DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
1 Bessborough Gardens1 Bessborough Gardens1 Bessborough Gardens
2 Bessborough Gardens2 Bessborough Gardens2 Bessborough Gardens
8 Vauxhall Bridge Road8 Vauxhall Bridge Road8 Vauxhall Bridge Road
One Drummond GateOne Drummond Gate1 Drummond Gate
Random HouseRandom House20 Vauxhall Bridge Road
St George's MansionsSt George's Mansions10 Vauxhall Bridge Road
36-38 Old Brompton Road36-38 Old Brompton Road36-38 Old Brompton Road
34 Old Brompton Road34 Old Brompton Road34 Old Brompton Road
92 Fulham Road92 Fulham Road92 Fulham Road
110-126 Fulham Road110-126 Fulham Road110-126 Fulham Road
110 Elm Park Gardens110 Elm Park Gardens110 Elm Park Gardens
134-136 Fulham Road134-136 Fulham Road134-136 Fulham Road
140 Fulham Road140 Fulham Road140 Fulham Road
142-150 Fulham Road142-150 Fulham Road142-150 Fulham Road 1930
156 Fulham Road156 Fulham Road156 Fulham Road
158-164 Fulham Road158-164 Fulham Road158-164 Fulham Road
182-184 Fulham Road182-184 Fulham Road182-184 Fulham Road
174-176 Fulham Road174-176 Fulham Road174-176 Fulham Road
212 Fulham Road212 Fulham Road212 Fulham Road
214 Fulham Road214 Fulham Road214 Fulham Road
Heaton HouseHeaton House216-224 Fulham Road
236 Fulham Road236 Fulham Road236 Fulham Road
246 Fulham Road246 Fulham Road246 Fulham Road
248 Fulham Road248 Fulham Road248 Fulham Road
262 Fulham Road262 Fulham Road262 Fulham Road
268 Fulham Road268 Fulham Road268 Fulham Road
582-584 Fulham Road582-584 Fulham Road582-584 Fulham Road
1 Fernshaw Road1 Fernshaw Road1 Fernshaw Road
25 Fernshaw Road25 Fernshaw Road25 Fernshaw Road
60 Slaidburn Street60 Slaidburn Street60 Slaidburn Street
459 King's Road459 King's Road459 King's Road
12 Oakley Street12 Oakley Street12 Oakley Street
87 Oakley Street87 Oakley Street87 Oakley Street
155 King's Road155 King's Road155 King's Road
21 Bishop's Bridge Road21 Bishop's Bridge Road21 Bishop's Bridge Road
150 Gloucester Terrace150 Gloucester Terrace150 Gloucester Terrace
Keith House133 Regent Street
86 Cannon Street86 Cannon Street86 Cannon Street
Sherborne HouseSherborne House119 - 121 Cannon Street
Cannongate HouseCannongate House62-64 Cannon Street
90 Cannon Street90 Cannon Street90 Cannon Street 1990
Religare HouseReligare House100 Cannon Street
1 London Bridge1 London Bridge1 London Bridge
2 London Bridge2 London Bridge2 London Bridge
Pickfords WharfPickfords WharfClink Street
Banqueting HouseBanqueting HouseWhitehall 1622
Sixty One WhitehallSixty One Whitehall61 Whitehall
Gwydyr HouseWhitehall 1772
Thames HouseThames House12 Millbank 1930
RivermillRivermill151 Grosvenor Road
Eagle WharfEagle Wharf138 Grosvenor Road
The Shoe FactoryThe Shoe FactoryTudor Street 2017
Zola HouseZola House21 Crystal Palace ParadeSpring 2017
The MalvernThe Malvern4 Malvern Road 2017
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Veterinary Hospital and Centre of ExcellenceBattersea Dogs & Cats Home Veterinary Hospital and Centre of ExcellenceBattersea Park Road 2016
Battersea Dogs and Cats HomeBattersea Dogs and Cats Home4 Battersea Park Road
The BridgeThe Bridge344 Queenstown Road
The Lister HospitalThe Lister HospitalChelsea Bridge Road
Carlyle CourtCarlyle Court227-231 Wimbledon Park Road 2017
One Zero EightOne Zero Eight106-108 Hodford Road 2018
Hans RoadHans Road32 Hans Road 2018
70 Brompton Road70 Brompton Road70 Brompton Road
38 Hans Crescent38 Hans Crescent38 Hans Crescent 2004
50 Hans Crescent50 Hans Crescent50 Hans Crescent
107 Queensway107 Queensway107 Queensway
127a Queensway127a Queensway127a Queensway
81 Sirdar Road81 Sirdar Road81 Sirdar Road
Stoneleigh PlaceStoneleigh PlaceStoneleigh Place 1987
Florence HouseFlorence HouseSt Ann's Road
Carlton HouseCarlton HouseSt Ann's Road
Mortimer HouseMortimer HouseQueensdale Crescent
27 St Ann's Road27 St Ann's Road27 St Ann's Road 2014
Dorrit HouseDorrit HouseSt Ann's Road
Boundary HouseBoundary HouseQueensdale Crescent
32 St Ann's Villas32 St Ann's Villas32 St Ann's Villas
Swanscombe HouseSwanscombe House1 St Ann's Road
Edward Woods Community CentreEdward Woods Community Centre60-70 Norland Road
51 Westbourne Grove51 Westbourne Grove51 Westbourne Grove
86 Westbourne Grove86 Westbourne Grove86 Westbourne Grove 1885
Giles HouseGiles House158-160 Westbourne Grove
126 Ladbroke Grove126 Ladbroke Grove126 Ladbroke Grove
59 Blenheim Crescent59 Blenheim Crescent59 Blenheim Crescent
Treadgold HouseTreadgold House25 Bomore Road
Barandon WalkBarandon WalkGrenfell Road
St Clement ChurchSt Clement Church95 Sirdar Road
125 Sydney Street125 Sydney Street125 Sydney Street
The FoundryThe Foundry79-85 Monier Road 2018
Rye GreenRye GreenRye Lane 2018
Eagle HouseEagle HouseHigh StreetAutumn 2017
Lawrie Park PlaceLawrie Park PlaceCrystal Park Palace RoadWinter 2018
Flamstead HouseFlamstead HouseCale Street
Holbein HouseHolbein HouseHolbein Place
Fusion CourtFusion Court91 Leytonstone Road 2017
Chapter South Bank17 Great Suffolk Street
The Copthorne Tara HotelThe Copthorne Tara HotelScarsdale Place
Godfrey Place11 Austin Street 2017
43 Draycott Place43 Draycott Place43 Draycott Place
San Domenico HouseSan Domenico House29-31 Draycott Place
The MetalworksThe Metalworks7 Old TownDecember 2017£415,000
85 Lower Sloane Street85 Lower Sloane Street85 Lower Sloane Street