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 DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
105 Baker Street105 Baker Street105 Baker Street
8 Balderton Street8 Balderton Street8 Balderton StreetSummer 2014
6 Balfour Place6 Balfour Place6 Balfour Place
Ipsus07Ipsus078 Balham Hill 2013
Arena TowerArena Tower6 Baltimore Wharf 2017
20 Bank Street20 Bank Street20 Bank Street 2003
25 Bank Street25 Bank Street25 Bank Street 2003
40 Bank Street40 Bank Street40 Bank Street
50 Bank Street50 Bank Street50 Bank Street
Tate ModernTate ModernBankside
Ben Jonson HouseBen Jonson HouseBarbican 1973
Bryer CourtBryer CourtBarbican 1973
Shakespeare TowerShakespeare TowerBarbican 1976
The KellsThe KellsBard Road 2015
OXO TowerOXO TowerBarge House Street 1929
LumireLumireBarking Road 2016
The TreasuryThe Treasury101-103 Barking Road 2017
AureliaAureliaBarking Road 2015
VermilionVermilionBarking Road
Northway HouseNorthway HouseBarnet High Road 2016
16 Barnsbury Square16 Barnsbury Square16 Barnsbury Square 2017
66 Barnwood Close66 Barnwood Close66 Barnwood Close
64 Barnwood Close64 Barnwood Close64 Barnwood Close
62 Barnwood Close62 Barnwood Close62 Barnwood Close
48 Barnwood Close48 Barnwood Close48 Barnwood Close
47 Barnwood Close47 Barnwood Close47 Barnwood Close
Nordic LoftsNordic LoftsBarret's GroveSummer 2016
Matchbox YardMatchbox Yard32a - 32c Barrett’s GroveSummer 2016
SouthWest NineSouthWest NineBarrington Road 2017
90 Bartholomew Close90 Bartholomew Close90 Bartholomew CloseMay 2018
One Bartholomew LaneOne Bartholomew Lane1 Bartholomew Lane
The LansburyThe Lansbury19 Basil Street 2013
Basin ApproachBasin ApproachBasin Approach 2016
Girdlers HallGirdlers HallBasinghall Avenue 1961
City TowerCity Tower40 Basinghall Street
City Place HouseCity Place House55 Basinghall Street
23-24 Bateman Street23-24 Bateman Street23-24 Bateman Street
 22 Bateman Street 22 Bateman Street22 Bateman Street
9 Bathurst Street9 Bathurst Street9 Bathurst Street
The MetropolitanThe MetropolitanBattersea Bridge Road 2016
Sparkford HouseSparkford HouseBattersea Church Road
Montevetro BuildingMontevetro Building100 Battersea Church Road 2000
Warriner PlaceWarriner PlaceBattersea Park RoadSpring 2014
The ApartmentsThe ApartmentsBattersea Park Road 2013
Battersea Dogs and Cats HomeBattersea Dogs and Cats Home4 Battersea Park Road
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Veterinary Hospital and Centre of ExcellenceBattersea Dogs & Cats Home Veterinary Hospital and Centre of ExcellenceBattersea Park Road 2016
231 Battersea Park Road231 Battersea Park Road231 Battersea Park Road
Elmwood CourtElmwood Court38 Battersea Park Road
32 Battersea Park Road32 Battersea Park Road32 Battersea Park Road
Commodore HouseCommodore HouseBattersea Reach, Juniper Drive
Hay's GalleriaHay's Galleria1 Battle Bridge Lane 1857
Bayford MewsBayford MewsBayford MewsMarch 2017
WesterhamWesterhamBayham Street
7 Bayley Street7 Bayley Street7 Bayley Street
100 Baylis Road100 Baylis Road100 Baylis Road 2013
Marlborough Gate HouseMarlborough Gate House64 Bayswater Road
The SwanThe Swan66 Bayswater Road
63 Bayswater Road63 Bayswater Road63 Bayswater Road19th century
100 Bayswater Road100 Bayswater Road100 Bayswater Road
Caroline HouseCaroline House135-140 Bayswater Road
62 Bayswater Road62 Bayswater Road62 Bayswater Road
Victoria LodgeVictoria LodgeBayswater Road19th century
125 Bayswater Road125 Bayswater Road125 Bayswater Road
150 Bayswater Road150 Bayswater Road150 Bayswater Road
129 Bayswater Road129 Bayswater Road129 Bayswater Road 1907
123 Bayswater Road123 Bayswater Road123 Bayswater Road
122 Bayswater Road122 Bayswater Road122 Bayswater Road
104 Bayswater Road104 Bayswater Road104 Bayswater Road
6a Beaconsfield Terrace6a Beaconsfield Terrace6a Beaconsfield Terrace
5 Beaconsfield Terrace5 Beaconsfield Terrace5 Beaconsfield Terrace
West 45West 4545 Beadon Road
Hammersmith StationHammersmith StationBeadon Road19th century
49-50 Beak Street49-50 Beak Street49-50 Beak Street
73 Beak Street73 Beak Street73 Beak Street
37 Beauchamp Place37 Beauchamp Place37 Beauchamp Place
41 Beauchamp Place41 Beauchamp Place41 Beauchamp Place
16 Beauchamp Place16 Beauchamp Place16 Beauchamp Place
28 Beauchamp Place28 Beauchamp Place28 Beauchamp Place
37 Beaufort Gardens37 Beaufort Gardens37 Beaufort Gardens 2017
Beaufort GardensBeaufort Gardens37 Beaufort Gardens 2018
Burleigh HouseBurleigh HouseBeaufort Street
Mulberry CloseMulberry CloseBeaufort Street
Regis HouseRegis House47-49 Beaumont Street
30 Beaumont Street30 Beaumont Street30 Beaumont Street
Merchant TerraceMerchant TerraceBeavor Lane 2016
12 Bedford Avenue12 Bedford Avenue12 Bedford Avenue
The AvenueThe Avenue1 Bedford AvenueMarch 2017
2 Bedford Gardens2 Bedford Gardens2 Bedford Gardens
4 Bedford Gardens4 Bedford Gardens4 Bedford Gardens
Bedford Gardens HouseBedford Gardens House13 Bedford GardensJanuary 1909
6 Bedford Gardens6 Bedford Gardens6 Bedford Gardens
12 Bedford Gardens12 Bedford Gardens12 Bedford Gardens
14 Bedford Gardens14 Bedford Gardens14 Bedford Gardens
16 Bedford Gardens16 Bedford Gardens16 Bedford Gardens
18 Bedfrod Gardens18 Bedfrod Gardens18 Bedford Gardens
38 Bedford Gardens38 Bedford Gardens38 Bedford Gardens
43 Bedford Gardens43 Bedford Gardens43 Bedford Gardens
42 Bedford Gardens42 Bedford Gardens42 Bedford Gardens
47 Bedford Gardens47 Bedford Gardens47 Bedford Gardens
48 Bedford Gardens48 Bedford Gardens48 Bedford Gardens

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