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 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
43 Queensborough Terrace43 Queensborough Terrace43 Queensborough Terrace
15 Inverness Terrace15 Inverness Terrace15 Inverness Terrace
21 Inverness Terrace21 Inverness Terrace21 Inverness Terrace
25 Inverness Terrace 25 Inverness Terrace 25 Inverness Terrace
68 Chalk Farm Road68 Chalk Farm Road68 Chalk Farm Road
9-13 Bloomsbury Street9-13 Bloomsbury Street9-13 Bloomsbury Street
121 Queensway121 Queensway121 Queensway
117 Queensway17 Queensway
33-36 Prince's Square33-36 Prince's Square33-36 Prince's Square
30 Prince's Square30 Prince's Square30 Prince's Square
Parker HouseParker House5a Cuthbert StreetNovember 2017
86 Westbourne Grove86 Westbourne Grove86 Westbourne Grove 1885
51 Westbourne Grove51 Westbourne Grove51 Westbourne Grove
127a Queensway127a Queensway127a Queensway
107 Queensway107 Queensway107 Queensway
150 Gloucester Terrace150 Gloucester Terrace150 Gloucester Terrace
21 Bishop's Bridge Road21 Bishop's Bridge Road21 Bishop's Bridge Road
71 Westbourne Grove71 Westbourne Grove71 Westbourne Grove
103 Westbourne Grove103 Westbourne Grove103 Westbourne Grove
111 Westbourne Grove111 Westbourne Grove111 Westbourne Grove
121 Westbourne Grove121 Westbourne Grove121 Westbourne Grove
123 Westbourne Grove123 Westbourne Grove123 Westbourne Grove
41 Palace Court41 Palace Court41 Palace Court
43 Palace Court43 Palace Court43 Palace Court
45 Palace Court45 Palace Court45 Palace Court
39 Palace Court39 Palace Court39 Palace Court
37 Palace Court37 Palace Court37 Palace Court
35 Palace Court35 Palace Court35 Palace Court
33 Palace Court33 Palace Court33 Palace Court
31 Palace Court31 Palace Court31 Palace Court
29 Palace Court29 Palace Court29 Palace Court
27 Palace Court27 Palace Court27 Palace Court
19-23 Palace Court19-23 Palace Court19-23 Palace Court
17 Palace Court17 Palace Court17 Palace Court
15 Palace Court15 Palace Court15 Palace Court
13 Palace Court13 Palace Court13 Palace Court
7 Palace Court7 Palace Court7 Palace Court
118-120 Queensway118-120 Queensway118-120 Queensway
107 Westbourne Grove107 Westbourne Grove107 Westbourne Grove
105 Westbourne Grove105 Westbourne Grove105 Westbourne Grove
84 Westbourne Grove84 Westbourne Grove84 Westbourne Grove 1884
20-22 Leinster Square20-22 Leinster Square20-22 Leinster Square
33 Westbourne Grove33 Westbourne Grove33 Westbourne Grove
35 Westbourne Grove35 Westbourne Grove35 Westbourne Grove
76 Gloucester Terrace76 Gloucester Terrace76 Gloucester Terrace
70 Gloucester Terrace70 Gloucester Terrace70 Gloucester Terrace
64 Gloucester Terrace64 Gloucester Terrace64 Gloucester Terrace 1840
12 Gloucester Square12 Gloucester Square
19 Lancaster Gate19 Lancaster Gate
52 Gloucester Terrace52 Gloucester Terrace52 Gloucester Terrace 1840
9 Westbourne Crescent9 Westbourne Crescent9 Westbourne Crescent
400 Edgware Road400 Edgware Road400 Edgware Road
310-312 Edgware Road310-312 Edgware Road310-312 Edgware Road
318-324 Edgware Road318-324 Edgware Road318-324 Edgware Road
316 Edgware Road316 Edgware Road316 Edgware Road
9 Bathurst Street9 Bathurst Street9 Bathurst Street
3 Sussex Square3 Sussex Square3 Sussex Square
10A Strathearn Place10A Strathearn Place10A Strathearn Place
1-9 Gloucester Square1-9 Gloucester Square1-9 Gloucester Square
Chartwell CourtChartwell Court50 Gloucester Square
1 Craven Terrace1 Craven Terrace1 Craven Terrace
6 Star Street6 Star Street6 Star Street
1-2 Star Street1-2 Star Street1-2 Star Street
75-77 St Michael's Street75-77 St Michael's Street75-77 St Michael's Street
226 Edgware Road226 Edgware Road226 Edgware Road
218 Edgware Road218 Edgware Road218 Edgware Road
208 Edgware Road208 Edgware Road
208 Edgware Road208 Edgware Road208 Edgware Road
40 Star Street40 Star Street40 Star Street
28 Star Street28 Star Street28 Star Street
St Michael's ChurchSt Michael's ChurchStar Street 1861
17 Star Street17 Star Street17 Star Street
21 Star Street21 Star Street21 Star Street
41-51 Inverness Terrace41-51 Inverness Terrace41-51 Inverness Terrace
36-38 Queensborough Terrace36-38 Queensborough Terrace36-38 Queensborough Terrace
40 Queensborough Terrace40 Queensborough Terrace40 Queensborough Terrace
41 Queensborough Terrace41 Queensborough Terrace41 Queensborough Terrace
12 Craven Terrace12 Craven Terrace12 Craven Terrace
Hallfield Primary SchoolHallfield Primary SchoolPorchester Terrace
76 Kensington Gardens Square76 Kensington Gardens Square76 Kensington Gardens Square
34 Kensington Gardens Square34 Kensington Gardens Square34 Kensington Gardens Square
36-37 Kensington Gardens Square36-37 Kensington Gardens Square36-37 Kensington Gardens Square
65 Westbourne Terrace65 Westbourne Terrace65 Westbourne Terrace
63 Westbourne Terrace63 Westbourne Terrace63 Westbourne Terrace
43 Westbourne Terrace43 Westbourne Terrace43 Westbourne Terrace
37 Westbourne Terrace37 Westbourne Terrace37 Westbourne Terrace
1-7 Lancaster Gate1-7 Lancaster Gate1-7 Lancaster Gate
Marlborough Gate HouseMarlborough Gate House64 Bayswater Road
The SwanThe Swan66 Bayswater Road
Blenheim CourtBlenheim Court108 Lancaster Gate
43 Leinster Gardens43 Leinster Gardens43 Leinster Gardens
33 Cleveland Square33 Cleveland Square33 Cleveland Square
4 Prince's Square4 Prince's Square4 Prince's Square
20 Leinster Terrace20 Leinster Terrace20 Leinster Terrace
29 Craven Terrace29 Craven Terrace29 Craven Terrace
28 Craven Terrace28 Craven Terrace28 Craven Terrace
30 Craven Terrace30 Craven Terrace30 Craven Terrace
10 Upbrook Mews10 Upbrook Mews10 Upbrook Mews
26-27 Upbrook Mews26-27 Upbrook Mews26-27 Upbrook Mews
11 Upbrook Mews11 Upbrook Mews11 Upbrook Mews

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