DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Queen's WharfQueen's WharfCrisp RoadAutumn 2017
London Square PutneyLondon Square Putney113 Upper Richmond Road 2015
42  Albemarle Street42 Albemarle Street42 Albemarle Street
1 Chilworth Mews1 Chilworth Mews1 Chilworth Mews
StratosphereStratosphereThe Broadway 2017
Hackney SquareHackney SquareFrampton Park RoadSpring 2016
Chelmer MewsChelmer MewsChelmer Road 2015
The Music BoxThe Music Box235-241 Union Street 2016
The HansomThe Hansom4-6 Bridge PlaceAutumn 2014
Two Fifty OneTwo Fifty One251 Southwark Bridge Road 2017
Tredegar PlaceTredegar PlaceTredegar Road
13-19 Leinster Square13-19 Leinster Square13-19 Leinster Square 2018
18 Garway Road18 Garway Road18 Garway Road
The LandauThe Landau72 Farm LaneSpring 2015
Mettle & PoiseMettle & PoiseHackney Road 2015
One Creechurch PlaceOne Creechurch PlaceCreechurch PlaceOctober 2016
30 Cannon Street30 Cannon Street30 Cannon Street 1973
78 Gloucester Terrace78 Gloucester Terrace78 Gloucester Terrace19th century
Asia HouseAsia House31-33 Lime Street 2014
45 Cannon Street45 Cannon Street45 Cannon Street 2017
The SceneThe SceneHoe Street 2016
The Ram QuarterThe Ram QuarterRam Street 2018
HoolaHoolaSiemens Brothers Way 2016
34 Elizabeth Street34 Elizabeth Street34 Elizabeth Street
Hereford HouseHereford House11 Ovington Gardens
15 Lennox Gardens15 Lennox Gardens15 Lennox Gardens
RadiusRadius3-4 Osiers Road 2014
Exchange CourtExchange Court1-5 Exchange Court
Regent ApartmentsRegent Apartments1-3 Wenlock RoadJune 201691675
21 John Street21 John Street 1938
2 Montpelier Place2 Montpelier Place2 Montpelier Place
3-4 Montpelier Terrace3-4 Montpelier Terrace3-4 Montpelier Terrace
19 Montpelier Street19 Montpelier Street19 Montpelier Street19th century
Principal TowerPrincipal TowerWorship StreetJanuary 2019
Quebec QuarterQuebec QuarterQuebec Way 2018
35 Berkeley Square35 Berkeley Square35 Berkeley Square18th century
44 Berkeley Square44 Berkeley Square44 Berkeley Square18th century
52 Berkeley Square52 Berkeley Square52 Berkeley Square
43 Berkeley Square43 Berkeley Square43 Berkeley Square18th century
66-67 South Audley Street66-67 South Audley Street66-67 South Audley Street
1 Montpelier Walk1 Montpelier Walk1 Montpelier Walk
Knights HouseKnights House45-47 Cheval Place 2014
The KellsThe KellsBard Road 2015
The PeltonsThe PeltonsBlackwall Lane 2014
6-7 New Bond Street6-7 New Bond Street6-7 New Bond Street
236 Camden Road236 Camden Road236 Camden Road
Coppermill HeightsCoppermill HeightsFerry LaneJanuary 2011
Emily Bowes CourtEmily Bowes CourtLebus Street 2009
9 Old Bond Street9 Old Bond Street9 Old Bond Street
34-36 Old Bond Street34-36 Old Bond Street34-36 Old Bond Street
29 Old Bond Street29 Old Bond Street29 Old Bond Street
27 Old Bond Street27 Old Bond Street27 Old Bond Street
24 Old Bond Street24 Old Bond Street24 Old Bond Street 1926
8 Burlington Gardens8 Burlington Gardens8 Burlington Gardens19th century
Chandos HouseChandos House2 Queen Anne Street18th century
1 New Bond Street1 New Bond Street1 New Bond Street
3-5 Burlington Gardens3-5 Burlington Gardens3-5 Burlington Gardens
117 Gloucester Road117 Gloucester Road117 Gloucester Road
The Prince AlfredThe Prince Alfred5A Formosa Street19th century
Standbrook HouseStandbrook House2-5 Old Bond Street
Grosvenor Hill CourtGrosvenor Hill Court15 Bourdon Street
33 Victoria Road33 Victoria Road33 Victoria Road
129 Gloucester Road129 Gloucester Road129 Gloucester Road
Cheval Gloucester ParkCheval Gloucester ParkAshburn Place
24 New Wharf24 New Wharf24 New Wharf Road
King's Cross Filling StationKing's Cross Filling StationGoods Way
GridironGridiron1 Pancras Square 2014
The Lighthouse BuildingThe Lighthouse Building285-297 Pentonville Road 2016
Craven ParkCraven ParkChurch Road
301 Walworth Road301 Walworth Road301 Walworth Road
89 Portobello Road89 Portobello Road89 Portobello Road
85 Portobello Road85 Portobello Road85 Portobello Road
13 Portobello Road13 Portobello Road13 Portobello Road
26 Portobello Road26 Portobello Road26 Portobello Road
28 Portobello Road28 Portobello Road28 Portobello Road
30 Portobello Road30 Portobello Road30 Portobello Road
48 Portobello Road48 Portobello Road48 Portobello Road
50 Portobello Road50 Portobello Road50 Portobello Road
52 Portobello Road52 Portobello Road52 Portobello Road
77 Portobello Road77 Portobello Road77 Portobello Road
79 Portobello Road79 Portobello Road79 Portobello Road
105 Portobello Road105 Portobello Road105 Portobello Road
188-196 Regent Street188-196 Regent Street188-196 Regent Street19th century
Creffield HouseCreffield House30 New Cavendish Street
St LukesSt Lukes90 Central Street 2015
The JunctionThe Junction374 Brixton RoadSummer 2015
The ResidenceThe Residence169-173 Blackfriars Road 2015
Audley HouseAudley House57-58 South Audley Street19th century
Quadrant HouseQuadrant House80-82 Regent Street
53 Mount Street53 Mount Street53 Mount Street19th century
79 Mount Street79 Mount Street79 Mount Street19th century
VibeVibe36 Beechwood RoadAutumn 2016
The BowerThe Bower207 Old StreetSpring 2019
Janet Street-Porter HouseJanet Street-Porter House44 Britton Street 1987
CastleacreCastleacreHyde Park Crescent
Arc TowerArc Tower32-38 Uxbridge RoadAutumn 2014
76 Jermyn Street76 Jermyn Street76 Jermyn Street
73 Jermyn Street73 Jermyn Street73 Jermyn Street
Trentishoe MansionsTrentishoe Mansions90-94 Charing Cross Road
Blake TowerBlake TowerFann Street 2017