Open database of new property developments & buildings in London, UK.

 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
72 Gloucester Terrace72 Gloucester Terrace72 Gloucester Terrace
109 Gloucester Terrace109 Gloucester Terrace109 Gloucester Terrace
84 Gloucester Terrace84 Gloucester Terrace84 Gloucester Terrace
Bayswater ApartmentsBayswater Apartments2 Inverness TerraceNovember 201790662
30 Hyde Park Square30 Hyde Park Square30 Hyde Park Square
94 Westbourne Park Villas94 Westbourne Park Villas94 Westbourne Park Villas 2016
50 Kensington Garden Square50 Kensington Garden Square50 Kensington Gardens SquareAugust 2017
7-12 Leinster Square7-12 Leinster Square7-12 Leinster SquareJune 2016
The Imperial Notting HillThe Imperial Notting Hill31-33 St Stephen's Gardens 2017
168 Gloucester Terrace168 Gloucester Terrace168 Gloucester Terrace19th century
78 Queensway78 Queensway78 Queensway
127 Queensway127 Queensway127 Queensway
62 Queensway62 Queensway62 Queensway
49-67 Queensborough Terrace49-67 Queensborough Terrace49-67 Queensborough Terrace
Lindo WingLindo WingPraed Street 1937
32 Leinster Gardens32 Leinster Gardens32 Leinster Gardens
Marlow HouseMarlow HouseHallfield Estate
37 Queen's Gardens37 Queen's Gardens37 Queen's Gardens
13 Porchester Terrace13 Porchester Terrace13 Porchester Terrace
34 Leinster Gardens34 Leinster Gardens34 Leinster Gardens
City VillageCity Village17 Hereford Road 2016
22 Kensington Garden Square22 Kensington Garden Square22-23 Kensington Garden Square
17 Leinster Terrace17 Leinster Terrace17 Leinster Terrace
11 Craven Hill Gardens11 Craven Hill Gardens11 Craven Hill Gardens
12 Queen's Gardens12 Queen's Gardens12 Queen's Gardens19th century
14 Devonshire Terrace14 Devonshire Terrace14 Devonshire Terrace
13 Devonshire Terrace13 Devonshire Terrace13 Devonshire Terrace
64 Westbourne Terrace64 Westbourne Terrace64 Westbourne Terrace
60-62 Westbourne Terrace60-62 Westbourne Terrace62 Westbourne Terrace
52 Westbourne Terrace52 Westbourne Terrace52 Westbourne Terrace
50 Westbourne Terrace50 Westbourne Terrace50 Westbourne Terrace
42 Westbourne Terrace42 Westbourne Terrace42 Westbourne Terrace19th century
38 Westbourne Terrace38 Westbourne Terrace38 Westbourne Terrace
36 Westbourne Terrace36 Westbourne Terrace36 Westbourne Terrace
29 Westbourne Terrace29 Westbourne Terrace29 Westbourne Terrace
25 Westbourne Terrace25 Westbourne Terrace25 Westbourne Terrace19th century
23 Westbourne Terrace23 Westbourne Terrace23 Westbourne Terrace19th century
19 Westbourne Terrace19 Westbourne Terrace19 Westbourne Terrace19th century
St Mellons HouseSt Mellons House5 Sussex Place
10 Sussex Place10 Sussex Place10 Sussex Place
7-9 Sussex Place7-9 Sussex Place7-9 Sussex Place
15 Radnor Place15 Radnor Place15 Radnor Place
106 Gloucester Terrace106 Gloucester Terrace106 Gloucester Terrace19th century
108 Gloucester Terrace108 Gloucester Terrace108 Gloucester Terrace19th century
92 Gloucester Terrace92 Gloucester Terrace92 Gloucester Terrace19th century
2 Burwood Place2 Burwood Place2 Burwood Place
66-68 Inverness Terrace66-68 Inverness Terrace66-68 Inverness Terrace
116 Gloucester Terrace116 Gloucester Terrace116 Gloucester Terrace
98 Gloucester Terrace98 Gloucester Terrace98 Gloucester Terrace19th century
118 Gloucester Terrace118 Gloucester Terrace118 Gloucester Terrace19th century
155 Gloucester Terrace155 Gloucester Terrace155 Gloucester Terrace
22 Connaught Square22 Connaught Square22 Connaught Square
18 Queen's Gardens18 Queen's Gardens18 Queen's Gardens19th century
25 Queen's Gardens25 Queen's Gardens25 Queen's Gardens
136 Gloucester Terrace136 Gloucester Terrace136 Gloucester Terrace
Grosvenor Court MansionsGrosvenor Court MansionsEdgware Road
45 Folgate Street45 Folgate Street45 Folgate Street 2017
12 Garway Road12 Garway Road
161 Gloucester Terrace161 Gloucester Terrace161 Gloucester Terrace
14 Gloucester Terrace14 Gloucester Terrace14 Gloucester Terrace
1 Westbourne Crescent1 Westbourne Crescent1 Westbourne Crescent
19-20 Hyde Park Place19-20 Hyde Park Place19-20 Hyde Park Place
23 Hyde Park Place23 Hyde Park Place23 Hyde Park Place
157 Gloucester Terrace157 Gloucester Terrace157 Gloucester Terrace
222 Gloucester Terrace222 Gloucester Terrace222 Gloucester Terrace
224 Gloucester Terrace224 Gloucester Terrace224 Gloucester Terrace
236 Gloucester Terrace236 Gloucester Terrace236 Gloucester Terrace
242 Gloucester Terrace242 Gloucester Terrace242 Gloucester Terrace
256 Gloucester Terrace256 Gloucester Terrace256 Gloucester Terrace
258 Gloucester Terrace258 Gloucester Terrace258 Gloucester Terrace
260 Gloucester Terrace260 Gloucester Terrace260 Gloucester Terrace
262 Gloucester Terrace262 Gloucester Terrace262 Gloucester Terrace
264 Gloucester Terrace264 Gloucester Terrace264 Gloucester Terrace
Pickering HousePickering HouseHallfield Estate
Orifali HouseOrifali House85 Kensington Gardens Square
27 Linden Gardens27 Linden Gardens27 Linden Gardens 2017
Forset CourtForset Court140 Edgware Road
Bayswater StationBayswater StationQueensway
43 Queensborough Terrace43 Queensborough Terrace43 Queensborough Terrace
15 Inverness Terrace15 Inverness Terrace15 Inverness Terrace
21 Inverness Terrace21 Inverness Terrace21 Inverness Terrace
25 Inverness Terrace 25 Inverness Terrace 25 Inverness Terrace
9-13 Bloomsbury Street9-13 Bloomsbury Street9-13 Bloomsbury Street
121 Queensway121 Queensway121 Queensway
117 Queensway17 Queensway
33-36 Prince's Square33-36 Prince's Square33-36 Prince's Square
30 Prince's Square30 Prince's Square30 Prince's Square
Parker HouseParker House5a Cuthbert StreetNovember 2017
86 Westbourne Grove86 Westbourne Grove86 Westbourne Grove 1885
51 Westbourne Grove51 Westbourne Grove51 Westbourne Grove
127a Queensway127a Queensway127a Queensway
107 Queensway107 Queensway107 Queensway
150 Gloucester Terrace150 Gloucester Terrace150 Gloucester Terrace
21 Bishop's Bridge Road21 Bishop's Bridge Road21 Bishop's Bridge Road
71 Westbourne Grove71 Westbourne Grove71 Westbourne Grove
103 Westbourne Grove103 Westbourne Grove103 Westbourne Grove
111 Westbourne Grove111 Westbourne Grove111 Westbourne Grove
121 Westbourne Grove121 Westbourne Grove121 Westbourne Grove
123 Westbourne Grove123 Westbourne Grove123 Westbourne Grove
41 Palace Court41 Palace Court41 Palace Court