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 London W1 - Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Fifteen Hollen StreetFifteen Hollen Street15 Hollen Street 2015
120 New Cavendish Street120 New Cavendish Street
33 Foley Street33 Foley Street33 Foley Street 2016
Hanway GardensHanway Gardens55 Hanway Street
30 Broadwick Street30 Broadwick Street30-32 Broadwick StreetNovember 2016
5-7 Blandford Street5-7 Blandford Street5-7 Blandford Street
The FitzbourneThe Fitzbourne91 New Cavendish Street 2015
Sofia HouseSofia House59 Devonshire Street
113-115 Harley Street113-115 Harley Street113-115 Harley Street
92 Harley Street92 Harley Street92 Harley Street
York HouseYork House39 Upper Montagu Street
27 Dover Street27 Dover Street27 Dover Street
47 Park Street47 Park Street47 Park Street
2 Soho Square2 Soho Square2 Soho Square
One Portland PlaceOne Portland Place1 Portland Place
172-186 Regent Street172-186 Regent Street172-186 Regent Street
Birkett HouseBirkett House27 Albemarle Street 1914
200-206 Regent Street200-206 Regent Street200-206 Regent Street
146-148 Oxford Street146-148 Oxford Street146-148 Oxford Street
150-154 Oxford Street150-154 Oxford Street150-154 Oxfrod Street
Wells PointWells Point134-140 Oxford Street
Berwick HouseBerwick House139-143 Berwick House 1880
28 Rathbone Place28 Rathbone Place28 Rathbone Place
28 Charlotte Street28 Charlotte Street28 Charlotte Street
46 Charlotte Street46 Charlotte Street46 Charlotte Street
The London Palladium7-8 Argyll Street19th century
50 Oxford Street50 Oxford Street
Greenhaven CourtGreenhaven Court1a Montagu Place
7 Air Street7 Air Street7 Air Street 2015
37 Wimpole Street37 Wimpole Street37 Wimpole Street
John Michael HouseJohn Michael House18-19 Savile Row
14-15 Conduit Street14-15 Conduit Street14-15 Conduit Street
18 Conduit Street18 Conduit Street18 Conduit Street
Annunciation Marble ArchAnnunciation Marble ArchBryanston Street18th century
Roxburghe HouseRoxburghe House273-287 Regent Street
15 Dover Street15 Dover Street15 Dover Street
31 Dover Street31 Dover Street31 Dover Street
The SherwoodThe Sherwood12 Sherwood Street 2017
ArtisanArtisan11-13 Goodge Street 2016
56 Portland Place56 Portland Place56 Portland Place
7to117to117-11 Lexington Street 2016
Claridge HouseClaridge House28-36 Davies Street
Brookfield HouseBrookfield House44-48 Davies Street
11 Soho Square11 Soho Square11 Soho Square
The Harley BuildingThe Harley Building75 New Cavendish Street 2017
OneTwentyFour MaryleboneOneTwentyFour Marylebone124-130 Seymour Place 2017
19 Gerrard Street19 Gerrard Street19 Gerrard Street
80 Portland Place80 Portland Place80 Portland Place
54 Portland Place54 Portland Place54 Portland Place 2015
103-109 Wardour Street103-109 Wardour Street
Clifford HouseClifford House15 Clifford Street
15 Mansfield Street15 Mansfield Street15 Mansfield Street18th century
13 Mansfield Street13 Mansfield Street13 Mansfield Street18th century
73 Harley Street73 Harley Street73 Harley Street
81 Harley Street81 Harley Street81 Harley Street
87 Harley Street87 Harley Street87 Harley Street
84 Harley Street84 Harley Street84 Harley Street
86 Harley Street86 Harley Street86 Harley Street
97 Harley Street97 Harley Street97 Harley Street 1777
99 Harley Street99 Harley Street99 Harley Street
103-105 Harley Street103-105 Harley Street103-105 Harley Street
98 Harley Street98 Harley Street98 Harley Street18th century
107 Harley Street107 Harley Street107 Harley Street
106 Harley Street106 Harley Street106 Harley Street
111 Harley Street111 Harley Street111 Harley Street
108 Harley Street108 Harley Street108 Harley Street
110 Harley Street110 Harley Street110 Harley Street
114 Harley Street114 Harley Street114 Harley Street
119 Harley Street119 Harley Street119 Harley Street
123-125 Harley Street123-125 Harley Street123-125 Harley Street
127 Harley Street127 Harley Street127 Harley Street
131 Harley Street131 Harley Street131 Harley Street
130 Harley Street130 Harley Street130 Harley Street
132 Harley Street132 Harley Street132 Harley Street
134 Harley Street134 Harley Street134 Harley Street
138 Harley Street138 Harley Street138 Harley Street
141 Harley Street141 Harley Street141 Harley Street
143 Harley Street143 Harley Street143 Harley Street
Tenby MansionsTenby MansionsNottingham Street
Mount RoyalMount Royal508-540 Oxford Street
69 Brook Street69 Brook Street69 Brook Street18th century
77 Brook Street77 Brook Street77 Brook Street 1926
55 Wells Street55 Wells Street59-65 Wells Street 2018
13 Fitzroy Street13 Fitzroy Street13 Fitzroy Street 2005
10 Maple Street10 Maple Street10 Maple Street
14 Percy Street14 Percy Street14 Percy Street
62 Berners Street62 Berners Street62 Berners Street
1-2 Langham Place1-2 Langham Place1-2 Langham Place
Wells & MoreWells & More45 Mortimer Street 2009
5 Fitzhardinge Street5 Fitzhardinge Street5 Fitzhardinge Street
6-14 Mandeville Place6-14 Mandeville Place6-14 Mandeville Place
13 Soho Square13 Soho Square13 Soho Square18th century
3-5 Soho Street3-5 Soho Street3-5 Soho Street
1 Soho Square1 Soho Square1 Soho Square
4-6 Soho Square4-6 Soho Square4-6 Soho Square
33 Soho Square33 Soho Square33 Soho Square
53 Greek Street53 Greek Street53 Greek Street
17 Old Compton Street17 Old Compton Street17 Old Compton Street
29 Romilly Street29 Romilly Street29 Romilly Street
43 Frith Street43 Frith Street43 Frith Street

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