London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Crastock CourtCrastock Court7-9 Queen's Gardens
5 Queen's Gardens5 Queen's Gardens5 Queen's Gardens
6 Queen's Gardens6 Queen's Gardens6 Queen's Gardens
65 Queen's Gardens65 Queen's Gardens65 Queen&'s Gardens
1-2 Queen's Gardens1-2 Queen's Gardens1-2 Queen's Gardens19th century
144 Praed Street144 Praed Street144 Praed Street19th century
128-142 Praed Street128-142 Praed Street128-142 Praed Street
St Mary's Hospital Clarence Memorial WingSt Mary's Hospital Clarence Memorial WingPraed Street
St Mary's Hospital Winston Churchill WingSt Mary's Hospital Winston Churchill WingPraed Street
Grand Junction ArmsGrand Junction Arms28 Praed Street
5 Merchant Square5 Merchant Square5 Merchant SquareJuly 2010
Waterside HouseWaterside House35 North Wharf Road 2003
Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Wing, St Mary's HospitalQueen Elizabeth Queen Mother Wing, St Mary's HospitalSouth Wharf Road 1987
Tournament HouseTournament HousePaddington Station 1932
20 Eastbourne Terrace20 Eastbourne Terrace20 Eastbourne Terrace 2016
Hilton London PaddingtonHilton London Paddington146 Praed Street 1853
Prince of WalesPrince of Wales2 Cleveland Terrace
4-18 Bishop's Bridge Road4-18 Bishop's Bridge Road4-18 Bishop's Bridge RoadJanuary 1933
Dudley HouseDudley HouseNorth Wharf Road 2020
Waterline HouseWaterline House4 Merchant Square 2011
Summit HouseSummit House27 Sale Place 2014
7-11 Praed Street7-11 Praed Street7-11 Praed Street
Hilton London MetropoleHilton London Metropole225 Edgware Road
188 Sussex Gardens188 Sussex Gardens188 Sussex Gardens
170-172 Sussex Gardens170-172 Sussex Gardens170-172 Sussex Gardens
Grand RoyaleGrand Royale1-9 Inverness Terrace19th century
15 Chilworth Street15 Chilworth Street15 Chilworth Street
17-19 Chilworth Street17-19 Chilworth Street17-19 Chilworth Street
LancasterLancasterLancaster Terrace
38 Bishop's Bridge Road38 Bishop's Bridge Road38 Bishop's Bridge Road
Griffin House HotelGriffin House Hotel10 Connaught Street
32 Porchester Place32 Porchester Place32 Porchester Place
25 Porchester Place25 Porchester Place25 Porchester Place
3 Porchester Place3 Porchester Place3 Porchester Place
RaynhamRaynhamNorfolk Crescent
Athena HotelAthena Hotel110-112 Sussex Gardens
116 Sussex Gardens116 Sussex Gardens116 Sussex Gardens
8 Connaught Street8 Connaught Street8 Connaught Street
122 Sussex Gardens122 Sussex Gardens122 Sussex Gardens19th century
Royal CambridgeRoyal Cambridge124-126 Sussex Garden
132-134 Sussex Gardens132-134 Sussex Gardens132-134 Sussex Gardens
Gower HotelGower Hotel129 Sussex Gardens
Delmere HotelDelmere Hotel128-130 Sussex Gardens
The Omega HotelThe Omega Hotel136 Sussex Gardens
20 Porchester Place20 Porchester Place20 Porchester Place
Olympic HouseOlympic House138-140 Sussex Gardens
The DarlingtonThe Darlington111-117 Sussex Gardens19th century
Beverley HouseBeverley House142 Sussex Gardens
148-152 Sussex Gardens148-152 Sussex Gardens148-152 Sussex Gardens
Springfield HotelSpringfield Hotel154 Sussex Gardens
147-149 Sussex Gardens147-149 Sussex Gardens147-149 Sussex Gardens
156 Sussex Gardens156 Sussex Gardens156 Sussex Gardens
Europa House HotelEuropa House Hotel151 Sussex Gardens
160-162 Sussex Gardens160-162 Sussex Gardens160-162 Sussex Gardens
158 Sussex Gardens158 Sussex Gardens158 Sussex Gardens
Adare HotelAdare Hotel153 Sussex Gardens
254 Edgware Road254 Edgware Road254 Edgware Road
256 Edgware Road256 Edgware Road256 Edgware Road
28 Chilworth Street28 Chilworth Street28 Chilworth Street
37-41 Westbourne Grove37-41 Westbourne Grove37-41 Westbourne Grove
College Park SchoolCollege Park SchoolGarway Road 2011
QueensQueens96-98 Bishop's Bridge RoadAutumn 2014
4 Garway Road4 Garway Road4 Garway Road
14 Garway Road14 Garway Road14 Garway Road
72 Westbourne Grove72 Westbourne Grove72 Westbourne Grove
74-76 Westbourne Grove74-76 Westbourne Grove74-76 Westbourne Grove
Hatherley CourtHatherley CourtHatherley GroveJanuary 1936
King HouseKing House5-11 Westbourne Grove
Sarda HouseSarda House183-189 Queensway
Ralph CourtRalph CourtQueenswayJanuary 1939
Arthur CourtArthur CourtQueensway 1939
Claremont CourtClaremont CourtQueenswayJanuary 1905
Bridge Field HouseBridge Field House219 Queensway
2 Westbourne Grove Terrace2 Westbourne Grove Terrace2 Westbourne Grove Terrace19th century
Queensway Children's CentreQueensway Children's CentreHallfield Estate
88 Bishop's Bridge Road88 Bishop's Bridge Road88 Bishop's Bridge Road
18-24 Westbourne Grove18-24 Westbourne Grove18-24 Westbourne Grove
Comfort HouseComfort House167 Queensway
60-62 Westbourne Grove60-62 Westbourne Grove60-62 Westbourne Grove
17-19 Garway Road17-19 Garway Road17-19 Garway Road
58 Westbourne Grove58 Westbourne Grove58 Westbourne Grove
78 Westbourne Grove78 Westbourne Grove78 Westbourne Grove
Peters CourtPeters CourtPorchester Road
109 Queensway109 Queensway109 Queensway
Chenies HouseChenies House37 Moscow Road
Shaftesbury HouseShaftesbury House23 Moscow Road
Alexandra CourtAlexandra Court5 Moscow Road
Duke's CourtDuke's Court1 Moscow Road
28 Connaught Street28 Connaught Street28 Connaught Street
18 Connaught Street18 Connaught Street18 Connaught Street
57 Connaught Street57 Connaught Street57 Connaught Street
23 Hyde Park Square23 Hyde Park Square23 Hyde Park Square
10 Hyde Park Square10 Hyde Park Square10 Hyde Park Square
38 Connaught Square38 Connaught Square38 Connaught Square19th century
Paddington StationPaddington StationPraed Street 1868
Lanchester CourtLanchester CourtSeymour Street
Red LodgeRed Lodge51 Palace Court 2011
One Kingdom StreetOne Kingdom Street1 Kingdom Street 2008
Hotel Novotel London PaddingtonHotel Novotel London Paddington3 Kingdom Street 2008
21-27 Sheldon Square21-27 Sheldon Square21-27 Sheldon Square 2003