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 London W1 - Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The St Marylebone CE SchoolThe St Marylebone CE SchoolMarylebone High Street
13 Marylebone Road13 Marylebone Road21-23 Devonshire Place
Milford HouseMilford House7 Queen Anne Street
13 Queen Anne Street13 Queen Anne Street13 Queen Anne Street
10 Queen Anne Street10 Queen Anne Street10 Queen Anne Street
Harmont HouseHarmont House20-22 Harley Street
25 Queen Anne Street25 Queen Anne Street25 Queen Anne Street
22 Queen Anne Street22 Queen Anne Street22 Queen Anne Street
29 Queen Anne Street29 Queen Anne Street29 Queen Anne Street 1760
One Seymour StreetOne Seymour Street1-9 Seymour Street 2018
48 Broadwick Street48 Broadwick Street48 Broadwick Street
Royalty MewsRoyalty Mews2 Royalty Mews 2017
15 Stanhope Gate15 Stanhope Gate15 Stanhope Gate
One Stanhope GateOne Stanhope Gate1 Stanhope Gate
84 South Audley Street84 South Audley Street84 South Audley Street
80 South Audley Street80 South Audley Street80 South Audley Street
Savile HouseSavile House18 Berkeley Street
St James's PiccadillySt James's Piccadilly197 Piccadilly
105 Piccadilly105 Piccadilly105 Piccadilly
Merchant HouseMerchant House61-65 Charlotte Street 2018
Queen's TheatreQueen's Theatre51 Shaftesbury Avenue
48 Berwick Street48 Berwick Street48 Berwick Street
49-63 Regent Street49-63 Regent Street49-63 Regent Street
40-42 Oxford Street40-42 Oxford Street40-42 Oxford Street
The W1 LondonThe W1 London35 Marylebone High StreetDecember 2017
368-370 Oxford Street368-370 Oxford Street368-370 Oxford Street
4 Old Park Lane4 Old Park Lane4 Old Park Lane
Keith House133 Regent Street
58-59 Margaret Street58-59 Margaret Street58-59 Margaret Street 2017
47 Queen Anne Street47 Queen Anne Street47-51 Queen Anne Street Autumn 2017
52 South Molton Street52 South Molton Street
59 Greek Street59 Greek Street51 Greek StreetDecember 2017
8 South Audley Street8 South Audley StreetSouth Audley Street
19 Curzon Street 19 Curzon Street 19 Curzon Street
6 Derby Street6 Derby Street6 Derby Street
1 Derby Street1 Derby Street1 Derby Street
Leconfield HouseLeconfield HouseCurzon Street
2 Stanhope Row2 Stanhope Row2 Stanhope Row
5 Hamilton Place5 Hamilton Place5 Hamilton Place 1810
Four Seasons HotelFour Seasons HotelHamilton Place
20 Cavendish Square20 Cavendish Square 1729
48 Fitzroy Street48 Fitzroy Street48 Fitzroy Street
46 Fitzroy Street46 Fitzroy Street46 Fitzroy Street
10 Fitzroy Square10 Fitzroy Square10 Fitzroy Square 1794
9 Fitzroy Square9 Fitzroy Square9 Fitzroy Square 1794
6 Fitzroy Square6 Fitzroy Square6 Fitzroy Square
40 Fitzroy Square40 Fitzroy Square40 Fitzroy Square 1798
28 Maple Street28 Maple Street28 Maple Street
21-23 Fitzroy Street21-23 Fitzroy Street21-23 Fitzroy Street
8 Fitzroy Street8 Fitzroy Street8 Fitzroy Street 2009
Ariel HouseAriel House74a Charlotte Street
Mappin HouseMappin House4 Winsley Street
The ArmitageThe Armitage226-228 Great Portland Street
Seaford CourtSeaford Court220-222 Great Portland Street
Sofia HouseSofia House216-218 Great Portland Street
2 Devonshire Street2 Devonshire Street2 Devonshire Street 1925
Hallam CourtHallam Court77 Hallam Street 1941
19 Weymouth Street19 Weymouth Street19 Weymouth Street
24 Weymouth Street24 Weymouth Street
26-28 Conway Street26-28 Conway Street26-28 Conway Street
287-291 Oxford Street287-291 Oxford Street287-291 Oxford Street 2016
Regent HallRegent Hall271-275 Oxford Street
386 Oxford Street386 Oxford Street386 Oxford Street
152-160 Wardour Street152-160 Wardour Street152-160 Wardour Street
29 Greek Street29 Greek Street29 Greek Street
135-137 Wardour Street135-137 Wardour Street135-137 Wardour Street
40 Beak Street40 Beak Street40 Beak Street 2018
8-14 Meard Street8-14 Meard Street
12 Thayer Street12 Thayer Street12 Thayer Street
Osborne HouseOsborne House12 Moxon Street 1904
Ashland HouseAshland HouseAshland Place
105 Baker Street105 Baker Street105 Baker Street
7 Moxon Street7 Moxon Street7 Moxon Street
93 Marylebone High Street93 Marylebone High Street93 Marylebone High Street
Melcombe Regis CourtMelcombe Regis Court57-61 Weymouth Street
28-29 Marylebone High Street28-29 Marylebone High Street28-29 Marylebone High Street
50 Weymouth Street50 Weymouth Street50 Weymouth Street
42-46 Weymouth Street 42-46 Weymouth Street 42-46 Weymouth Street
40 Weymouth Street40 Weymouth Street40 Weymouth Street
38 Weymouth Street38 Weymouth Street38 Weymouth Street
47 Weymouth Street47 Weymouth Street47 Weymouth Street
45 Weymouth Street45 Weymouth Street45 Weymouth Street
26 Upper Wimpole Street26 Upper Wimpole Street26 Upper Wimpole Street
43 Weymouth Street43 Weymouth Street43 Weymouth Street
The Harley Street ClinicThe Harley Street Clinic35-37 Weymouth Street
93 Harley Street93 Harley Street93 Harley Street
95 Harley Street95 Harley Street95 Harley Street
102 Harley Street102 Harley Street102 Harley Street
112 Harley Street112 Harley Street112 Harley Street
30 Cleveland Street30 Cleveland Street30 Cleveland Street 2019
37 Duke Street37 Duke Street37 Duke Street
50 Great Portland Street50 Great Portland Street50 Great Portland Street
St James's Roman Catholic ChurchSt James's Roman Catholic Church22 George Street
Octavia HouseOctavia House8 Homer Street
126 Crawford Street126 Crawford Street
7 Homer Street7 Homer Street7 Homer Street
Crawford BuildingsCrawford BuildingsHomer Street
6 Homer Street6 Homer Street6 Homer Street
Princess CourtPrincess Court74-78 Seymour Place
26 Bryanston Square26 Bryanston Square26 Bryanston square 1811

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