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 London W1 - Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
42 Upper Grosvenor Street42 Upper Grosvenor Street42 Upper Grosvenor Street
43 Upper Grosvenor Street43 Upper Grosvenor Street43 Upper Grosvenor Street
45 Upper Grosvenor Street45 Upper Grosvenor Street45 Upper Grosvenor Street
47 Upper Grosvenor Street47 Upper Grosvenor Street47 Upper Grosvenor Street
35-37 Grosvenor Square35-37 Grosvenor Square35-37 Grosvenor Square
43 South Audley Street43 South Audley Street43 South Audley Street
38 South Street38 South Street38 South Street 1920
41 South Street41 South Street41 South Street
The Garden HouseThe Garden House40b Hill Street
26 Curzon Street26 Curzon Street26 Curzon Street
Brook Street MansionsBrook Street Mansions39-41 Davies Street
28 New Bond Street28 New Bond Street28 New Bond Street
11 New Burlington Place11 New Burlington Place11 New Burlington Place
11-14 Grafton Street11-14 Grafton Street11-14 Grafton Street
12 New Bond Street12 New Bond Street12 New Bond Street
Clifford ChambersClifford Chambers10 New Bond Street 1877
38 Albemarle Street38 Albemarle Street38 Albemarle Street
37 Albemarle Street37 Albemarle Street37 Albemarle Street
13 Albemarle Street13 Albemarle Street13 Albemarle Street
18 Albemarle Street18 Albemarle Street18 Albemarle Street
19 Albemarle Street19 Albemarle Street19 Albemarle Street
Brown's HotelBrown's Hotel30 Albemarle Street
Royal InstitutionRoyal Institution21 Albemarle Street 1799
23 Albemarle Street23 Albemarle Street23 Albemarle Street 1896
8 Grafton Street8 Grafton Street8 Grafton Street
Fitzroy HouseFitzroy House18-20 Grafton Street
3 Grafton Street3 Grafton Street3 Grafton Street
21 Grafton Street21 Grafton Street21 Grafton Street
2 Wallenberg Place2 Wallenberg Place
138 Park Lane138 Park Lane138 Park Lane
192-194 Oxford Street192-194 Oxford Street52-54 Oxford Street
47 Grosvenor Square47 Grosvenor Square47 Grosvenor Square
Westcott HouseWestcott House35 Portland Place
Green Park HouseGreen Park House15 Stratton Street 1895
6 Stratton Street6 Stratton Street6 Stratton Street
33 Portland Place33 Portland Place33 Portland Place
Winsley CourtWinsley Court37 Portland Place
46-48 Portland Place46-48 Portland Place46-48 Portland Place
50 Portland Place50 Portland Place50 Portland Place
41 Portland Place41 Portland Place41 Portland Place 1780
52 Portland Place52 Portland Place52 Portland Place
43 Portland Place43 Portland Place43 Portland Place
45 Portland Place45 Portland Place45 Portland Place
47 Portland Place47 Portland Place47 Portland Place 1780
58 Portland Place58 Portland Place58 Portland Place
60 Portland Place60 Portland Place60 Portland Place
55 Portland Place55 Portland Place53-57 Portland Place
59 Portland Place59 Portland Place59 Portland Place 1780
61 Portland Place61 Portland Place61 Portland Place 1780
63 Portland Place63 Portland Place63 Portland Place 1780
65 Portland Place65 Portland Place65 Portland Place
67 Portland Place67 Portland Place67 Portland Place
69 Portland Place69 Portland Place69 Portland Place
Duncan HouseDuncan House86 Portland Place
71 Portland Place71 Portland Place71 Portland Place
73 Portland Place73 Portland Place73 Portland Place
75 Portland Place75 Portland Place75 Portland Place
92-96 Portland Place92-96 Portland Place92-96 Portland Place
88 Portland Place88 Portland Place88 Portland Place
1-14 Park Crescent1-14 Park Crescent1-14 Park Crescent
14 Dover Street14 Dover Street14 Dover Street
50 Albemarle Street50 Albemarle Street50 Albemarle Street
110 Oxford Street110 Oxford Street110 Oxford Street
192-194 Oxford Street192-194 Oxford Street192-194 Oxford Street
Jubilee HouseJubilee House207-213 Oxford Street
184-188 Oxford Street184-188 Oxford Street184-188 Oxford Street
49 Albemarle Street49 Albemarle Street49 Albemarle Street
International HouseInternational House106 Piccadilly 1761
4 Hamilton Place4 Hamilton Place4 Hamilton Place
55-60 Park Lane55-60 Park Lane55-60 Park Lane
25 Park Lane25 Park Lane25-35 Park Lane
18-19 Old Park Lane18-19 Old Park Lane18-19 Old Park Lane
93 Park Lane93 Park Lane93 Park Lane 1825
99 Park Lane99 Park Lane99 Park Lane 1823
Tang HouseTang House3 Gerrard Street
83 Baker Street83 Baker Street
1 Burlington Street1 Burlington Street1 Burlington Street 1723
1 Savile Row1 Savile Row1 Savile Row
2 Savile Row2 Savile Row2 Savile Row
Gossard HouseGossard House7-8 Savile Row
Queensbury HouseQueensbury House4 Old Burlington Street
9-10 Savile Row9-10 Savile Row9-10 Savile Row
11 Savile Row11 Savile Row11 Savile Row
12A Savile Row12A Savile Row12A Savile Row
Sherbourne HouseSherbourne House13 Savile Row
Heathcoat House Heathcoat House 20 Savile Row
23 Savile Row23 Savile Row23 Savile Row 2009
16 Conduit Street16 Conduit Street16 Conduit Street 1900
17 Conduit Street17 Conduit Street17 Conduit Street
Sofia HouseSofia House19 Conduit Street
20 Conduit Street20 Conduit Street20 Conduit Street 1900
21 Conduit Street21 Conduit Street21 Conduit Street
1-2 St George Street1-2 St George Street1-2 St George Street
The Westbury HotelThe Westbury Hotel33-39 Conduit Street
26-27 Conduit Street26-27 Conduit Street26-27 Conduit Street
28-29 Conduit Street28-29 Conduit Street28-29 Conduit Street
35 St George Street35 St George Street35 St George Street
25-27 St George Street25-27 St George Street25-27 St George Street
Mimosa HouseMimosa House12 Princes Street
11 Princes Street11 Princes Street11 Princes Street

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