London W1 - Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
82 Portland Place82 Portland Place82 Portland Place
Goodwood CourtGoodwood Court54-57 Devonshire Street 1933
Weymouth HouseWeymouth House84-89 Hallam Street
23-24 Greek Street23-24 Greek Street23-24 Greek Street
80-84 Brook Street80-84 Brook Street80-84 Brook StreetJanuary 1912
Claridge'sClaridge's49 Brook Street 1856
66 Portland Place66 Portland Place66 Portland Place 1934
76 Portland Place76 Portland Place76 Portland Place
The LanghamThe Langham1C Portland Place 1865
Cumberland MansionsCumberland MansionsGeorge Street
61 New Cavendish Street61 New Cavendish Street61 New Cavendish Street
149 Harley Street149 Harley Street149 Harley Street
1-6 Clay Street1-6 Clay Street1-6 Clay Street 2014
58 James Street58 James Street58 James Street
61 Oxford Street61 Oxford Street11 Soho Street 2015
Lyric TheatreLyric TheatreShaftesbury Avenue19th century
29-31 Piccadilly29-31 Piccadilly29-31 Piccadilly
Bernard HouseBernard House169 George Street
FursecroftFursecroftGeorge Street
Bryanston CourtBryanston Court133 George Street
117 George Street117 George Street117 George Street
43-45 Portman Square43-45 Portman Square43-45 Portman Square
101 Wigmore Street101 Wigmore Street101 Wigmore Street
Hinde HouseHinde House11-14 Hinde Street
Bentinck MansionsBentinck MansionsBentinck Street
62 Queen Anne Street62 Queen Anne Street62 Queen Anne Street
40 Queen Anne Street40 Queen Anne Street40 Queen Anne Street
InterContinental London Park LaneInterContinental London Park Lane1 Hamilton Place 1975
Marylebone ApartmentsMarylebone ApartmentsDurweston StreetOctober 2014
Manor HouseManor House21 Soho Square 1679
26-48 Oxford Street26-48 Oxford Street26-48 Oxford Street 2016
18-20 Rupert Street18-20 Rupert Street18-20 Rupert Street
Prince of Wales TheatrePrince of Wales TheatreCoventry Street 1937
Coventry HouseCoventry House5 Coventry Street
41-42 Foley Street41-42 Foley Street41-42 Foley Street
Threeways HouseThreeways House40-44 Clipstone Street
Bolsover HouseBolsover House5-6 Clipstone Street
19 Bolsover Street19 Bolsover Street19 Bolsover Street 2018
Holiday Inn London Regent's ParkHoliday Inn London Regent's ParkCarburton Street
23-25 Castlereagh Street23-25 Castlereagh Street23-25 Castlereagh Street
9 Quebec Street9 Quebec Street9 Quebec Street
45 Maddox Street45 Maddox Street45 Maddox Street
12 Brewer Street12 Brewer Street12 Brewer Street
Lansdowne ClubLansdowne Club9 Fitzmaurice Place18th century
72 Brook Street72 Brook Street72 Brook Street18th century
70 Brook Street70 Brook Street70 Brook Street18th century
68 Brook Street68 Brook Street68 Brook Street18th century
Ilford HouseIlford House133-135 Oxford Street
Corner HouseCorner House73 Charlotte StreetSummer 2015
Heddon HouseHeddon House149-151 Regent Street
373 Oxford Street373 Oxford Street373 Oxford Street
AmpersandAmpersand180 Wardour Street 2014
Richbourne CourtRichbourne Court9 Harrowby Street
38 Langham Street38 Langham Street38 Langham StreetApril 2019
46 Langham Street46 Langham Street46 Langham Street
34-36 Bruton Street34-36 Bruton Street34-36 Bruton Street 2015
William Blake HouseWilliam Blake House8 Marshall Street
All Souls ChurchAll Souls Church2 All Souls Place19th century
77-81 Portland Place77-81 Portland Place77-81 Portland Place
9 Dering Street9 Dering Street9 Dering Street
Deimel HouseDeimel House99 New Bond Street
17 Hanover Square17 Hanover Square17 Hanover Square
Greybrook HouseGreybrook House28 Brook Street 1929
34 Brook Street34 Brook Street34 Brook Street
24 Bruton Street24 Bruton Street24 Bruton Street19th century
79 Mount Street79 Mount Street79 Mount Street19th century
53 Mount Street53 Mount Street53 Mount Street19th century
Quadrant HouseQuadrant House80-82 Regent Street
Audley HouseAudley House57-58 South Audley Street19th century
Creffield HouseCreffield House30 New Cavendish Street
188-196 Regent Street188-196 Regent Street188-196 Regent Street19th century
Grosvenor Hill CourtGrosvenor Hill Court15 Bourdon Street
Standbrook HouseStandbrook House2-5 Old Bond Street
3-5 Burlington Gardens3-5 Burlington Gardens3-5 Burlington Gardens
1 New Bond Street1 New Bond Street1 New Bond Street
Chandos HouseChandos House2 Queen Anne Street18th century
8 Burlington Gardens8 Burlington Gardens8 Burlington Gardens19th century
24 Old Bond Street24 Old Bond Street24 Old Bond Street 1926
27 Old Bond Street27 Old Bond Street27 Old Bond Street
29 Old Bond Street29 Old Bond Street29 Old Bond Street
34-36 Old Bond Street34-36 Old Bond Street34-36 Old Bond Street
9 Old Bond Street9 Old Bond Street9 Old Bond Street
6-7 New Bond Street6-7 New Bond Street6-7 New Bond Street
66-67 South Audley Street66-67 South Audley Street66-67 South Audley Street
43 Berkeley Square43 Berkeley Square43 Berkeley Square18th century
52 Berkeley Square52 Berkeley Square52 Berkeley Square
44 Berkeley Square44 Berkeley Square44 Berkeley Square18th century
35 Berkeley Square35 Berkeley Square35 Berkeley Square18th century
42  Albemarle Street42 Albemarle Street42 Albemarle Street
10 Soho Square10 Soho Square10 Soho Square17th century
59 New Cavendish Street59 New Cavendish Street59 New Cavendish Street
The Copyright BuildingThe Copyright Building29-33 Berners StreetAutumn 2017
7 Cavendish Square7 Cavendish Square7 Cavendish Square
Wigmore CourtWigmore Court118-120 Wigmore Street
19 Charles Street19 Charles Street19 Charles StreetJanuary 1906
19a Charles Street19a Charles Street19a Charles StreetJanuary 1906
18b Charles Street18b Charles Street18b Charles Street 1906
14 Charles Street14 Charles Street14 Charles Street
43 Charles Street43 Charles Street43 Charles StreetJanuary 1904
1-2 Berkeley Square1-2 Berkeley Square1-2 Berkeley square