynton Villas154 Highgate Road
8 Grove Terrace8 Grove Terrace8 Grove Terrace 1793
5 Grove Terrace5 Grove Terrace5 Grove Terrace
Lissenden MansionsLissenden MansionsLissenden Gardens
12 Grove Terrace12 Grove Terrace12 Grove Terrace 1793
21 Grove Terrace21 Grove Terrace21 Grove Terrace 1780
26 Grove Terrace26 Grove Terrace26 Grove Terrace 1780
27 Grove Terrace27 Grove Terrace27 Grove Terrace 1780
31 Grove Terrace31 Grove Terrace
32 Grove Terrace32 Grove Terrace32 Grove Terrace
3 Hillside3 HillsideHighgate Road
HighcroftHighcroft170 Croftdown Road
Croft LodgeCroft LodgeHighgate Road
La Sainte UnionLa Sainte UnionHighgate Road
Northcote MansionsNorthcote Mansions122 Heath Street
55 Heath Street55 Heath Street55 Heath Street
The Clock TowerThe Clock Tower49 Heath Street 1873
52-54 Heath Street52-54 Heath Street52-54 Heath Street
Hampstead StationHampstead StationHampstead High Street
39 Heath Street39 Heath Street39 Heath Street
32 Heath Street32 Heath Street32 Heath Street
Gardnor MansionsGardnor MansionsChurch Row
20 Heath Street20 Heath Street20 Heath Street
2 Clifton Gardens2 Clifton Gardens2 Clifton Gardens
38 Warwick Avenue38 Warwick Avenue39 Warwick Avenue
43 Blomfield Road43 Blomfield Road43 Blomfield Road
42 Blomfield Road42 Blomfield Road42 Blomfield Road
20 Warwick Avenue20 Warwick Avenue20 Warwick Avenue
22 Warwick Avenue22 Warwick Avenue22 Warwick Avenue
24 Warwick Avenue24 Warwick Avenue24 Warwick Avenue
Cumberland HouseCumberland HouseClifton Gardens
80 Fulham Palace Road80 Fulham Palace Road80 Fulham Palace Road
11 Upbrook Mews11 Upbrook Mews11 Upbrook Mews
26-27 Upbrook Mews26-27 Upbrook Mews26-27 Upbrook Mews
10 Upbrook Mews10 Upbrook Mews10 Upbrook Mews
85 Gracechurch Street85 Gracechurch Street85 Gracechurch Street
Five Acre SquareFive Acre Square133 Houndsditch
28-30 Houndsditch28-30 Houndsditch28-30 Houndsditch
7-9 White Kennett Street7-9 White Kennett Street7-9 White Kennett Street
Cutlers CourtCutlers Court9 Cutler Street
30 Craven Terrace30 Craven Terrace30 Craven Terrace
28 Craven Terrace28 Craven Terrace28 Craven Terrace
29 Craven Terrace29 Craven Terrace29 Craven Terrace
147-149 Kensington High Street147-149 Kensington High Street147-149 Kensington High Street
133 Kensington High Street133 Kensington High Street133 Kensington High Street
129-131 Kensington High Street129-131 Kensington High Street129-131 Kensington High Street
20 Leinster Terrace20 Leinster Terrace20 Leinster Terrace
4 Prince's Square4 Prince's Square4 Prince's Square
29 Holland Park Avenue29 Holland Park Avenue29 Holland Park Avenue
79 Holland Park79 Holland Park79 Holland Park
36 Holland Park36 Holland Park36 Holland Park 1862
35 Holland Park35 Holland Park35 Holland Park 1862
34 Holland Park34 Holland Park34 Holland Park 1862
223 Kensington High Street223 Kensington High Street223 Kensington High Street 1900
225 Kensington High Street225 Kensington High Street225 Kensington High Street
The Ivory HouseThe Ivory HouseSt Katharine's Way
The Dickens InnThe Dickens InnMarble Quay
1 Marble Quay1 Marble Quay1 Marble Quay
7-19 St Katharine's Way7-19 St Katharine's Way7-19 St Katharine's Way
2 Marble Quay2 Marble QuaySt Katharine's Way
Matilda HouseMatilda HouseSt Katharine's Way
Millers WharfMillers Wharf78 St Katharine's Way
Presidents Quay HousePresidents Quay House72 St Katharine's Way
Cinnabar WharfCinnabar Wharf22-28 Wapping High Street
3 Wapping High Street3 Wapping High Street3 Wapping High Street
Tower Bridge WharfTower Bridge Wharf86 St Katharines Way
Waterside BuildingWaterside Building1 Wapping High Street
Riviera CourtRiviera Court122 St Katharine's Way
China CourtChina CourtAsher Way
Tobacco DockTobacco DockWapping Lane
Discovery WalkDiscovery WalkDiscovery Walk
172-176 The Highway172-176 The Highway172-176 The Highway
St George-in-the-East ChurchSt George-in-the-East Church14 Cannon Street Road 1729
8 Plender Street8 Plender Street8 Plender Street
200 Cable Street200 Cable Street200 Cable Street
Newton HouseNewton HouseCornwall Street
Maddocks HouseMaddocks HouseCornwall Street
Richard Neale HouseRichard Neale HouseCornwall Street
135-157 Cable Street135-157 Cable Street135-157 Cable Street
LandrakeLandrakePlender Street
York HouseYork House1-8 Plender Street
138 Park Lane138 Park Lane138 Park Lane
Melton CourtMelton CourtOnslow Crescent
172 Gloucester Place172 Gloucester Place172 Gloucester Place
33 Cleveland Square33 Cleveland Square33 Cleveland Square
43 Leinster Gardens43 Leinster Gardens43 Leinster Gardens