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 London SE24 - Herne Hill

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The Half MoonThe Half Moon10 Half Moon Lane
Old York HouseOld York House327 Norwood Road

 London SE26 - Sydenham

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Dylon WorksDylon WorksStation ApproachApril 2017
Wells Park PlaceWells Park PlaceExeter PlaceAutumn 2017
Lawrie Park PlaceLawrie Park PlaceCrystal Park Palace RoadWinter 2018
Zanara CourtZanara Court22a-24 Sydenham Road 2018

 London SE27 - West Norwood

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The LoftThe Loft348-352 Norwood Road 2016
The TriangleThe Triangle207-209 Gipsy Road 2017

 London SW1 - Belgravia, Buckingham Palace, Pimlico, St James's, Victoria, Westminster, Whitehall

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
16-17 Pall Mall16-17 Pall Mall16-17 Pall Mall 1913
51 Cadogan Place51 Cadogan Place51 Cadogan Place
1 Lowndes Square1 Lowndes Square1 Lowndes Square
11 Lowndes Square11 Lowndes Square11 Lowndes Square
23 Cadogan Square23 Cadogan Square23 Cadogan Square
33 Lowndes Square33 Lowndes Square33 Lowndes Square
41-42 Lowndes Square41-42 Lowndes Square41-42 Lowndes Square
52 Cadogan Square52 Cadogan Square52 Cadogan Square19th century
60 Cadogan Square60 Cadogan Square60 Cadogan Square
The Park Tower KnightsbridgeThe Park Tower Knightsbridge101 Knightsbridge
HarrodsHarrods87-135 Brompton Road 1849
27 Cadogan Place27 Cadogan Place27 Cadogan Place
25 Cadogan Place25 Cadogan Place25 Cadogan Square
50 Cadogan Place50 Cadogan Place50 Cadogan Place19th century
57 Cadogan Place57 Cadogan Place57 Cadogan Place
36 Cadogan Place36 Cadogan Place36 Cadogan Place19th century
39 Cadogan Place39 Cadogan Place39 Cadogan Place19th century
55 Cadogan Place55 Cadogan Place55 Cadogan Place19th century
43 Cadogan Place43 Cadogan Place43 Cadogan Place19th century
Morland HouseMorland HouseMarsham Street
One Hyde ParkOne Hyde Park68-114 Knightsbridge 2010
The PeakThe Peak5 Wilton Road 2009
16 St. James's Street16 St. James's Street16 St. James's Street
Spencer HouseSpencer House27 St James's Place 1766
Institute of DirectorsInstitute of Directors116 Pall Mall 1828
Wellington HouseWellington House67-73 Buckingham GateJuly 2012
62 Buckingham Gate62 Buckingham Gate62 Buckingham GateMay 2013
Haymarket HouseHaymarket House28-29 Haymarket
123 Victoria Street123 Victoria Street123 Victoria Street 1975
35 Old Queen Street35 Old Queen Street29-35 Old Queen Street 2018
Cardinal PlaceCardinal Place12 Cardinal Walk 2006
The Palace of WestminsterThe Palace of Westminster20 Dean's Yard 1860
74 Cadogan Lane74 Cadogan Lane74 Cadogan Lane
97a Cadogan Lane97a Cadogan Lane97a Cadogan Lane
One D'Oyley StreetOne D'Oyley Street1 D'Oyley Street
Sloane Gate MansionsSloane Gate MansionsD'Oyley Street
Sloane Gate HouseSloane Gate HouseD'Oyley Street
9 Wilbraham Place9 Wilbraham Place9 Wilbraham Place
9a Wilbraham Place9a Wilbraham Place9a Wilbraham Place
Phoenix HousePhoenix House1 Wilbraham Place
155 Sloane Street155 Sloane Street155 Sloane Street
143-144 Sloane Street143-144 Sloane Street143-144 Sloane Street
137-138 Sloane Street137-138 Sloane Street137-138 Sloane Street
139 Sloane Street139 Sloane Street139 Sloane Street
24 Lower Sloane Street24 Lower Sloane Street24 Lower Sloane Street
Keats HouseKeats HouseChurchill Gardens 1950
River LodgeRiver LodgeGrosvenor Road
Grosvenor LodgeGrosvenor Lodge94 Grosvenor Road
Dolphin SquareDolphin SquareGrosvenor Road 1937
Harvey HouseHarvey HouseGrosvenor Road 1953
79 Grosvenor Road79 Grosvenor Road79 Grosvenor Road
The Athenaeum ClubThe Athenaeum Club107 Pall Mall19th century
18-19 Pall Mall18-19 Pall Mall18-19 Pall Mall
30-35 Pall Mall30-35 Pall Mall30-35 Pall Mall
29 Pall Mall29 Pall Mall29 Pall Mall
50 Pall Mall50 Pall Mall50 Pall Mall
Selwyn HouseSelwyn House15 Cleveland Row 1904
7 Cleveland Row7 Cleveland Row7 Cleveland Row
St James's PalaceSt James's PalaceStable Yard Road16th century
8 Cleveland Row8 Cleveland Row8 Cleveland Row
Little St. James's Street Little St. James's Street Little St. James Street
4-8 Eaton Gate4-8 Eaton Gate4-8 Eaton Gate
74 Eaton Square74 Eaton Square74 Eaton Square
Chalfont HouseChalfont House19-21 Chesham Street
Pembroke HousePembroke House7-9 Chesham Street
9 Chesham Place9 Chesham Place9 Chesham Place
8 Chesham Place8 Chesham Place8 Chesham Place
11-12 Chesham Place11-12 Chesham Place11-12 Chesham Place
Bolebec HouseBolebec House10 Lowndes Street
12 Lowndes Street12 Lowndes Street12 Lowndes Street
23-25 Lowndes Square23-25 Lowndes Square23-25 Lowndes Square
Lowndes HotelLowndes Hotel21 Lowndes Square
6 Lowndes Square6 Lowndes Square6 Lowndes Square
14 Lowndes Square14 Lowndes Square14 Lowndes Square
2 Albert Gate2 Albert Gate2 Albert Gate
58 Knightsbridge58 Knightsbridge58 Knightsbridge
The BerkeleyThe BerkeleyWilton Place
27 Knightsbridge27 Knightsbridge27 Knightsbridge
The Albert PubThe Albert Pub52 Victoria Street19th century
Channel 4 HQChannel 4 HQ124 Horseferry Road 1994
Horseferry HouseHorseferry HouseHorseferry Road 1930
Bennet HouseBennet House54 St. James's Street 2015
Eland HouseEland HouseBressenden Place 199588620
Mandarin Oriental Hyde ParkMandarin Oriental Hyde Park66 Knightsbridge19th century
3 Hans Crescent3 Hans Crescent3 Hans Crescent
43-45 Sloane Street43-45 Sloane Street43-45 Sloane Street
53 Sloane Street53 Sloane Street53 Sloane Street
49 Sloane Street49 Sloane Street49 Sloane Street
66 Sloane Street66 Sloane Street66 Sloane Street
Portcullis HousePortcullis House1-2 Bridge Street 2001
Harvey NicholsHarvey Nichols109 - 125 Knightsbridge
37 Chesham Place37 Chesham Place37 / 2 Chesham Place / Lowndes Place

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