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 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
42 Talbot Road42 Talbot Road42 Talbot Road
40 Talbot Road40 Talbot Road40 Talbot Road
38 Talbot Road38 Talbot Road38 Talbot Road
34 Talbot Road34 Talbot Road34 Talbot Road
28 Talbot Road28 Talbot Road28 Talbot Road
14 Chepstow Road14 Chepstow Road14 Chepstow Road
6 Chepstow Road6 Chepstow Road6 Chepstow Road
BaynardsBaynards1-13 Chepstow Place
98-112 Westbourne Grove98-112 Westbourne Grove98-112 Westbourne Grove
27 Leinster Square27 Leinster Square27 Leinster Square19th century
32 Leinster Square32 Leinster Square32 Leinster Square
33 Leinster Square33 Leinster Square33 Leinster Square
Buckhill LodgeBuckhill LodgeKensington Gardens19th century
Swinton HouseSwinton House83-97 Gloucester Terrace
Hampshire HouseHampshire House12 Hyde Park Place
Tyburn ConventTyburn Convent8 Hyde Park Place
4-5 Hyde Park Place4-5 Hyde Park Place4-5 Hyde Park Place
Munkenbeck BuildingMunkenbeck Building5 Hermitage Street 2004
Braithwaite TowerBraithwaite TowerHall Place
City of Westminster CollegeCity of Westminster College25 Paddington Green
Campbell HouseCampbell HouseHall Place
Parsons HouseParsons House124 Hall Place 1969
Leonard CourtLeonard Court68 Westbourne Terrace19th century
1 Park Place Villas1 Park Place Villas1 Park Place Villas
1 Pembridge Place1 Pembridge Place1 Pembridge Place
2 Pembridge Place2 Pembridge Place2 Pembridge Place
3 Pembridge Place3 Pembridge Place3 Pembridge Place
5 Pembridge Place5 Pembridge Place5 Pembridge Place
6 Pembridge Place6 Pembridge Place6 Pembridge Place
7 Pembridge Place7 Pembridge Place7 Pembridge Place
8 Pembridge Place8 Pembridge Place8 Pembridge Place
9 Dawson Place9 Dawson Place9 Dawson Place
12 Dawson Place12 Dawson Place12 Dawson Place
7 Dawson Place7 Dawson Place7 Dawson Place
5 Dawson Place5 Dawson Place5 Dawson Place
22 Pembridge Square22 Pembridge Square22 Pembridge Square
15 Pembridge Square15 Pembridge Square15 Pembridge Square
16 Pembridge Square16 Pembridge Square16 Pembridge Square
93-95 Moscow Road93-95 Moscow Road93-95 Moscow Road
91 Moscow Road91 Moscow Road91 Moscow Road
57 Ossington Street57 Ossington Street57 Ossingtoni Street
Prince Edward MansionsPrince Edward MansionsMoscow Road
Evesham HouseEvesham HouseHereford Road
Berrington HouseBerrington House19 Hereford Road
73 Prince's Square73 Prince's Square73 Prince's Square
74-76 Prince's Square74-76 Prince's Square74-76 Prince's Square
Beaumont HouseBeaumont House17-19 Princes Square
23-25 Princes Square23-25 Princes Square23-25 Princes Square
42 Prince's Square42 Prince's Square42 Princes Square
9 Kensington Gardens Square9 Kensington Gardens Square9 Kensington Gardens Square
6 Leinster Gardens6 Leinster Gardens6 Leinster Gardens
25 Cleveland Gardens25 Cleveland Gardens25 Cleveland Gardens19th century
21 Cleveland Square21 Cleveland Square21 Cleveland Square
20 Cleveland Square20 Cleveland Square20 Cleveland Square
18 Cleveland Square18 Cleveland Square18 Cleveland Square
Lancaster HouseLancaster House165 Gloucester Terrace19th century
130 Gloucester Terrace130 Gloucester Terrace130 Gloucester Terrace19th century
Goodair HouseGoodair House124 Gloucester Terrace19th century
141 Gloucester Terrace141 Gloucester Terrace141 Gloucester Terrace19th century
Three Sheldon SquareThree Sheldon Square3 Sheldon Square
The PointThe Point37 North Wharf Road 2003
Paterson CabinPaterson Cabin16 South Wharf Road
Paterson CentrePaterson Centre20 South Wharf Road
113-115 Praed Street113-115 Praed Street113-115 Praed Street
127 Praed Street127 Praed Street127 Praed Street
131 Praed Street131 Praed Street131 Praed Street
11 Hereford Road11 Hereford Road11 Hereford Road
Park WestPark WestPark West Place
20-22 Chilworth Street20-22 Chilworth Street20-22 Chilworth Street
Amilcar Cabral CourtAmilcar Cabral Court1-14 Porteus Road
John Aird CourtJohn Aird CourtPorteus Road
Osborne HouseOsborne HouseSt. Mary's Terrace
21 St. Mary's Terrace21 St. Mary's Terrace21 St. Mary's Terrace
Fleming CourtFleming CourtSt. Mary's Square 1948
St. Mary's MansionsSt. Mary's MansionsSt Mary's Terrace
22 Maida Avenue22 Maida Avenue22 Maida Avenue
14 Maida Avenue14 Maida Avenue14 Maida Avenue
12 Maida Avenue12 Maida Avenue12 Maida Avenue
11 Maida Vale11 Maida Vale11 Maida Vale
10 Maida Avenue10 Maida Avenue10 Maida Avenue
9 Maida Avenue9 Maida Avenue9 Maida Avenue
5 Maida Avenue5 Maida Avenue5 Maida Avenue
The Coach HouseThe Coach House2 Maida Avenue
12 Lancaster Gate12 Lancaster Gate12 Lancaster Gate
15 Lancaster Gate15 Lancaster Gate15 Lancaster Gate
West End QuayWest End Quay2 Praed Street 2003
Barrie HouseBarrie House93-94 Lancaster Gate
Carroll HouseCarroll HouseCraven Terrace
90-92 Lancaster Gate90-92 Lancaster Gate90-92 Lancaster Gate
CorringhamCorringham13-16 Craven HillJanuary 1964
The Henry VIII HotelThe Henry VIII Hotel23 Leinster Gardens19th century
95-99 Lancaster Gate95-99 Lancaster Gate95-99 Lancaster Gate19th century
Commodore HotelCommodore Hotel50 Lancaster Gate19th century
24 Craven Hill Gardens24 Craven Hill Gardens24 Craven Hill Gardens
30 Leinster Gardens30 Leinster Gardens30 Leinster Gardens
35 Queen's Gardens35 Queen's Gardens35 Queen's Gardens
43 Queen's Gardens43 Queen's Gardens43 Queen's Gardens
48 Queen's Gardens48 Queen's Gardens48 Queen's Gardens
23 Queen's Gardens23 Queen's Gardens23 Queen's Gardens19th century
22 Queen's Gardens22 Queen's Gardens22 Queen's Gardens19th century

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