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 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
24 Hyde Park Square24 Hyde Park Square24 Hyde Park Square
47 Palace Court47 Palace Court47 Palace Court 1889
17 Pembridge Square17 Pembridge Square17 Pembridge Square
25-26 Pembridge Square25-26 Pembridge Square25-26 Pembridge Square19th century
100 Bayswater Road100 Bayswater Road100 Bayswater Road
Bishops CourtBishops Court76 Bishop's Bridge Road
Pembroke HousePembroke HouseHallfield Estate
51 Gloucester Terrace51 Gloucester Terrace51 Gloucester Terrace19th century
27 Craven Terrace27 Craven Terrace27 Craven Terrace
26 Hyde Park Street26 Hyde Park Street16 Hyde Park Street
9 Craven Terrace9 Craven Terrace9 Craven Terrace
10 Spring Street10 Spring Street10 Spring Street
27 Prince's Square27 Prince's Square27 Princes Square
33 Cleveland Terrace33 Cleveland Terrace33 Cleveland Terrace
3 Merchant Square3 Merchant Square3 Merchant SquareSummer 2014
Aird HouseAird HouseInverness Terrace 2015
35 Leinster Terrace35 Leinster Terrace35 Leinster Terrace
46 Cleveland Square46 Cleveland Square46 Cleveland Square
42-44 Queensway42-44 Queensway42-44 Queensway
208 Sussex Gardens208 Sussex Gardens208 Sussex Gardens
Paddington Green Police StationPaddington Green Police Station2 Harrow Road
One Westbourne GardensOne Westbourne Gardens45a Porchester Road 2015
Serpentine Sackler GallerySerpentine Sackler GallerySerpentine Road 2013
Coniston CourtConiston CourtKendal Street
123 Queensway123 Queensway123 Queensway
74 Queensborough Terrace74 Queensborough Terrace74 Queensborough Terrace 2010
Beaufort HouseBeaufort House25-29 Queensborough Terrace
St John's Hyde ParkSt John's Hyde ParkHyde Park Crescent19th century
Lex HouseLex House17 Connaught Place
72-74 Lancaster Gate72-74 Lancaster Gate72-74 Lancaster Gate 1865
15 Porchester Terrace15 Porchester Terrace15 Porchester Terrace
17 Porchester Terrace17 Porchester Terrace17 Porchester Terrace
Craven Hill GardensCraven Hill Gardens18-19 Craven Hill Gardens 2014
85 Westbourne Grove85 Westbourne Grove85 Westbourne Grove
Enterprise HouseEnterprise House167-169 Westbourne Terrace 1935
Orsett HouseOrsett House1 Orsett Terrace19th century
Holy Trinity HouseHoly Trinity HouseOrsett Terrace
207 Gloucester Terrace207 Gloucester Terrace207 Gloucester Terrace
1-2 Queen's Gardens1-2 Queen's Gardens1-2 Queens Gardens
Four Kingdom StreetFour Kingdom Street4 Kingdom Street 2017
Westbourne HouseWestbourne House14-16 Westbourne GroveSeptember 2015
Hyde Park TowersHyde Park Towers1 Porchester Terrace
36 Cleveland Square36 Cleveland Square36 Cleveland Square
29-31 Princes Square29-31 Princes Square29-31 Princes Square
223 Sussex Gardens223 Sussex Gardens223 Sussex Gardens
1 Leinster Square1 Leinster Square1 Leinster Square
10 Hereford Road10 Hereford Road10 Hereford Road
42 Westbourne Grove42 Westbourne Grove42 Westbourne Grove
129 Queensway129 Queensway129 Queensway
25 Hyde Park Place25 Hyde Park Place25 Hyde Park Place
74 Westbourne Terrace74 Westbourne Terrace74 Westbourne Terrace19th century
67 Westbourne Terrace67 Westbourne Terrace67 Westbourne Terrace19th century
Acrow EastAcrow EastSouth Wharf Road
132 Gloucester Terrace132 Gloucester Terrace132 Gloucester Terrace
Victoria LodgeVictoria LodgeBayswater Road19th century
Falmouth HouseFalmouth HouseClarendon Place
4 Craven Hill4 Craven Hill4 Craven Hill
CastleacreCastleacreHyde Park Crescent
78 Gloucester Terrace78 Gloucester Terrace78 Gloucester Terrace19th century
18 Garway Road18 Garway Road18 Garway Road
1 Chilworth Mews1 Chilworth Mews1 Chilworth Mews
205 Westbourne Grove205 Westbourne Grove205 Westbourne Grove
6 Inverness Terrace6 Inverness Terrace6 Inverness Terrace19th century
Grove HouseGrove House88-94 Westbourne Grove
5 Orme Square5 Orme Square5 Orme Square
2 Merchant Square2 Merchant Square2 Harbet Road 2019
Royal ResidenceRoyal ResidenceTalbot Square
8-9 Sale Place8-9 Sale Place8 Sale Place
Garden HouseGarden House86-92 Kensington Gardens Square 2016
One Sheldon SquareOne Sheldon Square1 Sheldon Square
Westchester HouseWestchester HouseSeymour Street
17 Queensborough Terrace17 Queensborough Terrace17 Queensborough Terrace19th century
62 Bayswater Road62 Bayswater Road62 Bayswater Road
56 Gloucester Terrace56 Gloucester Terrace56 Gloucester Terrace
62 Gloucester Terrace62 Gloucester Terrace62 Gloucester Terrace
66 Gloucester Terrace66 Gloucester Terrace66 Gloucester Terrace
107 Gloucester Terrace107 Gloucester Terrace107 Gloucester Terrace
72 Gloucester Terrace72 Gloucester Terrace72 Gloucester Terrace
109 Gloucester Terrace109 Gloucester Terrace109 Gloucester Terrace
84 Gloucester Terrace84 Gloucester Terrace84 Gloucester Terrace
Bayswater ApartmentsBayswater Apartments2 Inverness TerraceNovember 201790662
30 Hyde Park Square30 Hyde Park Square30 Hyde Park Square
94 Westbourne Park Villas94 Westbourne Park Villas94 Westbourne Park Villas 2016
50 Kensington Garden Square50 Kensington Garden Square50 Kensington Gardens SquareAugust 2017
7-12 Leinster Square7-12 Leinster Square7-12 Leinster SquareJune 2016
The Imperial Notting HillThe Imperial Notting Hill31-33 St Stephen's Gardens 2017
168 Gloucester Terrace168 Gloucester Terrace168 Gloucester Terrace19th century
78 Queensway78 Queensway78 Queensway
127 Queensway127 Queensway127 Queensway
62 Queensway62 Queensway62 Queensway
49-67 Queensborough Terrace49-67 Queensborough Terrace49-67 Queensborough Terrace
Lindo WingLindo WingPraed Street 1937
32 Leinster Gardens32 Leinster Gardens32 Leinster Gardens
Marlow HouseMarlow HouseHallfield Estate
37 Queen's Gardens37 Queen's Gardens37 Queen's Gardens
13 Porchester Terrace13 Porchester Terrace13 Porchester Terrace
34 Leinster Gardens34 Leinster Gardens34 Leinster Gardens
City VillageCity Village17 Hereford Road 2016
22 Kensington Garden Square22 Kensington Garden Square22-23 Kensington Garden Square
17 Leinster Terrace17 Leinster Terrace17 Leinster Terrace

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