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 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The LancastersThe Lancasters75-89 Lancaster GateAutumn 2011
Albion GateAlbion GateAlbion Street 1935
Wilde HouseWilde House10 Gloucester Terrace
1 Craven Hill1 Craven Hill1 Craven Hill
Queens CourtQueens CourtQueensway
100 Lancaster Gate100 Lancaster Gate100 Lancaster Gate
Burnham CourtBurnham CourtMoscow Road
Spire HouseSpire HouseLancaster Gate 1983
St James's CourtSt James's Court75 Gloucester Terrace19th century
30 Eastbourne Terrace30 Eastbourne Terrace30 Eastbourne Terrace 2009
11 Pembridge Square11 Pembridge Square11 Pembridge Square
Gilray HouseGilray HouseGloucester Terrace
Garson HouseGarson HouseGloucester Terrace
2 Palace Court2 Palace Court2 Palace Court19th century
44 Inverness Terrace44 Inverness Terrace44 Inverness Terrace
3 Orme Court3 Orme Court3 Orme Court
Caroline HouseCaroline House135-140 Bayswater Road
Princess CourtPrincess CourtQueensway
Lampard HouseLampard House8 Maida Avenue
Stafford HouseStafford House1 Maida Avenue
8-11 Cleveland Square8-11 Cleveland Square8-11 Cleveland Square
The Corner HouseThe Corner House19 Porchester Terrace
47 Porchester Terrace47 Porchester Terrace47 Porchester Terrace
55 Porchester Terrace55 Porchester Terrace55 Porchester Terrace
38 Porchester Terrace38 Porchester Terrace38 Porchester Terrace
46 Porchester Terrace46 Porchester Terrace46 Porchester Terrace
2 Porchester Gardens2 Porchester Gardens2 Porchester Gardens
90 Gloucester Terrace90 Gloucester Terrace90 Gloucester Terrace19th century
3-6 Hyde Park Crescent3-6 Hyde Park Crescent3-6 Hyde Park Crescent
9-10 Hyde Park Crescent9-10 Hyde Park Crescent9-10 Hyde Park Crescent
2 Hyde Park Square2 Hyde Park Square2 Hyde Park Square 2012
30 Hyde Park Street30 Hyde Park Street30 Hyde Park Street
24 Albion Street24 Albion Street24 Albion Street
St George's FieldsSt George's FieldsAlbion Street
14 Connaught Square14 Connaught Square14 Connaught Square19th century
Connaught CourtConnaught CourtConnaught Street
20 Cleveland Terrace20 Cleveland Terrace20 Cleveland Terrace
25 Cleveland Terrace25 Cleveland Terrace25 Cleveland Terrace
Ufton CourtUfton Court3 Cleveland Terrace
1 Cleveland Terrace1 Cleveland Terrace1 Cleveland Terrace
Telstar HouseTelstar House2 Eastbourne Terrace 2005
Consort HouseConsort House20-26 Queensway 1972
22 Palace Court22 Palace Court22 Palace Court
Bayswater Telephone ExchangeBayswater Telephone ExchangeMoscow Road
Cleveland CourtCleveland Court1-3 Leinster Gardens
Reading HouseReading HouseHallfield Estate 1958
Taunton HouseTaunton HouseHallfield Estate 1958
18 Upbrook Mews18 Upbrook Mews18 Upbrook Mews
20 Upbrook Mews20 Upbrook Mews20 Upbrook Mews
21 Upbrook Mews21 Upbrook Mews21 Upbrook Mews
15 Upbrook Mews15 Upbrook Mews15 Upbrook Mews
14 Upbrook Mews14 Upbrook Mews14 Upbrook Mews
24 Upbrook Mews24 Upbrook Mews24 Upbrook Mews
25 Upbrook Mews25 Upbrook Mews25 Upbrook Mews
28 Upbrook Mews28 Upbrook Mews28 Upbrook Mews
29 Upbrook Mews29 Upbrook Mews29 Upbrook Mews
Upbrook Mews HouseUpbrook Mews House1a Upbrook Mews
33 Craven Road33 Craven Road33 Craven Road
Craven CourtCraven Court29-31 Craven Road
8 Westbourne Crescent8 Westbourne Crescent8 Westbourne Crescent
St James's ChurchSt James's ChurchSussex Gardens19th century
Barness CourtBarness Court6-8 Westbourne Terrace
10 Westbourne Terrace10 Westbourne Terrace10 Westbourne Terrace
20 Westbourne Terrace20 Westbourne Terrace20 Westbourne Terrace
Roland HouseRoland House30 Westbourne Terrace19th century
Mina House HotelMina House Hotel21-23 Craven Road
27 Craven Road27 Craven Road27 Craven Road
36 Gloucester Mews36 Gloucester Mews36 Gloucester Mews
38 Gloucester Mews38 Gloucester Mews38 Gloucester Mews
40 Gloucester Mews40 Gloucester Mews40 Gloucester Mews
42 Gloucester Mews42 Gloucester Mews42 Gloucester Mews
46 Gloucester Mews46 Gloucester Mews46 Gloucester Mews
48 Gloucester Mews48 Gloucester Mews48 Gloucester Mews
50 Gloucester Mews50 Gloucester Mews50 Gloucester Mews
68 Gloucester Mews68 Gloucester Mews68 Gloucester Mews
66 Gloucester Mews66 Gloucester Mews66 Gloucester Mews
90 Chilworth Street90 Chilworth Street90 Chilworth Street
Chilworth CourtChilworth Court125-129 Gloucester Terrace19th century
131 Gloucester Terrace131 Gloucester Terrace131 Gloucester Terrace
135 Gloucester Terrace135 Gloucester Terrace135 Gloucester Terrace
137-139 Gloucester Terrace137-139 Gloucester Terrace137-139 Gloucester Terrace19th century
80 Sussex Square80 Sussex Square80 Sussex Square
75-78 Sussex Square75-78 Sussex Square75-78 Sussex Square
10-72 Sussex Square10-72 Sussex Square10-72 Sussex SquareJanuary 1959
9 Sussex Square9 Sussex Square9 Sussex Square
1-34 Clifton Place1-34 Clifton Place1-34 Clifton Place
Radnor HouseRadnor HouseRadnor Place
22 Radnor Mews22 Radnor Mews22 Radnor Mews
23 Radnor Mews23 Radnor Mews23 Radnor Mews
17 Radnor Mews17 Radnor Mews17 Radnor Mews
16 Radnor Mews16 Radnor Mews16 Radnor Mews
15 Radnor Mews15 Radnor Mews15 Radnor Mews
14 Radnor Mews14 Radnor Mews14 Radnor Mews
12 Radnor Mews12 Radnor Mews12 Radnor Mews
9 Radnor Mews9 Radnor Mews9 Radnor Mews
Chelwood HouseChelwood HouseGloucester Square
Edna HouseEdna HouseNorfolk SquareJanuary 1964
Railton HouseRailton House10 Craven Hill
Battleship BuildingBattleship Building179 Harrow Road 196981302
Mara HouseMara House41 Spring Street

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