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 London SW7 - Knightsbridge, South Kensington

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
55 Prince's Gate55 Prince's GateExhibition Road
69-70 Prince's Gate69-70 Prince's GateExhibition Road
71-72 Prince's Gate71-72 Prince's GateExhibition Road
19 Onslow Square19 Onslow Square19 Onslow Square
Science MuseumScience MuseumExhibition Road
23 Thurloe Square23 Thurloe Square23 Thurloe Square
14 Thurloe Square14 Thurloe Square14 Thurloe Square
16-18 Pelham Place16-18 Pelham Place16-18 Pelham Place
14 Pelham Place14 Pelham Place14 Pelham Place
12 Pelham Place12 Pelham Place12 Pelham Place
4 Pelham Place4 Pelham Place4 Pelham Place
6 Pelham Place6 Pelham Place6 Pelham Place
2-8a Rutland Gate2-8a Rutland Gate2-8a Rutland Gate
33 Sumner Place33 Sumner Place33 Sumner Place
Malvern CourtMalvern CourtOnslow Square
40 Montpelier Square40 Montpelier Square40 Montpelier Square
114a Cromwell Road114a Cromwell Road114a Cromwell Road
1a Neville Terrace1a Neville Terrace1a Neville Terrace19th century
25 Queen's Gate25 Queen's Gate25 Queen's Gate
196 Queen's Gate196 Queen's Gate196 Queen's Gate
191 Queen's Gate191 Queen's Gate191 Queen's Gate
26 Kensington Gore26 Kensington Gore26 Kensington Gore 1875
44 Old Brompton Road44 Old Brompton Road44 Old Brompton Road
Cheval Gloucester ParkCheval Gloucester ParkAshburn Place
129 Gloucester Road129 Gloucester Road129 Gloucester Road
117 Gloucester Road117 Gloucester Road117 Gloucester Road
Knights HouseKnights House45-47 Cheval Place 2014
1 Montpelier Walk1 Montpelier Walk1 Montpelier Walk
19 Montpelier Street19 Montpelier Street19 Montpelier Street19th century
3-4 Montpelier Terrace3-4 Montpelier Terrace3-4 Montpelier Terrace
2 Montpelier Place2 Montpelier Place2 Montpelier Place
Campbell CourtCampbell Court1-7 Queen's Gate Gardens
97 Gloucester Road97 Gloucester Road97 Gloucester Road
Empire HouseEmpire HouseThurloe Place
21 Harrington21 Harrington21 Harrington Road 2016
The Zetland ArmsThe Zetland Arms2 Bute Street
11 Sumner Place11 Sumner Place11 Sumner Place
73 Onslow Square73 Onslow Square73 Onslow Square
32 Sumner Place32 Sumner Place32 Sumner Plant
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints64-68 Exhibition Road
Brompton OratoryBrompton OratoryBrompton Road
65 Rutland Gate65 Rutland Gate65 Rutland Gate19th century
Hyde Park BarracksHyde Park BarracksKnightsbridge 1970
11 Queen's Gate11 Queen's Gate11 Queen's Gate
123 Queen's Gate123 Queen's Gate123 Queen's Gate
67-69 Gloucester Road67-69 Gloucester Road67-69 Gloucester Road
2 Hyde Park Gate2 Hyde Park Gate2 Hyde Park Gate
1-2 Queen's Gate1-2 Queen's Gate1-2 Queen's Gate
100 Cromwell Road100 Cromwell Road100 Cromwell Road
110 Cromwell Road110 Cromwell Road110 Cromwell Road
50 Princes Gate50 Princes GateExhibition Road
46 Princes Gate46 Princes Gate46 Princes Gate
60 Princes Gate Mews60 Princes Gate Mews60 Princes Gate Mews
The Arts HouseThe Arts House108-110 Gloucester Road 2017
34 Old Brompton Road34 Old Brompton Road34 Old Brompton Road
36-38 Old Brompton Road36-38 Old Brompton Road36-38 Old Brompton Road
58-59 Hyde Park Gate58-59 Hyde Park Gate58-59 Hyde Park Gate
68-69 Queen's Gate68-69 Queen's Gate68-69 Queen's Gate
70 Queen's Gate70 Queen's Gate70 Queen's Gate
Brompton LodgeBrompton Lodge9-11 Cromwell Road
5-7 Cromwell Road5-7 Cromwell Road5-7 Cromwell Road
3 Cromwell Road3 Cromwell RoadCromwell Road
33 Thurloe Square33 Thurloe Square33 Thurloe Square
Thurloe LodgeThurloe LodgeThurloe Place
66 Cheval Place66 Cheval Place66 Cheval Place
48 Cheval Place48 Cheval Place48 Cheval Place
49-51 Cheval Place49-51 Cheval Place49-51 Cheval Place
5 Rutland Street5 Rutland Street5 Rutland Street
7 Fairholt Street7 Fairholt Street7 Fairholt Street
15 Rutland Street15 Rutland Street15 Rutland Street
17 Rutland Street17 Rutland Street17 Rutland Street
27 Rutland Street27 Rutland Street27 Rutland Street
Bay Tree CottageBay Tree Cottage29 Rutland Street
31 Rutland Street31 Rutland Street31 Rutland Street
28 Rutland Street28 Rutland Street28 Rutland Street
7 Sydney Place7 Sydney Place7 Sydney Place
Montrose HouseMontrose House44 Princes Gate
101 Gloucester Road101 Gloucester Road101 Gloucester Road
99 Gloucester Road99 Gloucester Road99 Gloucester Road
159 Gloucester Road159 Gloucester Road159 Gloucester Road
137 Gloucester Road137 Gloucester Road137 Gloucester Road
Gloucester Road StationGloucester Road StationGloucester Road
Saint Yegiche's Armenian ChurchSaint Yegiche's Armenian Church13b Cranley Gardens
197 Queen's Gate197 Queen's Gate197 Queen's Gate
14 Queen's Gate14 Queen's Gate14 Queen's Gate
18 Queen's Gate18 Queen's Gate18 Queen's Gate
19 Queen's Gate19 Queen's Gate19 Queen's Gate
20 Queen's Gate20 Queen's Gate20 Queen's Gate
21-22 Queen's Gate21-22 Queen's Gate21-22 Queen's Gate
Lariston LodgeLariston Lodge24 Queen's Gate
26 Queen's Gate26 Queen's Gate26 Queen's Gate
Voysey HouseVoysey House2A Queen's Gate Terrace
Metrogate HouseMetrogate House3-7 Queen's Gate Terrace
1 Queen's Gate Terrace1 Queen's Gate Terrace1 Queen's Gate Terrace 1857
2 Queen's Gate Terrace2 Queen's Gate Terrace2 Queen's Gate Terrace 1860
4 Queen's Gate Terrace4 Queen's Gate Terrace4 Queen's Gate Terrace
9 Queen's Gate Terrace9 Queen's Gate Terrace9 Queen's Gate Terrace 1857
3 Gore Street3 Gore Street3 Gore Street
2a Gore Street2a Gore Street2a Gore Street
2 Gore Street2 Gore Street2 Gore Street

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