Open database of new property developments & buildings in London, UK.

 London W1 - Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
235 Regent Street235 Regent Street235 Regent Street
London College of FashionLondon College of Fashion20 John Prince's Street
291a-291b Oxford Street291a-291b Oxford Street291b Oxford Street
1 Percy Street1 Percy Street1 Percy Street
42-44 Mortimer Street42-44 Mortimer Street42-44 Mortimer Street 1903
Radiant HouseRadiant House34-38 Mortimer Street 1915
St Andrew's ChambersSt Andrew's ChambersWells Street
Linton HouseLinton House24 Wells Street
British Music HouseBritish Music House25-27 Berners Street
14-15 Berners Street14-15 Berners Street14-15 Berners Street
5 Charlotte Street5 Charlotte Street5 Charlotte Street
Hertford HouseHertford HouseManchester Square 1788
QubeQubeWhitfield Street 2007
SelfridgesSelfridges400 Oxford StreetMarch 1909
Middlesex HouseMiddlesex House34-42 Cleveland Street 1934
Henry Wood HouseHenry Wood House3-7 Langham Place
88-94 Tottenham Court Road88-94 Tottenham Court Road88-94 Tottenham Court Road
68-70 Whitfield Street68-70 Whitfield Street68-70 Whitfield Street
Carr Saunders HallCarr Saunders Hall18-24 Fitzroy Street
LibertyLibertyGreat Marlborough Street
Prince Edward TheatrePrince Edward Theatre28 Old Compton Street
Burlington HouseBurlington House8-11 Burlington Arcade18th century
53 Shaftesbury Avenue53 Shaftesbury Avenue53 Shaftesbury Avenue
Gielgud TheatreGielgud TheatreShaftesbury Avenue
The London PavilionThe London Pavilion1 Piccadilly19th century
144-146 New Bond Street144-146 New Bond Street144-146 New Bond Street
Gerrard MansionsGerrard Mansions21-22 Gerrard Street
30 Wardour Street30 Wardour Street30 Wardour Street
24-36 Regent Street24-36 Regent Street24-36 Regent Street
The Royal ArcadeThe Royal Arcade28 Old Bond Street
35 Bruton Place35 Bruton Place35 Bruton Place
37 Bruton Place37 Bruton Place37 Bruton Place
39 Bruton Place39 Bruton Place39 Bruton Place
Marble Arch HouseMarble Arch House62-64 Seymour Street 2013
Crabtree PlaceCrabtree Place11 Whitfield Street
Collingwood HouseCollingwood House99-111 New Cavendish Street 2009
Spirella HouseSpirella House266-270 Regent Street
26 Old Bond Street26 Old Bond Street26 Old Bond Street
63 New Bond Street63 New Bond Street63 New Bond Street
10 Old Bond Street10 Old Bond Street10 Old Bond Street
363-367 Oxford Street363-367 Oxford Street363-367 Oxford Street
33 Shaftesbury Avenue33 Shaftesbury Avenue33 Shaftesbury Avenue
Salt HouseSalt House1-5 Berwick Street 2010
33 Cavendish Square33 Cavendish Square33 Cavendish Square 1962
14 Cavendish Place14 Cavendish Place14 Cavendish Place
9 Cavendish Place9 Cavendish Place9 Cavendish Place
55 Great Portland Street55 Great Portland Street55 Great Portland Street
BT TowerBT Tower60 Cleveland Street
20 Charles Street20 Charles Street20 Charles Street
5 Hanover Square5 Hanover Square5 Hanover Square 2012
DebenhamsDebenhams334-348 Oxford Street
Portman MansionsPortman MansionsPorter Street19th century
The BlandfordThe Blandford80 Chiltern Street
126-134 Baker Street126-134 Baker Street126-134 Baker Street
Chiltern Street Car ParkChiltern Street Car Park74-76 Chiltern Street
78a Chiltern Street78a Chiltern Street78a Chiltern Street
Chiltern PlaceChiltern Place66 Chiltern Street 2017
Montagu HouseMontagu House33 Paddington Street
32 Paddington Street32 Paddington Street32 Paddington Street
31 Paddington Street31 Paddington Street31 Paddington Street
30 Paddington Street30 Paddington Street30 Paddington Street
29 Paddington Street29 Paddington Street29 Paddington Street
Travelscene HouseTravelscene House94 Baker Street
78-86 Baker Street78-86 Baker Street84-86 Baker Street
88-92 Baker Street88-92 Baker Street88-92 Baker Street
66-70 Baker Street66-70 Baker Street66-70 Baker Street
55 Baker Street55 Baker Street55 Baker Street 2007
11 Baker Street11 Baker Street5-17 Baker StreetJune 2011
18-20 Baker Street18-20 Baker Street18-20 Baker Street
10 Portman Square10 Portman Square2-14 Baker StreetSummer 2013
Fitzhardinge HouseFitzhardinge House12-14 Portman Square
Fifteen Portman SquareFifteen Portman Square15 Portman Square
9 Upper Berkeley Street9 Upper Berkeley Street9 Upper Berkeley Street
29 Upper Berkeley Street29 Upper Berkeley Street29 Upper Berkeley Street
West London SynagogueWest London Synagogue34 Upper Berkeley Street
374 Oxford Street374 Oxford Street374 Oxford Street
376-384 Oxford Street376-384 Oxford Street376-384 Oxford Street
293 Oxford Street293 Oxford Street293 Oxford Street
328-332 Oxford Street328-332 Oxford Street328-332 Oxford Street
Burlian HouseBurlian House325-329 Oxford Street
House of FraserHouse of Fraser308-318 Oxford Street 1937
82 Duke Street82 Duke Street82 Duke Street
Quadrant 3Quadrant 3Glasshouse StreetNovember 2011
30 North Audley Street30 North Audley Street30 North Audley Street19th century
16 Carlisle Street16 Carlisle Street16 Carlisle Street
Providence HouseProvidence House18 Providence Court
86 Brook Street86 Brook Street86 Brook Street
67 Brook Street67 Brook Street67 Brook Street 172366916
59 Brook Street59 Brook Street59 Brook Street19th century
Vogue HouseVogue House1-2 Hanover Square 1958
36-39 Carnaby Street36-39 Carnaby Street36-39 Carnaby StreetAutumn 2011
37-38 Great Marlborough Street37-38 Great Marlborough Street37-38 Great Marlborough Street
44-45 Great Marlborough Street44-45 Great Marlborough Street44-45 Great Marlborough Street
The Soho WorksThe Soho Works54-57 Great Marlborough Street
58-59 Great Marlborough Street58-59 Great Marlborough Street58-59 Great Marlborough Street
20 Noel Street20 Noel Street19-20 Noel Street
21 Noel Street21 Noel Street21 Noel Street
44 Berwick Street44 Berwick Street44 Berwick Street
173 Wardour Street173 Wardour Street173 Wardour Street
7 Carlisle Street7 Carlisle Street7 Carlisle Street