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 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
58 Westbourne Grove58 Westbourne Grove58 Westbourne Grove
78 Westbourne Grove78 Westbourne Grove78 Westbourne Grove
Peters CourtPeters CourtPorchester Road
109 Queensway109 Queensway109 Queensway
Chenies HouseChenies House37 Moscow Road
Shaftesbury HouseShaftesbury House23 Moscow Road
Alexandra CourtAlexandra Court5 Moscow Road
Duke's CourtDuke's Court1 Moscow Road
28 Connaught Street28 Connaught Street28 Connaught Street
18 Connaught Street18 Connaught Street18 Connaught Street
57 Connaught Street57 Connaught Street57 Connaught Street
23 Hyde Park Square23 Hyde Park Square23 Hyde Park Square
10 Hyde Park Square10 Hyde Park Square10 Hyde Park Square
38 Connaught Square38 Connaught Square38 Connaught Square19th century
Paddington StationPaddington StationPraed Street19th century
Lanchester CourtLanchester CourtSeymour Street
Red LodgeRed Lodge51 Palace Court 2011
One Kingdom StreetOne Kingdom Street1 Kingdom Street 2008
Hotel Novotel London PaddingtonHotel Novotel London Paddington3 Kingdom Street 2008
21-27 Sheldon Square21-27 Sheldon Square21-27 Sheldon Square 2003
Brewer's CourtBrewer's Court20 Bishop's Bridge Road
13 Bishops Bridge Road13 Bishops Bridge Road121-141 Westbourne Terrace 1840
Fountain HouseFountain House1 Lancaster Terrace
Maitland CourtMaitland CourtLancaster Terrace 1932
Saxon HallSaxon Hall16 Palace Court
18 Palace Court18 Palace Court18 Palace Court
20 Palace Court20 Palace Court20 Palace Court
24 Palace Court24 Palace Court24 Palace Court
28 Palace Court28 Palace Court28 Palace Court
14 Palace Court14 Palace Court14 Palace Court19th century
Two Kingdom StreetTwo Kingdom Street2 Kingdom Street 2010
7-11 Sheldon Square7-11 Sheldon Square7-11 Sheldon Square
5-9 Norfolk Square5-9 Norfolk Square5-9 Norfolk Square
6 Norfolk Place6 Norfolk Place6 Norfolk Place
5 Norfolk Place5 Norfolk Place5 Norfolk Place
42 Southwick Street42 Southwick Street42 Southwick Street
184a Edgware Road184a Edgware Road184a Edgware Road
182-184 Edgware Road182-184 Edgware Road182-184 Edgware Road
178-180 Edgware Road178-180 Edgware Road178-180 Edgware Road
168-176 Edgware Road168-176 Edgware Road168-176 Edgware Road
150-162 Edgware Road150-162 Edgware Road150-162 Edgware Road
Garfield HouseGarfield House86-88 Edgware Road
Exeter HouseExeter HouseHallfield Estate 1955
Caernarvon HouseCaernarvon HouseHallfield Estate 1955
14 St Petersburgh Place14 St Petersburgh Place14 St Petersburgh Place
160 Gloucester Terrace160 Gloucester Terrace160 Gloucester Terrace
143-145 Gloucester Terrace143-145 Gloucester Terrace143-145 Gloucester Terrace19th century
Brinklow HouseBrinklow HouseTorquay Street
63 Bayswater Road63 Bayswater Road63 Bayswater Road19th century
34 Leinster Square34 Leinster Square34 Leinster Square
35 Leinster Square35 Leinster Square35 Leinster Square
28 Prince's Square28 Prince's Square28 Prince's Square
31 St Petersburgh Place31 St Petersburgh Place31 St Petersburgh Place
Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint SophiaGreek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint SophiaMoscow Road19th century
48 St Petersburgh Place48 St Petersburgh Place48 St Petersburgh Place
49 St Petersburgh Place49 St Petersburgh Place49 St Petersburgh Place
46 St Petersburgh Place46 St Petersburgh Place46 St Petersburgh Place
St. Matthew's ChurchSt. Matthew's Church29 St Petersburgh Place19th century
St Olaves CourtSt Olaves CourtSt Petersburgh Place
55 Inverness Terrace55 Inverness Terrace55 Inverness Terrace
59 Inverness Terrace59 Inverness Terrace59 Inverness Terrace
63 Inverness Terrace63 Inverness Terrace63 Inverness Terrace
20 St Petersburgh Place20 St Petersburgh Place20 St Petersburgh Place
New West End SynagogueNew West End SynagogueSt Petersburgh Place19th century
Lancaster CloseLancaster Close13-15 St Petersburgh Place
46 Gloucester Terrace46 Gloucester Terrace46 Gloucester Terrace 1840
26 Chilworth Street26 Chilworth Street26 Chilworth Street
Moulsford HouseMoulsford HouseWestbourne Park Road
Polperro HousePolperro HouseWestbourne Park Road 1970
101 Westbourne Park Villas101 Westbourne Park Villas101 Westbourne Park Villas
Alexandra HouseAlexandra HouseSt. Mary's Terrace
88 Westbourne Park Road88 Westbourne Park Road88 Westbourne Park Road
Saint Mary's ChurchSaint Mary's ChurchSt Mary's Square18th century
The Water GardensThe Water GardensBurwood Place 1966
Cambridge CourtCambridge CourtSussex Gardens
Ambassador CourtAmbassador Court17-19 Craven Terrace
4 Lancaster Terrace4 Lancaster Terrace4 Lancaster Terrace19th century
121 Gloucester Terrace121 Gloucester Terrace121 Gloucester Terrace
Westminster AcademyWestminster Academy255 Harrow Road
The Stowe CentreThe Stowe Centre258 Harrow Road
58-60 Leinster Square58-60 Leinster Square58-60 Leinster Square
8 Dawson Place8 Dawson Place8 Dawson Place
10 Dawson Place10 Dawson Place10 Dawson Place
14 Dawson Place14 Dawson Place14 Dawson Place
16 Dawson Place16 Dawson Place16 Dawson Place
30 Dawson Place30 Dawson Place30 Dawson Place
28 Dawson Place28 Dawson Place28 Dawson Place
1 Pembridge Square1 Pembridge Square1 Pembridge Square
20 Westbourne Park Road20 Westbourne Park Road20 Westbourne Park Road
54 Porchester Road54 Porchester Road54 Porchester Road
52 Porchester Road52 Porchester Road52 Porchester Road
50 Porchester Road50 Porchester Road50 Porchester Road
48 Porchester Road48 Porchester Road48 Porchester Road
46 Porchester Road46 Porchester Road46 Porchester Road
44 Porchester Road44 Porchester Road44 Porchester Road
Vere CourtVere CourtWestbourne Gardens
250 Gloucester Terrace250 Gloucester Terrace250 Gloucester Terrace19th century
170 Gloucester Terrace170 Gloucester Terrace170 Gloucester Terrace
SouthacreSouthacreHyde Park Crescent
27 Porchester Terrace27 Porchester Terrace27 Porchester Terrace

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