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 London W9 - Maida Vale, Little Venice

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Charfield CourtCharfield Court2 Shirland Road
49 Shirland Road49 Shirland Road49 Shirland Road
66 Barnwood Close66 Barnwood Close66 Barnwood Close
64 Barnwood Close64 Barnwood Close64 Barnwood Close
62 Barnwood Close62 Barnwood Close62 Barnwood Close
26 Clifton Villas26 Clifton Villas26 Clifton Villas
23 Clifton Villas23 Clifton Villas23 Clifton Villas
St. Saviour's ChurchSt. Saviour's ChurchWarwick Avenue 1976
40 Warwick Avenue40 Warwick Avenue40 Warwick Avenue
36 Warwick Avenue36 Warwick Avenue36 Warwick Avenue
32-34 Warwick Avenue32-34 Warwick Avenue32-34 Warwick Avenue
30 Warwick Avenue30 Warwick Avenue30 Warwick Avenue
26 Warwick Avenue26 Warwick Avenue26 Warwick Avenue
13 Warwick Avenue13 Warwick Avenue13 Warwick Avenue
2 Warwick Place2 Warwick Place2 Warwick Place
1 Warwick Place1 Warwick Place1 Warwick Place
5 Warwick Place5 Warwick Place5 Warwick Place
6 Warwick Place6 Warwick Place6 Warwick Place
48 Barnwood Close48 Barnwood Close48 Barnwood Close
47 Barnwood Close47 Barnwood Close47 Barnwood Close
Hurlingham HouseHurlingham House1 Westbourne Terrace Road
Brym CourtBrym Court96 Maida Vale
Wellesley CourtWellesley CourtMaida Vale
Hamilton CourtHamilton Court149 Maida Vale
Lincoln CourtLincoln Court42 Maida Vale
MarlboroughMarlborough38-40 Maida Vale
Dundee HouseDundee House145 Maida Vale
Atholl HouseAtholl House125 Maida Vale
Braemar HouseBraemar House135 Maida Vale
Edinburgh HouseEdinburgh House155 Maida Vale
Falkirk HouseFalkirk House165 Maida Vale
Glasgow HouseGlasgow House175 Maida Vale
Cunningham CourtCunningham CourtMaida Vale
Aberdeen CourtAberdeen CourtMaida Vale
4 Maida Vale4 Maida Vale4 Maida Vale
Venice LodgeVenice Lodge53-55 Maida Vale
Rodney CourtRodney Court6-8 Maida Vale 1915
Mackenzie LodgeMackenzie Lodge57-59 Maida Vale
Alexandra CourtAlexandra Court63 Maida Vale
Clive CourtClive CourtMaida Vale
Ada CourtAda Court10-16 Maida Vale
Florence CourtFlorence CourtMaida Vale
Cropthorne CourtCropthorne Court20-28 Maida ValeJanuary 1937
Sandringham CourtSandringham CourtMaida Vale
Vale CourtVale CourtMaida Vale
32 Maida Vale32 Maida Vale32 Maida Vale
Stuart TowerStuart Tower105 Maida Vale 1964
237 Elgin Avenue237 Elgin Avenue237 Elgin Avenue
122 Randolph Avenue122 Randolph Avenue122 Randolph Avenue
The WarringtonThe Warrington93 Warrington Crescent19th century
Melbourne CourtMelbourne CourtRandolph Avenue
34 Clifton Road34 Clifton Road34 Clifton Road
24 Blomfield Road24 Blomfield Road24 Blomfield Road
26 Blomfield Road26 Blomfield Road26 Blomfield Road
27 Blomfield Road27 Blomfield Road27 Blomfield Road
28 Blomfield Road28 Blomfield Road28 Blomfield Road
30 Blomfield Road30 Blomfield Road30 Blomfield Road
31 Blomfield Road31 Blomfield Road31 Blomfield Road
The Grand UnionThe Grand Union45 Woodfield Road19th century
413-419 Harrow Road413-419 Harrow Road413-419 Harrow Road
419A Harrow Road419A Harrow Road419A Harrow Road
397 Harrow Road397 Harrow Road397 Harrow Road
399 Harrow Road399 Harrow Road399 Harrow Road
379 Harrow Road379 Harrow Road379 Harrow Road
377 Harrow Road377 Harrow Road377 Harrow Road
375 Harrow Road375 Harrow Road375 Harrow Road
32 Woodfield Road32 Woodfield Road32 Woodfield Road
Morshead MansionsMorshead MansionsMoreshead RoadJanuary 1904
380-384 Harrow Road380-384 Harrow Road380-384 Harrow Road
44 Blomfield Road44 Blomfield Road44 Blomfield Road
38-39 Blomfield Road38-39 Blomfield Road38-39 Blomfield Road
36-37 Blomfield Road36-37 Blomfield Road36-37 Blomfield Road
Canal HouseCanal House23 Blomfield Road
22 Blomfield Road22 Blomfield Road22 Blomfield Road
17 Blomfield Road17 Blomfield Road17 Blomfield Road
Sutherland HouseSutherland House132 Sutherland Avenue
Amberley WaterfrontAmberley WaterfrontAmberley RoadFebruary 2015
The Prince AlfredThe Prince Alfred5A Formosa Street19th century
Westbourne PlaceWestbourne Place325 Harrow Road 2017
51 Blomfield Road51 Blomfield Road51 Blomfield Road
53 Blomfield Road53 Blomfield Road53 Blomfield Road
55 Blomfield Road55 Blomfield Road55 Blomfield Road
22 Formosa Street22 Formosa Street22 Formosa Street
The VillasThe VillasNeeld Place 2016
The HarlandThe Harland30-34 Woodfield PlaceAutumn 2016
Clarendon CourtClarendon Court33 Maida Vale
Lanhill RoadLanhill RoadLanhill RoadOctober 2016
12 Elgin Avenue12 Elgin Avenue12 Elgin AvenueAugust 2017
Manor House CourtManor House CourtWarrington Gardens
Elgin CourtElgin Court164 Elgin Avenue
Elgin MansionsElgin MansionsElgin Avenue
Cumberland HouseCumberland HouseClifton Gardens
24 Warwick Avenue24 Warwick Avenue24 Warwick Avenue
22 Warwick Avenue22 Warwick Avenue22 Warwick Avenue
20 Warwick Avenue20 Warwick Avenue20 Warwick Avenue
42 Blomfield Road42 Blomfield Road42 Blomfield Road
43 Blomfield Road43 Blomfield Road43 Blomfield Road
38 Warwick Avenue38 Warwick Avenue39 Warwick Avenue
2 Clifton Gardens2 Clifton Gardens2 Clifton Gardens
Warwick Avenue StationWarwick Avenue StationWarwick Avenue 1915

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