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 London SW3 - Chelsea, Brompton

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
32 Chelsea Square32 Chelsea Square32 Chelsea Square
2 Astell Street2 Astell Street2 Astell Street
20 Burnsall Street20 Burnsall Street20 Burnsall Street
23 Godfrey Street23 Godfrey Street23 Godfrey Street
113-115 King's Road113-115 King's Road113-115 King's Road
105 King's Road105 King's Road105 King's Road
55-59 King's Road55-59 King's Road55-59 King's Road
10 Anderson Street10 Anderson Street10 Anderson Street
Queen's HeadQueen's Head25-27 Tyron Street
59 Draycott Place59 Draycott Place59 Draycott Place
10 Sloane Avenue10 Sloane Avenue10 Sloane Avenue
12 Sloane Avenue12 Sloane Avenue12 Sloane Avenue
20 Sloane Avenue20 Sloane Avenue20 Sloane Avenue
Nell Gwynn HouseNell Gwynn HouseSloane Avenue
Cadebridge HouseCadebridge HouseCale Street 1913
St Luke's HallSt Luke's HallSt Luke's Street
25 St Luke's Street25 St Luke's Street25 St Luke's Street
24 St Luke's Street24 St Luke's Street24 St Luke's Street
Britten HouseBritten HouseBritten Street
27-29 Britten Street27-29 Britten Street27-29 Britten Street
151 Sydney Street151 Sydney Street151 Sydney Street
6 Manresa Road6 Manresa Road6 Manresa Road
7 Chelsea Square7 Chelsea Square7 Chelsea Square
5 Chelsea Square5 Chelsea Square5 Chelsea Square
Brompton Hospital Nurses HomeBrompton Hospital Nurses HomeSouth Parade
149 Dovehouse Street149 Dovehouse Street149 Dovehouse Street
7 Sloane Avenue7 Sloane Avenue7 Sloane Avenue
171-177 Fulham Road171-177 Fulham Road171-177 Fulham Road
Collier HouseCollier House163-169 Brompton Road
177 Brompton Road177 Brompton Road177 Brompton Road
179-181 Brompton Road179-181 Brompton Road179-181 Brompton Road
185 Brompton Road185 Brompton Road185 Brompton Road
187 Brompton Road187 Brompton Road187 Brompton Road
193-195 Brompton Road193-195 Brompton Road193-195 Brompton Road
174 Brompton Road174 Brompton Road174 Brompton Road
180 Brompton Road180 Brompton Road180-186 Brompton Road
207 Brompton Road207 Brompton Road207 Brompton Road
211 Brompton Road211 Brompton Road211 Brompton Road
Chelsea CloistersSloane Avenue
Burleigh HouseBurleigh HouseBeaufort Street
Mulberry CloseMulberry CloseBeaufort Street
27 Ormonde Gate27 Ormonde Gate27 Ormonde Gate
28-29 Ormonde Gate28-29 Ormonde Gate28-29 Ormonde Gate
National Army MuseumNational Army MuseumRoyal Hospital Road
27 Tite Street27 Tite Street27 Tite Street
49 Royal Hospital Road49 Royal Hospital Road49 Royal Hospital Road
77 Royal Hospital Road77 Royal Hospital Road77 Royal Hospital Road
17 Cheyne Place17 Cheyne Place17 Cheyne Place
11-13 Cheyne Place11-13 Cheyne Place11-13 Cheyne Place
Cheyne CourtCheyne CourtFlood Street
3 Cheyne Walk3 Cheyne Walk3 Cheyne Walk
4 Cheyne Walk4 Cheyne Walk4 Cheyne Walk 1718
5 Cheyne Walk5 Cheyne Walk5 Cheyne Walk 1718
24 Cheyne Walk24 Cheyne Walk24 Cheyne Walk 1765
25 Cheyne Walk25 Cheyne Walk25 Cheyne Walk
26 Cheyne Walk26 Cheyne Walk26 Cheyne Walk
Shrewsbury HouseShrewsbury HouseCheyne Walk
49 Cheyne Walk49 Cheyne Walk49 Cheyne Walk
50 Cheyne Walk50 Cheyne Walk50 Cheyne Walk
Carlyle MansionsCarlyle Mansions52-54 Cheyne Walk 1886
62 Cheyne Walk62 Cheyne Walk62 Cheyne Walk 1686
Chelsea Old ChurchChelsea Old Church64 Cheyne Walk
Ropers OrchardRopers OrchardDanvers Street
Crosby HallCrosby HallCheyne Walk 1910
More's GardensMore's Gardens90 Cheyne Walk

 London SW4 - Clapham

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The Library BuildingThe Library Building2A St Luke's Avenue 2012
Macaulay WalkMacaulay Walk29-33 Macaulay Road
Listello BuildingsListello Buildings13 Bedford Road
Crescent HouseCrescent HouseCrescent LaneAutumn 2016
52 Bedford Road52 Bedford Road52 Bedford Road 2017
Parkside PlaceParkside PlaceBourke Close 2017
The MetalworksThe Metalworks7 Old TownDecember 2017£415,000

 London SW5 - Earls Court

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
1 Courtfield Gardens1 Courtfield Gardens1 Courtfield Gardens
164-178 Cromwell Road164-178 Cromwell Road164-178 Cromwell Road
Edwardes HouseEdwardes House294 Old Brompton Road 2017
Coleherne CourtColeherne CourtOld Brompton Road 1904
111-121 Earls Court Road111-121 Earls Court Road111-121 Earls Court Road
247-249 Cromwell Road247-249 Cromwell Road247-249 Cromwell Road
Tower HouseTower House226 Cromwell Road
194 Cromwell Road194 Cromwell Road194 Cromwell Road
16 Bolton Gardens16 Bolton Gardens16 Bolton Gardens

 London SW6 - Fulham, Parsons Green

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Octavia HouseOctavia House213 Townmead Road 2012
Chelsea CreekChelsea Creek195 Townmead Road 2017
Pryors Bank PavilionPryors Bank PavilionPutney Bridge Approach
Bishop's MansionsBishop's MansionsStewenage Road
Palace WharfPalace Wharf56 Rainville RoadJanuary 1907
359 Fulham Palace Road359 Fulham Palace Road359 Fulham Palace Road
701 Fulham Road701 Fulham Road701 Fulham Road
562 King's Road562 King's Road562 King's Road
554 King's Road554 King's Road554 King's Road
Billing Spring HouseBilling Spring House529-531 Fulham Road
541a King's Road541a King's Road541a King's Road
600 King's Road600 King's Road600 King-s Road
Bedford HouseBedford House69-79 Fulham High Street
Riverbank HouseRiverbank House1 Putney Bridge Approach
Hurlingham WalkHurlingham WalkCarnwath RoadApril 2016
London Square FulhamLondon Square FulhamFarm Lane 2015
Hurlingham GateHurlingham GateSulivan Road88718
The LandauThe Landau72 Farm LaneSpring 2015
Fulham RiversideFulham RiversideTownmead RoadAutumn 2017

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