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 London SW7 - Knightsbridge, South Kensington

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
35 Hyde Park Gate35 Hyde Park Gate35 Hyde Park Gate
38 Hyde Park Gate38 Hyde Park Gate38 Hyde Park Gate
Broadwalk HouseBroadwalk House51 Hyde Park Gate
Melton CourtMelton CourtOnslow Crescent
1 Knightsbridge1 Knightsbridge1 Knightsbridge
34 Cornwall Gardens34 Cornwall Gardens34 Cornwall Gardens
66 Cornwall Gardens66 Cornwall Gardens66 Cornwall Gardens
Albert Hall MansionsAlbert Hall MansionsKensington Gore 1879
Lowther LodgeLowther Lodge1 Kensington Gore 1875
23 Kensington Gore23 Kensington Gore23 Kensington Gore
25 Kensington Gore25 Kensington Gore25 Kensington Gore
1 Hyde Park Gate1 Hyde Park Gate1 Hyde Park Gate
44 Montpelier Square44 Montpelier Square44-44a Montpelier Square
43 Montpelier Square43 Montpelier Square43 Montpelier Square
41 Montpelier Square41 Montpelier Square41 Montpelier Square
42 Montpelier Square42 Montpelier Square42 Montpelier Square
2 Montpelier Square2 Montpelier Square2 Montpelier Square
8 Montpelier Square8 Montpelier Square8 Montpelier Square
27 Montpelier Street 27 Montpelier Street 27 Montpelier Street
25 Montpelier Street25 Montpelier Street25 Montpelier Street
42 Montpelier Street42 Montpelier Street42 Montpelier Street
40 Montpelier Street40 Montpelier Street40 Montpelier Street 1840
17 Montpelier Street17 Montpelier Street17 Montpelier Street
22 Montpelier Square22 Montpelier Square
Montpelier GalleriesMontpelier GalleriesMontpelier Street
6 Montpelier Street 6 Montpelier Street 6 Montpelier Street
10 Gloucester Road10 Gloucester Road10 Gloucester Road
24 Gloucester Road24 Gloucester Road24 Gloucester Road
36 Gloucester Road36 Gloucester Road36 Gloucester Road

 London SW8 - Battersea, Vauxhall

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
St. George WharfSt. George WharfWandsworth Road
The TowerThe Tower1 St George Wharf 2014
New U.S. EmbassyNew U.S. Embassy33 Nine Elms Lane 2017
Riverside CourtRiverside Court20 Nine Elms Lane 1975
Chelsea Bridge WharfChelsea Bridge Wharf374 Queenstown Road 2007
RiverlightRiverlightNine Elms Lane 2017
Stewarts LodgeStewarts LodgeWandsworth LodgeSpring 2014
VistaVistaChelsea Bridge Wharf 2019
SkyGardensSkyGardens143-161 Wandsworth Road 2017
West Elms StudiosWest Elms StudiosStewart's Road 2015
Embassy WorksEmbassy WorksLawn Lane 2016
Battersea ReachBattersea ReachJuniper Drive 2019
The AtlasThe Atlas30-60 South Lambeth Road 2018
Urbanest VauxhallUrbanest Vauxhall5 Miles StreetSummer 2018
New Covent Garden MarketNew Covent Garden MarketNine Elms Lane
Elm Quay CourtElm Quay CourtNine Elms Lane
The BridgeThe Bridge344 Queenstown Road
Battersea Dogs and Cats HomeBattersea Dogs and Cats Home4 Battersea Park Road
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Veterinary Hospital and Centre of ExcellenceBattersea Dogs & Cats Home Veterinary Hospital and Centre of ExcellenceBattersea Park Road 2016
Paragon MewsParagon MewsMeadow Road 2017
Chelsea Bridge ApartmentsChelsea Bridge Apartments124 Prince Of Wales Drive

 London SW9 - Brixton, Oval, Stockwell

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
ResonateResonate187-191 Clapham RoadSummer 2013
Oval QuarterOval QuarterAkerman Road 2017
The JunctionThe Junction374 Brixton RoadSummer 2015
Park HeightsPark HeightsRobsart Street 2016
The PrintworksThe Printworks139 Clapham Road 2016
The EdgeThe Edge86-88 Gresham Road 2018
215 Coldharbour Lane215 Coldharbour Lane215 Coldharbour Lane 2017
SouthWest NineSouthWest NineBarrington Road 2017
CRIB 7CRIB 7230-234 Brixton RoadFebruary 2018
Singer MewsSinger Mews346 Clapham Road 2017

 London SW10 - West Brompton, Chelsea

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Chelsea ApartmentsChelsea ApartmentsHortensia RoadDecember 2010
273 Fulham Road273 Fulham Road273 Fulham Road
Design CentreDesign CentreLots Road
Redcliffe ApartmentsRedcliffe Apartments196-200 Fulham Road
2-4 Limerston Street2-4 Limerston Street2-4 Limerston Street
266-266a Fulham Road266-266a Fulham Road266-266a Fulham Road
Chelsea WalkChelsea Walk270 Fulham RoadSpring 2012
531-533 King's Road531-533 King's Road531-533 King's Road
442 King's Road442 King's Road442 King's Road
552 King's Road552 King's Road552 King's Road
The PlazaThe Plaza535 King's Road
383 King's Road383 King's Road383 King's Road
Kingsgate ApartmentsKingsgate Apartments536 King's Road 2014
428 King's Road428 King's Road428 King's Road
18 Tregunter Road18 Tregunter Road18 Tregunter Road
10 Hollywood Road10 Hollywood Road10 Hollywood Road
Chelsea Community Baptist ChurchChelsea Community Baptist ChurchEdith Grove
Nevill CourtNevill CourtEdith Terrace
The HortensiaThe HortensiaHortensia Road 2017
Westwood HouseWestwood HouseMilman's Street 2015
Fernshaw MansionsFernshaw MansionsFernshaw Road
Bolton StudiosBolton Studios17 Gilston Road 2016
23 Tregunter Road23 Tregunter Road23 Tregunter Road
25 Tregunter Road25 Tregunter Road25 Tregunter Road
Caple HouseCaple HouseKing's Road
Chelsea IslandChelsea IslandHarbour Avenue 2018
190 Fulham Road190 Fulham Road10 Fulham Road
567 King's Road567 King's Road567 King's Road
459 King's Road459 King's Road459 King's Road
60 Slaidburn Street60 Slaidburn Street60 Slaidburn Street
25 Fernshaw Road25 Fernshaw Road25 Fernshaw Road
1 Fernshaw Road1 Fernshaw Road1 Fernshaw Road
582-584 Fulham Road582-584 Fulham Road582-584 Fulham Road
268 Fulham Road268 Fulham Road268 Fulham Road
262 Fulham Road262 Fulham Road262 Fulham Road
248 Fulham Road248 Fulham Road248 Fulham Road
246 Fulham Road246 Fulham Road246 Fulham Road
236 Fulham Road236 Fulham Road236 Fulham Road
Heaton HouseHeaton House216-224 Fulham Road
214 Fulham Road214 Fulham Road214 Fulham Road

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