Open database of new property developments & buildings in London, UK.

 London W2 - Bayswater, Paddington, Connaught Village

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
24 Queensborough Terrace24 Queensborough Terrace24 Queensborough Terrace
36A Queensborough Terrace36A Queensborough Terrace36A Queensborough Terrace
16 Craven Terrace16 Craven Terrace16 Craven Terrace
10-11 Craven Terrace10-11 Craven Terrace10-11 Craven Terrace
35 Craven Terrace35 Craven Terrace35 Craven Terrace
1A Devonshire Terrace1A Devonshire Terrace1a Devonshire Terrace
1 Devonshire Terrace1 Devonshire Terrace1 Devonshire Terrace
6 Devonshire Terrace6 Devonshire Terrace
54 Queensway54 Queensway54 Queensway
34-38 Westbourne Grove34-38 Westbourne Grove34-38 Westbourne Grove
48 Westbourne Grove48 Westbourne Grove48 Westbourne Grove
50 Westbourne Grove50 Westbourne Grove50 Westbourne Grove
Westmont CourtWestmont CourtMonmouth Road
13 Monmouth Road13 Monmouth Road13 Monmouth Road
11 Monmouth Road11 Monmouth Road11 Monmouth Road
80 Westbourne Grove80 Westbourne Grove80 Westbourne Grove
96 Westbourne Grove96 Westbourne Grove96 Westbourne Grove
16 Hereford Road16 Hereford Road16 Hereford Road
20 Hereford Road20 Hereford Road20 Hereford Road
Meritas CourtMeritas Court10 Salem Road
Parsons HouseParsons House124 Hall Place 1988
51 Porchester Road51 Porchester Road51 Porchester Road
Clifford CourtClifford CourtWestbourne Park Villas
Elsie Lane CourtElsie Lane CourtWestbourne Park Villas
Riverford HouseRiverford HouseWestbourne Park Road
St Stephen's CE Primary SchoolSt Stephen's CE Primary School91-99 Westbourne Park Road
14-15 Spring Street14-15 Spring Street14-15 Spring Street

 London W3 - Acton

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
628 Western Avenue628 Western Avenue628 Western Avenue
Napier at West 3Napier at West 3Bromyard Avenue 2013
Park GrovePark GroveThe Vale 2017
Old Town HallOld Town HallHigh StreetMarch 2018
Acton SquareActon SquareThe Vale 2018
VidaVidaTrinity WaySpring 2018
King Edward’s MewsKing Edward’s MewsKing Edward's Gardens
Triumph HouseTriumph House1C Gunnersbury Lane 2018
152 Dukes Road152 Dukes Road152 Dukes Road
Rehearsal RoomsRehearsal Rooms3 Victoria Road
Woodward BuildingsWoodward Buildings1 Victoria Road 2015

 London W4 - Bedford Park, Chiswick, Acton Green

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Hamilton HouseHamilton HouseDevonshire Road
Kew BridgeKew Bridge3 Kew Bridge Arches
Chiswick HouseChiswick HouseBurlington Lane 1729
26 Dartmouth Place26 Dartmouth Place26 Dartmouth Place
Maltings LodgeMaltings LodgeCorney Reach Way
Willow CourtWillow CourtCorney Reach Way
The Pier HouseThe Pier HouseCorney Reach Way
Corney Reach WayCorney Reach WayCorney Reach Way
New Chiswick PoolNew Chiswick Pool4 Edensor Road
16 Edensor Road16 Edensor Road16 Edensor Road
10 Edensor Road10 Edensor Road10 Edensor Road
Cavendish Primary SchoolCavendish Primary SchoolEdensor Road
Chiswick SchoolChiswick SchoolBurlington Lane
77 Burlington Lane77 Burlington Lane77 Burlington Lane
2 Wilmington Avenue2 Wilmington Avenue2 Wilmington Avenue
8-10 Wilmington Avenue8-10 Wilmington Avenue8-10 Wilmington Avenue
12-14 Wilmington Avenue12-14 Wilmington Avenue12-14 Wilmington Avenue
16-18 Wilmington Avenue16-18 Wilmington Avenue16-18 Wilmington Avenue
20 Wilmington Avenue20 Wilmington Avenue20 Wilmington Avenue
22-24 Wilmington Avenue22-24 Wilmington Avenue22-24 Wilmington Avenue
26-28 Wilmington Avenue26-28 Wilmington Avenue26-28 Wilmington Avenue
39 Wilmington Avenue39 Wilmington Avenue39 Wilmington Avenue
31 Wilmington Avenue31 Wilmington Avenue31 Wilmington Avenue
69 Burlington Lane69 Burlington Lane69 Burlington Lane
71 Burlington Lane71 Burlington Lane71 Burlington Lane
57 Burlington Lane57 Burlington Lane57 Burlington Lane
59 Burlington Lane59 Burlington Lane59 Burlington Lane
55 Burlington Lane55 Burlington Lane55 Burlington Lane
45 Burlington Lane45 Burlington Lane45 Burlington Lane
47 Burlington Lane47 Burlington Lane47 Burlington Lane
37 Burlington Lane37 Burlington Lane37 Burlington Lane
Chiswick War Memorial HomesChiswick War Memorial HomesBurlington Lane
Chiswick House ConservatoryChiswick House ConservatoryChiswick House Grounds19th century
North LodgeNorth LodgeBurlington Lane
St Mary's RC Primary SchoolSt Mary's RC Primary SchoolDuke Road
Ferndale HouseFerndale House14 Duke Road
16 Duke Road16 Duke Road16 Duke Road
20 Duke Road20 Duke Road20 Duke Road
Bolton HouseBolton House18 Duke Road
53 Reckitt Road53 Reckitt Road53 Reckitt Road
288 Chiswick High Road288 Chiswick High Road288 Chiswick High Road
286 Chiswick High Road286 Chiswick High Road286 Chiswick High Road
376 Chiswick High Road376 Chiswick High Road376 Chiswick High Road
384 Chiswick High Road384 Chiswick High Road384 Chiswick High Road
398-400 Chiswick High Road398-400 Chiswick High Road398-400 Chiswick High Road
402 Chiswick High Road402 Chiswick High Road402 Chiswick High Road
418-422 Chiswick High Road418-422 Chiswick High Road418-422 Chiswick High Road
Chiswick House CaféChiswick House CaféBurlington LaneJanuary 2010
2 Belmont Terrace2 Belmont Terrace2 Belmont Terrace
West Four ApartmentsWest Four Apartments1 Belmont TerraceJanuary 2011
225 Chiswick High Road225 Chiswick High Road225 Chiswick High Road
213 Chiswick High Road213 Chiswick High Road213 Chiswick High Road
The DevonshireThe Devonshire126 Devonshire Road
McCormack HouseMcCormack HouseBurlington LaneJanuary 1985
79 Grantham Road79 Grantham Road79 Grantham Road
Acton LaneActon LaneActon Lane 2011
The Opus CollectionThe Opus Collection414 Chiswick High Road
440 Chiswick High Road440 Chiswick High Road440 Chiswick High Road
The Old Pack HorseThe Old Pack Horse434 Chiswick High Road18th century
Dukes GateDukes GateActon Lane
Swan CentreSwan CentreFishers Lane
Chiswick Health CentreChiswick Health CentreFishers LaneJanuary 1978